Volume 32 Issue 05 - 27 March 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

This edition will be slightly smaller as the Inside Out will operate weekly whilst we have this extraordinary situation of girls learning off site for the remainder of the term. In listening to the Prime Minister's address the other evening there was a suggestion that these arrangements may continue into the start of next term as well. These are new and interesting times.

Staff started the pupil free day placed in rows in the MSC ready for our instruction on all the applications available to use with the girls. The social distancing requirements meant we were spread out not unlike the placings we have for Year 12 for the HSC. It was a very productive day as staff familiar with the technology were able to lead us on the strengths and capabilities of the resource. At times the noise levels and banter were not dissimilar to what happens in class when a new concept is introduced. Thank you for supporting us this day.

As you receive this edition your daughter will have begun her learning program. Feedback from the girls is that they are managing the structure quite well and are confident and familiar with the Canvas courses. Please let us know if there are any concerns.

NESA recently released a media statement about the HSC. I have written independently to the Year 12 parents informing them of the implications for their girls. This is a space that will continue to change over the year. It is positive that a designated COVID-19 Response Committee has been established by NESA to deal with the many individual situations that will arise as a result of the virus in communities. This is such an important year for our Year 12 girls and it is particularly difficult for them as they fail to experience the last times of many events due to cancellations and the frustration of trying to do their best in their studies in the face of changing circumstances. Fortunately, all the Year 12 students in the state are impacted so there should be some acknowledgement of this fact in the end results.

I have recently sent all parents a letter concerning school fees. I appreciate many in our community will be impacted by the virus in a variety of ways. I hope you will be able to access some of the Government's stimulus package to help you through if your circumstances have changed. Please contact the College if you need assistance.

Finally, the College is very quiet at the moment. We have a few girls working in the library and a number of staff in various spaces taking classes or working on their skills and resources. Schools are never the same without the students and there is an eerie stillness on the grounds when they are not there. I hope your daughter is managing her technology and enjoying this different mode of learning. Thank you for your ongoing support.

I will leave you with a reflection on this Sunday’s Gospel. It is the story of Jesus healing the blind man and the pharisees challenging Jesus because he did this on the Sabbath, a day of rest. In the story Jesus shows he is the one who personifies the love, compassion and light of God for all in need. Ironically, the very ones whose role is to reflect the light, love and compassion of God are blind when all this is acted out in front of them. Sunday’s gospel invites us to stop and consider where and how we are blind, wilfully or inadvertently. It also reminds us how Jesus insists that our role as Christians is to reveal God’s goodness, love, mercy and compassion to the world by the way we live. Do we dare illuminate our world by letting our light shine?


Sue Lennox - Principal