Volume 32 Issue 09 - 15 May 2020

Excellent Results in Education Perfect Language World Championships

On Thursday this week the Education Perfect World Championships began and our students have been competing in earnest. There are many languages to choose from and so far our students have achieved amazing results.

Some of the Year 10 Elective Japanese students who are competing in the EP Language World Championships.

Our current standings are:

  • 10th Globally out of 1, 456 schools
  • 7th Overall in Australia
  • 2nd Overall in NSW
  • 3rd Globally in Japanese
  • 6th Globally in Samoan
  • 10th Globally in Spanish
  • 10th Globally in Russian

These are fantastic results only in the first day of competition. Special mention goes to Olivia L (Year 10) who is very close to achieving an Emerald Award (5000+ points) and Marina P (Year 9), Renae L (Year 8), Tiana G (Year 9) and Josie E (Year 9) who have achieved a Gold Award (3000+ points). As a school, we have students who have 5 Gold Awards, 3 Silver Awards, 6 Bronze Awards and 9 Credit Awards.

With six days still to go, if students wish to get involved and compete they can check their emails from Mr Nash regarding the competition.

Best of luck to our students and we look forward to many students receiving certificates for their great efforts.

Julian Nash - Languages Coordinator