Volume 31 Issue 13 - 6 September 2019

Recognising Volunteers in our School Community

Miss Hilder's Year 11 English Studies class has been learning about Local Heroes this term. It is important to learn about local heroes because they can inspire us to make choices in our community to help others.

Mrs Harradine and Ruby with Year 11 Students

On Monday 2 September, our class invited Mrs Harradine from our school library, and her miniature toy poodle Ruby to give us some information about their role in the Delta Society.

The Delta Society is a non-profit organisation where people from the community can volunteer their time and their pet dog.

The society aims to bring the joy of animal companionship to those who need it most.

They have programs like: Dog Safety, Paws the Pressure, Canines in the Classroom, and Dog Therapy.

Mrs Harradine and Ruby volunteer in the Dog Therapy program.

They regularly attend a nursing home in Glenfield where they bring cuddles and conversation to the residents.

Mrs Harradine explained the importance of bringing comfort to people who need it the most.

“My Nan was in a nursing home for 8 years, and she was fond of our last toy poodle but I couldn’t bring her in at that time,” said Mrs Harradine.

“So now I bring Ruby to help others.”

Our class learnt about the happiness that people like Mrs Harradine bring to the clients. We were inspired and really enjoyed meeting people who care so much about our community.

A big thank you to Mrs Harradine and Ruby for their time and all their hard work.

Aiesha C - Year 11 Student