Volume 31 Issue 14 - 20 September 2019

Year 9 participate in Mental Fitness Workshops

During the last four weeks, Year 9 have participated in a series of Mental Fitness workshops. As a key focus of the Year 9 Pastoral program, students had the opportunity to develop their understanding of positive well-being, and the importance this has on their growth both physically and mentally.

Over the three rotations, students had the opportunity to learn about the importance of physical activity in maintaining health, and participated in boxing, interval training, stretching and cardio. Another important aspect of the group activities was understanding how to ‘unwind’ to ensure a positive mental health. Students were able to engage in mindfulness activities, which included participating in meditation and mindful artwork activities. The girls even had the chance to participate in a Bollywood dancing activity which was an absolute hit!

The last rotation activity had a focus on the importance of breakfast and providing fuel for young, growing bodies and minds. The students not only learned about what types of foods work best for them in the morning, but also competed in a ‘healthy eating’ breakfast bowl competition. The students designed their own ‘full of fuel’ breakfast which highlighted how easily and accessible making a solid breakfast can be! The Year 9 cohort were amazing throughout these rotations and have developed skills that will help them continue growing into positive, strong, successful adults in the years to come.

A big thank you to Mr Ashcroft, Mrs Nash, Mrs Sharma, Mrs Pulham and Mr Muller for helping make these rotation activities so successful for the girls.

Jared Baca - Year 9 Coordinator