Volume 28 Issue 19 - 2 December 2016

Mock Mediation Champions

Congratulations to our Year 10 Mock Mediation team on winning the Law Society of New South Wales Mock Mediation Competition for 2016. The girls took home a medal each, a trophy and $1000 prize money. Christina was also awarded the Student Prize for the day and received a cheque for $250 from the competition’s sponsor, the University of Sydney.

The competition is open to all schools in New South Wales and offers students the chance to role play problem-based scenarios. Two girls act as ‘mediators’ and there are two opposing parties made up of two girls each. The mediators take the parties through a process which involves opening statements, joint sessions, private sessions and then an opportunity to come up with common issues and resolutions to solve the problem presented in their scenario. Some of these have involved such things as cyber-bullying, friendship breakdowns and other teenage issues.

It is a points-based competition where students gain points for how well they work as a team and how convincing their ‘characters’ are. There is a lot of role playing, arguing and emotion throughout the 90 minute mediation, with even a few ‘fake’ storm-outs and some crocodile tears (aka Kate). The girls have worked hard all year and represented the College with pride, defeating St John Paul College from Coffs Harbour in the Grand Final on 4 November. 

I would like to congratulate the Runners Up, as well as all of the girls who have been part of our team this year. They are Christina, Anita, Kayla, Kate, Caitlin, Natalie, Maddy, Gemma, Yazmin, Natasha and Lois. I would like to extend an invitation for any girl in Year 9 this year, who would like to join our team next year.

Jason Muller -  Mock Mediation Coordinator