Volume 31 Issue 8 - 7 June 2019

Year 9 Camp Reflection

After months of anticipation and preparation, the Year 9 students were excited to embark on their camp for 2019. This annual camp is always a highlight for the students, with senior students always reflecting on this camp as one of their fondest memories during their time at the College. In conjunction with the general Year 9 Camp, 14 students elected to also complete the Duke of Edinburgh program which saw these students arrive a day earlier than the rest of the cohort.

The Year 9 camp was a chance for girls to push themselves out of their comfort zone. The students spent three days at Biloela, completing a very well-coordinated and structured program in the Belanglo State Forest. It was also an opportunity for girls to take on the added responsibility to cook for themselves, set up their tents, clean-up after themselves, as well as support the other students in their group during the program.  The overall mood of the girls was excited, and the anticipation to disconnect from their busy routines was something many students could not wait for. During their time at camp, the girls participated in activities such as canoeing, abseiling, mountain-bike riding, raft building and orienteering. During the time away, the girls bonded closely to each and developed even greater relationships and friendships with each other.

Since returning from camp, the students have shared wonderful stories, memories and advice with each other. The positive feedback indicates the camp was a great success. I truly would like to particularly thank Ms Lennox, Mrs Nash, Mr Muller, Ms Macri, Ms Roa, Ms Hilder, Ms Bryant and Mr Stevens for their tremendous effort and contributions to making the camp so successful.

Jared Baca – Year 9 Coordinator


Reflections from some Year 9 students:

What were the highlights of camp?

Stepping out of my comfort zone – Looking up at the amazing stars – Not being so distracted by my phone – Not having social media – Sitting around the warm campfire – Laughing and making memories with my old and new friends – Creating new bonds with girls in my grade – Knowing I can push through pain barriers (and step out of my comfort zone!)

What was the most challenging part of camp?

Not having a shower - Using the drop-toilets (anonymous) – Hiking up hills – The cold weather – Sleeping in tents – Carrying our hiking packs – Not having access to my phone – Not knowing the time – Abseiling – Heights

Advice for future students attending camp?

Pack warm clothes and gloves – Embrace all challenges (the feeling of success is amazing) – Don’t overpack – LIVE IN THE MOMENT (AND ENJOY IT!) – Camp makes you appreciate your creature comforts – Have an open mind – IT WAS THE BEST CAMP I’VE EVER BEEN ON – YOU WILL LOVE IT! – Bring snacks – It may be the most challenging experience of your life, but it will also be the MOST MEMORABLE!

* Camp was a wonderful experience I will never forget. I went into the experience feeling nervous and anxious, and wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, during camp I started to see a side of myself that I had never seen before. I got to find out how strong I really was, and that I really was able to step out of my comfort zone. I am so glad I was able to experience such an amazing experience with the girls in my grade.