Volume 33 Issue 19 - 10 December 2021


As the school year comes to a close, now is the time to re-evaluate your methods of study and carefully look at how effective they are.

On the College Library page, you will find ‘Study Samurai Library’ and within this library you will find five topics of focus: Performance, Study Skills, Time Management, Mindset, and Wellbeing.

The Study Skills section contains 15 topics pertinent to developing effective study skills and practices. From Memory techniques to taking helpful study notes, from better handwriting to improving your reading skills, and what to focus on after the test or assessment: there is something in this module for every student.

Take the time over the Christmas break to work your way through the Samurai Study library. Incorporate the study skills listed. Practice the Wellbeing elements, read through the Mindset module and analyse yourself; can you take on board some of the suggestions? Take a look at the Performance module: it is interesting to watch the videos and then take the short quizzes.

Enjoy your break and the fun and relaxation it provides. Put aside a small period of time every few days and work your way through the modules and the helpful information they contain. New topics are continually being added within each module, so make it a habit to touch base with the Samurai Study Library to keep updated with the helpful topics provided.

The College Library