Volume 33 Issue 09 - 25 June 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

What is Leadership? I consider this to be a timely question as today we informed the community of the new student Leadership Team at the College. Sadly, there are multiple examples of leadership in the business and political spheres which present it as a project that focusses on serving the interests of individual or small pockets of people who have influence and presence in the community. We see changes in our political leaders based on securing votes and holding power rather than providing the ethical and moral leadership that will serve the common good and the long-term productivity of the broader community.

Whilst there are great examples of good strong leaders, who work to make a positive difference for their communities, they often don’t have the same level of exposure and assistance to attract broader attention and support. I am thinking of Uncle Ivan Wellington, Aboriginal Elder, Mr Jeff McGill past editor of the Macarthur Advertiser, Sr Kerry Macdermott OLN, Sister of the Brown Nurses, to name just a few. Needless to say, the perfect model of leadership was in fact offered by Jesus. In the gospel, Jesus often calls the apostles to serve rather than be served. ‘Who ever wants to be first must be your slave’.

Our incoming student leaders have a clear understanding that, in their role, they will be serving the community. This is mostly done through hard work and being concerned about others. Most of leadership is not glamorous. Much of it is task orientated and repetitious. Good leaders need a sense of purpose and a vision of the good that will come through their endeavours.

In selecting the new group of students leaders, a number of factors came into play. Firstly, they were the candidates who attracted the highest votes from staff and students, the aspirants were then interviewed to speak of their capabilities, their vision and sense of team. Their records were considered and their previous contributions to the life of the College. This was in addition to their own application for leadership, which was endorsed by their teachers.

Finally, in making the final decision, the blend of personalities, styles and interests in addition to strengths and weakness of the group were considered, to enable us to have a team that would be dynamic and interactive and would relate well to the College body. It was a great privilege to interview all the possible candidates for the roles. Each were outstanding and would have been more than capable to hold the roles they applied for. We were very fortunate to have had such a strong number of aspirants, which has enabled us to choose a final group who we believe will work very well together.

The girls know that the badge doesn’t create the leadership, it is the person. There have been multiple times where it is the girls, without the badge, who grow to  become a leader who is respected and admired in the College because of her work in an area of interest. This is true for all the girls in Year 11, whether they applied for leadership or chose not to pursue it. All of them will have the opportunity to exercise real leadership for the remainder of the time they are at St Patrick's.

The building project at the front of the College will be completed in time for the girls' return in term 3. We will be thrilled to have the space back to normal and to have a very safe and secure site for the girls. A new addition to the site, is a Kiss and Drop zone at the front of the College on St John’s Road. There are some mandatory requirements in using the Kiss and Drop that are outlined further in this edition. There are 12 car spaces available, and cars can only stay in the spot for two minutes. For this reason, drivers cannot remain in their spot for an extended time waiting for their daughter to arrive. A letter outlining the procedure will be sent home prior to the first day back for the girls. I ask that you follow staff directions and act in such a way that child safety is always the priority.

This week we will farewell and thank Ms Renshaw. Ms Renshaw has served the College community for 28 years. She has worked in a wide variety of roles and has always been driven to give the best to the families and the staff. I would like to acknowledge her unselfish service all these years and wish her all the very best in her retirement.

I will be taking some enrichment leave in term 3. I will be away from week 2 to week 6 inclusive. In my absence, Mrs Wright will be Acting Principal. Mr Ashkar will be Acting Assistant Principal Students and Mrs Fenton will be the Acting Year 10 Coordinator. I thank all of them for taking on these roles in my absence.

Earlier this week, we celebrated our NAIDOC Assembly. Whilst NAIDOC week is 4 to 11 July, the assembly informed the girls of the week coming up and the theme for the year, Heal Country. The Aboriginal girls did a fantastic job in leading the assembly and we were honoured to have so many elders and guests present with us. I will finish with a prayer celebrating NAIDOC.

Wishing you a lovely break and safe time as we once again negotiate the resurgence of the COVID virus in our community.


Sue Lennox - Principal

God of all creation, as we journey together in this Great Southern Land
We pray for healing, forgiveness and unity
Creating a path of good will, with justice and compassion.
Jesus, through the power of your love,
You have given us the courage, wisdom and strength
To share our gifts and talents in humility
In peace and understanding we reconcile with each other.
Creator Spirit , we come together in prayer and thanksgiving
For the many blessings we have received.
Allow your spirit to wash over us and give us strength to walk together as one.

Aboriginal elders and Reconciliation church staff members, Diocese of Cairns

Why do we Celebrate Benedict Day?

The feast day of St Benedict falls on 11 July in the Roman Catholic Church’s calendar. As such, we mark this occasion at the end of Term 2 in a very special and unique way. Mass is celebrated, followed by stalls where each year group works together to raise funds for their respective Good Samaritan ministry. We come together as a community and share in the lived experience of our faith and the witnessing of our core values being enacted.

These values, the Benedictine values, are derived from the Rule of St Benedict. This rule was written to guide the lives of the community of monks he led as abbot so that they could live together in peace, directed towards the search for God. Despite these guidelines originating in the 6th Century, various modern communities throughout the world, including ours, strive to follow and apply The Rule. Our College does so because we are a school formed by the charism of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, who are a Benedictine order. It is these sisters who have influenced the charism that we live by today.

Louise East - Religious Studies Coordinator

Free workshops to support youth wellbeing

Free, online workshops are now available to help parents and carers, across NSW, to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

The workshops provide:

- practical tips, strategies and skills to better understand and communicate about mental health.
- advice about support services within the local community, and
- a forum to ask questions.
Funded by the NSW Government, the workshops will be rolled out by headspace over the next two years.

Follow this link to register for a workshop

From NESA News

Education Perfect Maths Challenge

In Week 8, 100 girls entered the Education Perfect Maths Challenge completing questions to improve their understanding of Mathematics. The girls answered 131,321 questions and as a College, we finished 5th in the state and 2nd in similar-sized schools. A fantastic outcome for our first year in the competition.

Twenty Four of the girls achieved an award, with five receiving a gold award for 3000+ points, four an emerald award for 5000+ points and two achieving the top elite award for 10,000+ points. A special mention to Olivia L in Year 11 as our top senior student with an Emerald Award. Congratulations also to Shreya M who finished 59th in the competition and Sarah M who finished 54th, out of almost 100,000 students.

We hope that the effort put into the competition will assist the girls in their future and that we will have more students compete in next year’s competition.

Stuart Lord - Mathematics Coordinator

Annual NAIDOC Assembly

St Patrick's College held its annual NAIDOC Assembly on Monday 21 June. This year, we were thankfully able to mostly return to a pre-covid style of assembly in the MSC. In lieu of a Year 11 Aboriginal Studies class, the regular Middle School attendees of Koori Homeroom planned the Assembly, with some guidance from the Senior School Koori students.

The Assembly was primarily led by: Latiah B, Olivia J, Kaitlyn J, Elizabeth W, Sophie A, Bindi F, Bianca R and Monique R. The students put together a wonderful celebration of 'Heal Country', the theme for NAIDOC in 2021.

During the Assembly, the National Anthem was sung in Dharawal, the Earth, Fire and Water Prayer was conducted alongside some prayers of the faithful. We were then privileged to hear the family story of Bindi and the impact that healing can have, especially in light of previous government policies. Our guest speaker for 2021 was Alanah Scholes from the NRL School to Work Program, and Alanah spoke passionately about the pain caused by previous governments, as well as the importance of breaking the cycle of disadvantage for Aboriginal peoples. I would like to thank the following staff and students who all played an important role in ensuring that the Assembly was a success: Merinda F, Arden D, Millie-Ellis D, Tamika-Bree H, Charlotte T, Georgia O, Candice M, Grace K, Annabelle M, Tavara S, Kiara M, Aurora F, Jemma W, Wissam M, Nekisha B, Mrs Bleyerveen, Mrs Feely and Mr East, Mr Gattone, Mr Camilleri, Dr Bourne and Ms Lennox.

We were also privileged to have a number of parents, carers, families of our Koori girls and Dharawal Elders present, and we thank each and everyone of you for your attendance at both our Morning Tea and the Assembly, as well as for your support of our girls. Thank you everyone for your support of the NAIDOC Assembly!

Christopher Duncan - Aboriginal Studies Teacher and Liaison Officer

Japanese Language Day 2021 – 日本ぶんかさい

On Friday 11 June, all Year 8 students participated in a Japanese Language Day. The day gave students the opportunity to be immersed in Japanese language and culture with a variety of activities including Taiko Drumming, Sumo Wrestling, Japanese Food and Koinobori Kite painting.

Students in Year 8 have been learning Japanese for two terms and their progress in the language has been excellent. The day was an important learning experience in giving an opportunity to experience more of the Japanese culture. The day was a great success. Thank you to the Year 9 Japanese Elective classes for their support on the day.

We look forward to offering students more experiences in using their Japanese in the coming semester.

Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Year 12 Students and Families

We have 31 days until the first Trial HSC examination. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed and then end up cramming for exams. Put a plan together to help you nail your Trials.

The ArtofSmart team has a terrific article outlining how to create an HSC Trial Study plan. This modified version aims to help you maximise your Term 2 break time leading into the examination period. 

Art of Smart recommends setting a goal mark for each subject. Then, subject-by-subject, develop a to do list. 

The Art of Smart team offer an example plan for English:

English Study Plan

This provides you with an organised To Do list for each subject. Ask your Year 12 teachers this week to help you develop your lists. 

A study plan will help to reduce that overwhelming feeling as we move towards the examination block. It will structure your time so that you do not spend too much time on any one subject. 

Use the Term 2 break as an opportunity to practise studying, to get into good habits and to focus in on where your strengths and weaknesses are, so you are well and truly ready to nail the final exams in October.

Follow this link to a Google Sheet to help with your planning. Copy the sheet and personalise it with your study goals.

Debra Bourne - Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching



SHHHHHHH......Term 3 is quiet time.

Quiet Please

In consideration of senior students and their upcoming trial exams, the library is in quiet mode for the term. Our doors are still open but we ask for your consideration. Games are still available for loan but they are to be taken outside to play. 

The College Library

Bound Together Holiday Reading program

The launch of the Library’s new holiday reading program, Bound Together, has been a hit.

Launch of the Library's new holiday reading program, Bound Together

Over 30 students and their parents or caregivers have signed up to read a great book together over the school holidays.

Students received their Bound Together packs this week which includes two copies of their chosen book, some discussion questions / conversation starters for their book, bookmarks and a goodie bag.

We anticipate this will be a regular school holiday reading program, or at other times by request, offered by the Library. 

The College Library

MISA Interzone Final Champions

A big congratulations to our three MISA teams (Year 7, 8, 9 Basketball, Year 7, 8, 9 Frisbee and Year 11 / 12 Netball) that qualified for the MISA Interzone Finals after being named East Zone Champions.

The three teams represented the College with distinction during the Interzone round robin competition with our Year 7, 8, 9 Basketball and Year 11 / 12 Netball being named Interzone Champions for 2021 and our Year 7, 8, 9 Frisbee team finishing as Runners Up - an amazing feat considering we had an all-girls' team playing in a mixed frisbee competition.

Year 7, 8, 9 Basketball – MISA East Champions and MISA Interzone Champions
Charlie C, Nyala R, Sianna F, Jacqueline C, Jordana N, Sienna T, Zarah N, Hannah Y, Lexi V, Yuhan W and Fale’ofa A. Coach Mrs Nash.

Year 11 / 12 Netball – MISA East Champions and MISA Interzone Champions
Charlotte F, Chantel S, Piper A, Katarina S, Hannah S, Hannah P, Evana S, Olivia Z, Lucy O and Zoe D. Coach Mrs Pereira.

Year 7, 8, 9 Frisbee – MISA East Champions and MISA Interzone Runners Up
Stevie F, Siena B, Annabelle McHale, D L, Mia L, Shreya M, Jordanne M, Tamanna M, Breanna R and Gabriella A. Coach Ms Wallin.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Athletics Carnival Age Champions

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the College Athletics Carnival Age Champions and Champion House for 2021.


12 Years Age Champion - Charlie H
13 Years Age Champion - Gabriella A
14 Years Age Champion - Cora W
15 Years Age Champion - Hannah Y
16 Years Age Champion - Amy Y
17+ Years Age Champion - Piper A
Overall Age Champion - Piper A
Champion House - Lyons

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Congratulations Georgia O

Congratulations to Georgia O who has gained selection in the NSW 15 Years Hockey squad after a strong performance at the NSW State Championships held over the weekend. The squad will be finalised in February 2022 and if selected, Georgia will go on to represent NSW at the Australian Championships. 

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Congratulations Hannah P

Congratulations Hannah P (Year 12) who has been selected in the Swimming Australia Para Swimming National Development Squad for 2021/2022. 

Hannah P

This is a huge achievement for Hannah and is a reflection of her hard work and dedication over the years. Hannah is an extremely talented athlete and recently broke a record that stood for 12 years in the 100m backstroke at the NSW All Schools Swimming Championships. Hannah’s inclusion in this program will provide her with a significant opportunity to advance her skills and is an essential step forward in her journey to represent Australia at the Paralympic Games.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator