Volume 32 Issue 05 - 27 March 2020

Students Respond to Online Learning

As part of the wider community’s response to the spread of COVID-19, the girls at St Patrick’s College commenced with online learning as our main mode of learning from Thursday 26 March. 

Year 12 Student Jarian - Engaged in Remote Online Learning

During this time school will look different, as this crisis presents us with an opportunity to provide learning in different ways. After the first day of online learning the girls seemed to have adapted to the new ways exceptionally well and have embraced the new opportunities presented to them. It has been pleasing to hear some positive feedback from the girls:

It's always very reassuring to myself and other students knowing that teachers are both organised and genuinely care about our learning, so thank you so much. Today for me has been a great experience, my classes running smoothly and efficiently. The feedback from my friends has been great as well. For most of my classes I have been using zoom and there have been no issues. - Georgia M

My experiences with online learning have been going really well so far. I really appreciate the amount of effort you and all the teachers and staff members are putting in to make this work for us. It is greatly appreciated. - Danielle N

Today marked the first day of online learning, and it is definitely an intriguing deviation from our norm of arriving at the gates of school every morning. Butterflies were definitely round and about as the levels of organisation and communication has increased, but most of all, it's exciting despite the terrible and conflicting circumstances the rest of the globe has had to experience. A conversation or dynamics of the classroom environment is slightly harder as the barriers of delays and connection are in the way; in contrast to a connecting and engaging conversation in person but either way it's still uplifting to see everyone’s faces one way or another. Our friendship groups have tried to maintain our socialisation during the lunchtimes, as we’ve set up group chats to have a laugh or light-hearted catch up of everyone’s day. So there is definitely the unknown for the next couple of weeks regarding our country’s situation but our levels of education and support are very much there and appreciated. - Jadyn B

I have found homeroom great, being able to see all the girls and Miss every morning will keep me being a bit saner and I think the time table schedule is GREAT so we have a routine to follow. - Natalie L

My experience for my first day of zoom and online learning went well. It was better than expected and ran smoothly, with each teacher emailing us instructions before our class. I quite like this online learning, I feel I have more independence and can learn from the comfort of my own home. I also like that zoom allows us to create our own chats so we can catch up with friends at recess and lunch time. Personally I was kind of apprehensive about the whole “online school” thing so I was surprised that even after the first lesson, I felt good about it. So far, I’m really liking it and am hopeful for the future. - Georgia J

The decision to move to a remote learning environment has come out of the most extraordinary set of circumstances which are beyond our control. The structure we have developed has ensured the girls continue to have quality education and ample support in the current environment. We will remain connected through the power of technology during this unprecedented challenge that the world is facing.

To all St Patrick's families, especially our students, stay safe and stay well.

Chris Bettiol - Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching