Volume 32 Issue 09 - 15 May 2020

Year 12 Practice Exams Recommence

In a recent issue of Inside Out, we indicated that we had introduced a practice examination period which allows our Year 12 students to get a sense of what it means to sit an exam under exam conditions. We wanted to provide an authentic exam experience for your daughters so that they may build their confidence and maximise their performance. Unfortunately due to recent circumstances and your daughter learning remotely, we had to postpone these sessions.



There is much evidence that proves that taking practice examinations has a range of benefits. Students can ascertain where their strengths lie and identify areas that require further study. It also provides your daughter with additional feedback. To this end, we feel the need to recommence these exam sessions to assist your daughter further with her HSC. We want to enable your daughter not only to be familiar with the exam environment, but to provide her with an experience of responding to questions that will be of similar expectation to what will come up during their actual HSC examinations in October.

We also request the assistance of parents to encourage your daughter to attend the relevant exam sessions. As the well-known saying states “practice makes perfect”.

Please find below a table which indicates when the practice exams will be held for each subject. Each exam will be held on a Tuesday afternoon between 12:50 pm and 2:20 pm. Your daughter has a copy of the timetable already emailed to her.

Chris Bettiol - Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching