Volume 28 Issue 19 - 2 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Last Saturday I attended the final profession of Sr Sarah Puls at Glebe. Sr Sarah made her final vows to become a sister of the Good Samaritan. Many other Good Samaritan sisters and friends of the sisters were present, as well as students and staff of the other Good Samaritan Schools. I am appreciative that Lilian F (Year 10) and her mother were also there to enjoy the celebration. The Gospel reading during the service was the one of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. In his homily, the priest spoke not only about the act of Jesus washing the feet of his followers, but also the humility of the disciples in allowing their master to wash their own feet. It would be such an act of surrender to allow someone to wash our feet. They are often the part of our body that we pay the least attention to. He spoke about the need to strip away the façade we hold around ourselves so that we can be of real service to the needs of others. It was a very special celebration and we wish Sr Sarah a full and wonderful life as a Good Samaritan sister.

Sue Lennox

You would have recently received a link to a survey we are conducting with our parents. Every year, independent schools are required to complete an annual report for the Board of Studies. As part of the report, I am required to comment on parent satisfaction. This data is gathered in a variety of ways and every few years we use surveys to inform the comment. I encourage you to complete the survey as it will assist us in our future planning and reporting.

In 2009 the College established the Middle School and Senior School Coordinator roles. We decided to cluster the Years 7-9 and 10-12 and develop them so that they supported the girls in their development and their learning needs. Since this time, Mr Paul Ashkar and Mrs Louise Ibbett have worked to establish these two schools so they now have a definitive profile and are a great service to the girls and their families at the College. I am very grateful for the work they have both done in these roles. With the changing requirements of Governments and our own internal needs, we have had to make some changes to these positions. From 2017, Mrs Ibbett will hold a new position of Curriculum Administrator, which will essentially cover much of the compliance now required of schools, and Mr Ashkar will take over a Year Coordinator role. We are very fortunate to have such experienced and skilled staff at the College who continue to offer great leadership and direction in the many roles they hold. Sadly, from 2017 we will no longer hold the Middle School and Senior School Coordinator roles at the College but the staff will continue to be a vital part of our community. I am indebted to their great work.

During the week, we had the Middle School graduation ceremony. It was an excellent celebration of the growth of the Year 9 girls. They shared with the assembled College community the highlights of their years and it was both insightful and entertaining. Congratulations to all the girls on this milestone. We unfortunately had some calendar glitches concerning this event. We apologise for the errors and the inconvenience this may have caused. We have rectified the issues so they won’t happen again.

The annual Performing Arts Challenge was once again performed and once again the talent and skill of the girls continued to amaze everyone. The performances were energetic and well-orchestrated and very entertaining to watch. Congratulations to all the girls involved and the house captains who planned their house performances. Congratulations also to Gilmore who won the Challenge for 2016.

I am delighted to inform you that Ms Glase was successful in becoming a Year Coordinator at the College. She will be an excellent support to the girls and their parents. The Year Coordinators for 2017 are as follows
Mr Power - Year 7
Mrs Power - Year 8
Mr Ashkar - Year 9
Mr Quigley - Year 10
Ms Dunn - Year 11
Ms Glase - Year 12

I am sure you will find them to be a great support to your daughter.

Finally, as we finish up for another year, I thank you for your support and for entrusting us with the education of your daughter through 2016. It has been a great year and we hope you will be able to share with us the closing mass and award ceremony on Tuesday 6 December. Whilst at the College, you can admire the grounds and gardens, which have once again won the Campbelltown Garden Competition, schools section. My thanks to Mr Tony Smylie and the maintenance staff for all their work on the grounds.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas as you spend time with family celebrating the birth of our Lord. 

Sue Lennox

"This Christmas let us ask Mary,
Mother of Jesus and our Mother,
to help us see in our neighbour
the face of Jesus, God made man"

Pope Francis

End Of School Year and Advent Mass

Sunday 27 November marks the start of Advent and the new Liturgical Year.

Advent: A time of anticipation and preparation

It is the time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Many of the Gospel readings of the day at this time of the year make reference to fulfillment and to things winding up. It is a time of year to be contemplating things ending, while at the same time looking to the future to new beginnings. 

With this in mind, our End of School Year and Advent Mass, on Tuesday 6 December, commencing at 9.30am, will focus our attention on the end of this school year and looking forward to Christmas. The end of the school year is an opportunity for us to give thanks to our God for having guided us along the journey we have taken together in 2016. Our communal Eucharist, to be led for us by Fr Michael Healy, will be our highest form of praise and thanksgiving to God.



Angelo Gattone - Mission Coordinator

Creative and Performing Arts Night

The 2016 Creative Arts night was held on Friday 25 November. The night showcased performances and artistic works from students of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts from Years 7 to 11.

Mrs Margaret Glynn with 2016 St Patrick's Choir


Our focus for the night was to provide our girls the opportunity to take creative risks and be brave with their artistic endeavours. They had the opportunity to display their collective love for the Arts at our College. The enjoyment and camaraderie was palpable backstage and many of our students stood beside their Visual Arts works with pride, discussing their concepts. I am sure this event created memories and will keep the artist within alight for years to come. I am grateful for the work of the CAPA team: Miss Louise Glase, Mrs Tarna Tannous, Miss Tahlia Cupillari, Mrs Margaret Glynn, Mrs Elizabeth Samyia and Mr Julian Nash (honorary member of the team for his help with lighting and sound). Their group artistry in the classroom and behind the scenes makes a complex endeavour appear like effortless magic.

Mrs Margaret Glynn is, sadly, exiting the St Patrick's Performing Arts stage, as a teacher, this year. She has had a rich history with the College as a student, a music educator and a Coordinator. Mrs Glynn will be remembered by staff and students for her compassion, commitment, creativity and her ability to weave and sew harmony both on and off the stage. On a personal note, I value the generosity and grace with which she accepted me into the fold as the new Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator this year. Her wisdom and gentle guidance through each Performing Arts event has been a masterclass in humility, professionalism and openness. I remember first hearing her choir sing together at the Opening School Mass. I had goose bumps! It was as though angels had descended to bless the occasion. I remember thinking to myself, "what a lucky man you are, to have the opportunity to work with such talent." I have only known Mrs Glynn a year but she has left an indelible and treasured mark on me. I can only imagine what is like for the colleagues and students who have been with her for years. On behalf of the CAPA team, we wish you a happy, restful and truly creative retirement. We look forward to you being our trained voice cheer squad at CAPA events of the future.

Joshua Combes - Creative and Performing Arts Night



English Extension Excursion

On Friday 11 November, Lindsay, Georgia and I travelled to Sydney University with Mrs McGillicuddy for an English Extension 2 Foundations Day.

On Friday 11 November, Lindsay, Georgia and I travelled to Sydney University with Mrs McGillicuddy for an English Extension 2 Foundations Day.

Renee, Lindsay and Georgia at Sydney University

The day was spent listening to experienced teachers and past students from the course as they talked about their experiences and tips on starting and working on the Major Project. It was a very useful and insightful day that has helped me find a clear direction as I start this exciting course!

Renee - Year 11 Student




Mock Mediation Champions

Congratulations to our Year 10 Mock Mediation team on winning the Law Society of New South Wales Mock Mediation Competition for 2016. The girls took home a medal each, a trophy and $1000 prize money. Christina was also awarded the Student Prize for the day and received a cheque for $250 from the competition’s sponsor, the University of Sydney.

The competition is open to all schools in New South Wales and offers students the chance to role play problem-based scenarios. Two girls act as ‘mediators’ and there are two opposing parties made up of two girls each. The mediators take the parties through a process which involves opening statements, joint sessions, private sessions and then an opportunity to come up with common issues and resolutions to solve the problem presented in their scenario. Some of these have involved such things as cyber-bullying, friendship breakdowns and other teenage issues.

It is a points-based competition where students gain points for how well they work as a team and how convincing their ‘characters’ are. There is a lot of role playing, arguing and emotion throughout the 90 minute mediation, with even a few ‘fake’ storm-outs and some crocodile tears (aka Kate). The girls have worked hard all year and represented the College with pride, defeating St John Paul College from Coffs Harbour in the Grand Final on 4 November. 

I would like to congratulate the Runners Up, as well as all of the girls who have been part of our team this year. They are Christina, Anita, Kayla, Kate, Caitlin, Natalie, Maddy, Gemma, Yazmin, Natasha and Lois. I would like to extend an invitation for any girl in Year 9 this year, who would like to join our team next year.

Jason Muller -  Mock Mediation Coordinator

Congratulations Term 4 MISA Teams

Congratulations to our Term 4 MISA teams who have had a sensational season. The final results for the term and participants are included below.

MISA Volleyball Champions

Year 7/8/9 Oz Tag
Final Position: 1st Place
Emily A, Olivia F, Lily M, Andrea M, Julia P, Sarah P, Angelique H, Emily W, Tara B, Dryandra M, Amy S, Natalie S, Loretta T. Coach Mr Paul Ashkar.

Open Tennis
Final Position: 2nd Place
Rhiannon E, Samantha S, Natasha T, Rhanisha W, Diasha P. Mrs Natalie Lawrence / Mrs Elizabeth Samyia.

Year 7 Basketball
Final Position: 1st Place
Piper A, Maya B, Chantelle D, Arden D, Maggie M, Georgia R, Chantel S, Evana S, Hannah S and Amadee T. Coach Mrs Paula Nash.

Year 10/11 Volleyball
Final Position: 1st Place
Eseta R, Monique P, Emma O, Paris B, Samantha J, Astes A, Alexandra T, Lindsay C and Joanne S. Coach Ms Kay Cornett.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Big Sister Little Sister Lunch

The last event of the year for our Big Sister Little Sister program, took place recently, with our Big Sisters enjoying a lunch with their Little Sisters. See photos attached.




International Games Day @ Your Library

On Friday 18 November the library took part in International Games Day @ Your Library. International Games Day is supported by all sorts of libraries here in Australia, America and right round the world.

Students enjoying games in the library

During lunchtime, there was a range of games available from more traditional games, including Pick Up Sticks, Chess and Chinese Checkers to more modern favourites such as Jenga, Connect Four and Guess Who.

The students participating were from both the Middle and Senior School. All the students taking part enjoyed the opportunity to play the games with lots of fun interactions and laughter, especially when a Jenga tower collapsed. Students enjoyed it so much that they have been asking when another games event will be held.

Claire Stalker-Booth - College Librarian


Performing Art Challenge

On Wednesday 30 November, we had our annual Performing Arts Challenge. It is a house competition that involves each house colour getting together to create an original play.

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

The play must include drama, live music and dancing. Teams must creatively use a code word and a Benedictine value somewhere within their performance. This year's code word was "Glasses" and the Benedictine value was "Balance." 

This year's competition was creatively led by our Performing Arts Captain, Siena Harding. Our theme was to promote "Bravery over Perfection" in our young women. The production teams were beautifully managed by House Captains Michaela C (Chisholm), Brooke D (Lyons), Samantha J (Gilmore) and Paris B (Kenny). In the end, the Gilmore production team took out the prize for their cohesive, circus themed story of balance. A massive congratulations to all the Captains and their production teams for a thoroughly enjoyable and significant event. It was wonderful to see all the girls supporting the bravery of each other, regardless of the House they were in.

Joshua Combes - Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator


Important Dates

What's On ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

6 December - End of Year Awards and Assembly, End of Year Mass, Students Finish for 2016
8 December - Staff finish for 2016
31 January 2017 - Students return for 2017