Volume 33 Issue 19 - 10 December 2021

The Post-it Note Show Wraps Up...and the VOTES are in!

Over the last 7 weeks the St Patrick's community, students, staff and families became involved in a CAPA Community Initiative: The Post-it Note Show that was designed to reunite our community after being apart for so long whilst remote learning. What a success this initiative has been! 

The final Post-it Note Show Exhibition on show at the College Library

At the final 'wrap up' of the exhibition, we had received 513 post-it note artwork submissions. These were a variety of sizes ranging from the traditional 75mm post-it note to a mammoth 300mm post-it note. There was a variety of styles, materials used and themes of positivity came through and over 300 individuals entered artworks. 

On Tuesday, the final Online Exhibition was published and the St Patrick's Community voted for their favourites. There were nominations for the following categories: The Most Artworks Entered, People's Choice Award (the overall favourites), The Sticky Fingers Unpackers Prize (awarded by Mrs Denford who unpacked all of the entries) and People's Choice - Text-based Work. Students also had fun participating in a Staff Post-it Note Artwork Guessing Competition. 

We would love to share with you our winners. View the Winners Page on the Post-it Note Show Website to find out about the winning artworks and the artists behind them. 

Tarna Tannous - Acting CAPA Coordinator