Volume 31 Issue 13 - 6 September 2019

Celebrating Literacy and Numeracy Week 2019

This week we have been celebrating National Literacy and Numeracy Week and acknowledging the importance of Literacy and Numeracy skills as the cornerstones of learning in all subject areas.

During break times this week we have opened up ‘Games Central’, where students have had access to a range of board games, card games and other literacy and numeracy activities to enjoy with their friends. Playing collaborative games like Charades, Monopoly and Pictionary are fantastic and fun ways to develop critical thinking, problem solving, literacy and numeracy skills, along with cooperation, communication and social skills. Games like these are always available in the Library, and of course, are great device-free relationship builders for students and families of all ages. We thank our volunteer teachers for supervising Games Central this week in their break times.

On Tuesday we celebrated LAN Week 2019 with a College Assembly in the MSC. We were honoured to welcome our guest speaker, Hannah Bleyerveen from the Class of 2010, along with students and staff from three of our local primary schools. Hannah presented her journey from her years as a student leader at St Pat’s into the world of university study, travel and employment. She inspired all of us to look at the world with inquisitive eyes, respond actively to the needs of others and use our skills and talents to make a positive difference in the world, in whichever field we pursue.

Our LAN Assembly was a fantastic display of student achievement in a variety of KLAs, and we gratefully acknowledge all the students and staff from all areas of the College who worked so collaboratively to make it such an enjoyable morning.

In period 2, the visiting Stage 3 students and staff explored our beautiful library space and enjoyed playing a range of puzzles and games. Our special hosts from Years 7, 8 and 9 did a wonderful job keeping them all engaged in the activities and then followed up the session with a short tour of the College.

Even though LAN Week is coming to a close, we will continue work actively and collaboratively to promote Literacy and Numeracy across the College, in all areas of learning and teaching.

Claire McGillicuddy and Michelle Parker - On behalf of the Literacy and Numeracy Team