Volume 33 Issue 19 - 10 December 2021

Year 10 Commerce Interviews

The Year 10 Commerce classes have been studying the topic “Towards Independence” this term where the students investigated a range of financial, consumer, legal and employment issues which may affect them in the future. They also learnt strategies that they may utilise as they move towards independence. As part of their investigation, the students planned an interview and developed a range of questions to ask young adults who have left high school about some of the challenges faced as they start studying for their HSC and when moving towards their later teenage years and into adulthood. They also came up with questions regarding practical strategies that have been helpful to people in different phases of their life.

The students had the opportunity to interview two past students from the College - Kaitlyn Skuse (Ward), who graduated in 2012 and Stephanie Ellsmore, who graduated in 2019. Many of the students also remembered Stephanie in her role as College Captain from their junior years. This interview allowed the class to have two different perspectives of young women at different stages of independence. The students asked a range of questions surrounding factors such as employment, education, budgeting, saving money, meeting financial obligations while still managing to have a social life, handling the stress of studying, balancing work/uni/sport, renting and the financial demands of having children.

The interview was successful with detailed and thoughtful answers from Kaitlyn and Stephanie, providing insightful and valuable advice to the class. The students enjoyed the experience and took away with them a greater understanding of issues they may encounter and strategies they can implement, as they move through the next 5 to 10 years of their lives. Kaitlyn and Stephanie were also impressed by the quality and range of interview questions developed by the girls. 

Cath Waud - HSIE Teacher