Volume 32 Issue 07 - 1 May 2020

Staying Connected!

As the girls continue to be at home, it is now more important than ever that they stay connected and look after themselves. It is difficult for them not being able to physically “see” their friends every day and so not have those conversations at recess and lunch where all the good chatting happens. As restrictions loosen just a little this weekend, I am sure there will be lots of families visiting and catching up with grandparents – so this should bring a smile to their faces.

Over the coming weeks the girls will be slowly returning to school and face to face teaching. Whilst for many this cannot come soon enough, it will be yet another change that they have to deal with. The return to how they complete their school work and to their normal routine may take some adjustment, as will getting up early and getting dressed in their uniform – no more warm casual clothes.

Throughout this time the pastoral advisors have been doing lots of activities with the girls each morning and checking in on how they are going. There have been lots of resources created and I know that many of these have been shared with yourselves and the girls. So as we move into the next phase of our learning, we need to continue to monitor the wellbeing of the girls. Please look at the example provided on “Character Strengths at Home” and see which of these appeal to you and look at implementing some of these over the coming weeks.

Karen Wright - Assistant Principal Students