Volume 33 Issue 01 - 12 February 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

Welcome to the first edition of the Inside Out for 2021. It was good to see the girls arrive last week ready for a productive and focused new year. We are all hoping the difficulties and changeability of the last year is behind us and this year will allow us back on track to the normal we have had in the past. Having said that, our first parent evening was through the week and we were constrained by the regulations, so parents were in separate rooms to receive the information. I am grateful to the staff and IT teams who worked to make this happen. I am also grateful to the parents who attended and raised their questions with staff on the night. We have the Year 7 parent evening approaching and we are thrilled that we will be able to host a dinner as we would normally, thanks to the recent change in regulations. A COVID Safety Plan will be created for this event. We will keep our parents informed as we get closer to the evening.

The start of this school year has been once again busy. We welcomed a number of new students in Years 8 -11, in addition to our new Year 7s and some new staff. I would like to welcome you all to the College. I believe you will find St Patrick’s to be a very warm and welcoming place and that in this environment you will be able to achieve your best and feel fulfilled.

At the end of 2020, Mrs Ibbett accepted a year contract at another school as an Assistant Principal. This is a very exciting opportunity for her which sadly means she will not be at St Patrick’s for 2021. This has necessitated a few changes at the College as a result. Mrs Claire McGillicuddy will be the Acting Curriculum Administrator, Ms Sarah Hilder will take the role of Acting Literacy Coordinator and Mrs Bleyerveen and Mr Duncan will take the classes that were to be covered by Mrs Ibbett. I am grateful that these staff have taken the extra classes and responsibilities. I am confident they will do a superb job. We also welcome back from parental leave Mrs Thomas, Mrs Dowie and Ms Dunn. It will be great to have them all back onboard.

Our new staff are :

Mrs Christine Lahood who will be teaching Mathematics, Mrs Catherine Waud who will be in the HSIE faculty and Ms Melissa Pereira who will be teaching PDHPE. We are very pleased to have such talented staff and look forward to their contributions to our community.

You will have noticed that out building project for the front of the College is delayed. It was to have been finished in February however various unforeseen difficulties have arisen in the course of the project and the expected date of completion in not until the end of term. The most pressing inconvenience has been the drive through facilities during this time. We have had an exponential increase in the number of pick up and drop offs over the last year which is probably attributable to COVID. When we have finished this project, we will have a designated kiss and drop zone at the front of the College on St John’s Road. Unfortunately the Council has limited the number of car places we could accommodate there which, when added to the growth in this mode of transport of late, will require parents to be patient and mindful of others if they choose to use this facility from Term 2. Alternately, it may be easier if girls use the public transport system if this is available to them.  Thank you for your patience and support as we have had to change our own onsite processes for the pick up and drop off over this term. We believe we now have the safest system for girls and parents operating onsite. We appreciate your patience and assistance in making this system work safely for all.

Last week we hosted the High Achievers assembly for the Class of 2020. Unfortunately we couldn’t invite all the girls back due to the restrictions, as they are no longer enrolled at the College, but we still had a great assembly that recognised the excellent achievements of the girls in a pandemic year. It is so inspiring to hear what the girls are now moving into and the benefit they gained through the acquisition of the skills and support at the College. The senior school girls stayed back in the assembly to ask questions of the visitors. They found this opportunity valuable and insightful for them in their own journey to the HSC. Congratulations to Imogen who was our dux with an ATAR of 93.95 and who delivered a great speech to all in our community. We wish all in the Class of 2020 the very best in their future. Dr Bourne has included in this edition of the Inside Out a report on the 2020 HSC results.

As we begin 2021, all staff have started their lessons asking girls to identify their goals for their course for the year. The girls will have an opportunity to reflect on these and then the teacher will bring the student back to this goal over the semester. Teachers will also communicate with you where they believe your daughter needs to apply added work or if she needs to be affirmed for some great work or participation as she progresses to her goal. We are working with the girls to name a target so that they commit to this. There is always a great sense of satisfaction when anyone achieves a target as a result of hard work and effort. We ask that you raise this with your daughter in the coming weeks and have a conversation about her targets. Encourage her to aim high and support her to achieve this target. As we are both working in partnership with you to encourage your daughter to do her best, contact us at the College at any time if you have a query or advice for us regarding  your daughter.

We are moving quickly toward Lent and will again be celebrating Ash Wednesday next week. I will leave you with a short reflection on the Season of Lent.


Sue Lennox - Principal 

Prayer for Lent

Loving God,
As the season of Lent unfolds, you call us to return again and again.

As you invite us to reflect on your love made visible in the
person of Jesus, align our lives more closely with you through
prayer, fasting and generous giving.

Bless our desire to accompany Jesus’ suffering here and now in
the crucified people of our world.

With your grace, may we live Lent fully and move with
transformed hearts into the abundant life of Easter morning.


Author: Sister Chris Koellhoffer

Congratulations to our Class of 2020

All of us at St Patrick’s College for Girls would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2020. Each girl has shown remarkable dedication, hard work and resilience in meeting the challenges of 2020 to complete their Higher School Certificate (HSC) course.

Special congratulations to our 2020 HSC Dux: Imogen Mabin who received an ATAR of 93.95 and achieved above a Band 5 in two courses; and to Claudine Villamaria who received an ATAR of 91.20 and achieved a Band 6 in three of her courses.

Distinguished Achievers lists the students who achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4) for one or more courses. Our 2020 Distinguished Achievers are:

Caroline Adina

Music 1

Paris Houghton

Music 1

Imogen Mabin

Biology and English Extension 2

Emily Muscat

Food Technology

Stephanie Nott


Isabella Paddison

Music 1

Jessica-Leigh Ryan


Claudine Villamaria

Community and Family Studies, Drama and PDHPE

Rachel Woods

Community and Family Studies and PDHPE

Performing Arts Nominations

Paris Houghton - OnStage Performance Encore
Claudine Villamaria - OnStage Performance
Jessica-Leigh Ryan - Callback Major Study Performance and Callback Core Performance
Kiara Sciberras - Callback Major Study Performance and Callback Core Performance
Jorja Gilbert - Callback Core Composition
Stephanie Nott - Callback Core Composition

Saint Scholastica

At St Patrick’s we have an excellent knowledge of Saint Benedict, being the author of “The Rule” which inspired Benedictine Spirituality followed by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and hence our own community.  Do we know much about his twin sister Scholastica? Like many women of the past there is little recorded or known about her early life. Scholastica, just like her twin brother, chose a life devoted to God, founding a religious community for women near Monte Cassino at Plombariola, five miles from where Benedict governed a monastery. The twins would visit each other only once a year due to the vows they had taken when deciding on monastic life. She too became a saint (she is the Patron Saint of Nuns) and her feast day is celebrated on 10 February. One of our fellow Good Samaritan schools is named after her, St Scholastica’s in Glebe.

A reflection for us to consider about Scholastica and Benedict reads,

“Scholastica and Benedict gave themselves totally to God and gave top priority to deepening their friendship with Him through prayer. They sacrificed some of the opportunities they would have had to be together as brother and sister in order better to fulfill their vocation to the religious life. In coming closer to Christ, however, they found they were also closer to each other. In joining a religious community, they did not forget or forsake their family but rather found more brothers and sisters”.

In this year of Communio through the lens of Stewardship and Hospitality may we strive to become closer to God and closer to each other.

Louise East - Religious Studies Coordinator

Reference: https://www.franciscanmedia.org/saint-of-the-day/saint-scholastica


Stewardship: the creative and sustainable custodianship of resources for the good of all

As is our tradition at St Patrick’s College, each year we focus our communal prayer life on a particular set of Benedictine values. At this point it is worth being reminded that, while our College bears the name of St Patrick, we also follow St Benedict because the Sisters of the Good Samaritan—who have had a long association with our school—are known as the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict. Together with the blessings of St Patrick, our College is graced with the added patronage and guidance of St Benedict and his Rule.

This year, the Benedictine values we will centre our prayer life upon are Communio through the lens of Compassion and Stewardship, with a particular emphasis on stewardship. A gospel story that speaks to us of stewardship is found in Matthew’s

gospel. It is the story of a manager leaving three of his workers in charge while he was away. One worker was given five talents to look after, a second worker was given two and a third worker was given one. Upon the return of the manager, the three workers had to explain what they had done with what had been entrusted to them. The first worker said he had been given five talents from which he had gained five more. The second worker said he had been given two talents and had made two more. The third worker said he had been given one talent and had done nothing with it.

This story has a clear link to stewardship. The earth and its total environment (which includes humanity) has been gifted to us by God and we have been entrusted to take care of it. Each one of us has a certain level of responsibility according to our capacity—just like the three workers who received different amounts of talents to manage. Interestingly, in the story of the manager and his three workers, there is an expectation to not only look after what is entrusted to us—we are expected to make things better too, to add value rather than diminish value.

Christians are called to see stewardship as an act of love—love for the environment and love for each other. Caring for this shared world should be an enterprise which is a top priority with the view of leaving the world a far better place than how we found it. May the St Patrick’s College community be, in this year of celebrating stewardship, a place where stewardship is seen as “love in action” and “heart work”.

Angelo Gattone - Mission Coordinator

Student Diaries 2021

Each student in the College is provide with a student diary at the start of the school year. This diary has always been seen as a way for students to keep track of their homework and work due for class, as well as a place to write down and track their assessment tasks.

This year, the Middle School Diary has undergone a change with a focus on a “Growth Mindset” forming the basis of the diary. “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work”. The diary will act as a starting point as it has a number of strategies to support the girls in working with this mindset.

Throughout pastoral time of a morning and in dedicated pastoral lessons, the staff will refer to this diary and be working with the girls in setting themselves some goals for the year and helping guide them in how they can go about reaching these goals.

Some of the topics covered in the diary include:

Success with Friends and Peers

Learning from Mistakes

Getting things Done

Social Connections

Prioritising and

Goal Setting.

This is a new diary we are working with this year and are happy to receive any feedback.

Karen Wright - Assistant Principal Students

Maths Matters

There are a number of dates throughout this year that follow a pattern.

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - eLearning Coordinator

Last week on the first of February, the date could be written as 1/2/21 which is 1221 both forwards and backwards - a palindrome. Even better at 12:21, the time and date could be read as 12211221! And if you want to include the seconds then there were many more opportunities for palindromes: 12:21:00 1/2/21, 12:21:11 1/2/21, 12:21:22 1/2/21, etc

Coming up next week is the next palindromic date of 12/02/2021 or 12/2/21. In fact, the 12th of many of the month this year can be written as palindromes in the dd/m/yy format. Unfortunately, 12/10/21 and 12/12/21 do not fit this pattern.

Whilst thinking about the numerical palindromes in our dates, it is worthwhile thinking about some literary palindromes.

Student names: Hannah, Anna, and Eve.

Words: racecar, madam, mum, dad, level, and tenet.

Phrases: never odd or even, borrow or rob, a nut for a jar of tuna

Songs: Bob by Weird Al Yankovic

Poems: Doppelganger by James A. Lindon

In Science, palindromes are important in restriction enzymes, which cut DNA molecules at palindromic sequences. Palindromes also appear in the peptide sequences that make up proteins. Geographically there are a number of place names that are palindromes. Some Australian locations include Tumut NSW, Civic ACT and Glenelg SA.

Some more patterns in our dates will happen on 4/3/21 – a decreasing sequence of numbers. 8/4/21 is another decreasing sequence where the digits are being halved.

Two multiplication related dates will be 3/7/21 and 7/3/21 since 7 x 3 =21 and 3 x 7 = 21. This is called the commutativity property of multiplication – the factors can change order, travel or commute within the multiplication sentence. The commutative property also applies to addition, but not subtraction or division. Some dates to which the commutative law of addition applies would be 11/10/21 and 10/11/21 since 10 + 11 = 21 and 11 + 10 = 21.

Michelle Parker - Mathematics Teacher

St Patrick's Students Celebrate Setsubun – Japanese Festival

Students of Japanese celebrated last week one of the important festivals in Japan known as Setsubun. It marks the change in seasons to Spring in Japan and people eat and throw soybeans outside their house to rid the house of bad luck and bring in good luck. People also make a large sushi roll and eat it while thinking of their goals for the year.

Students in classes did not throw beans but were able to eat some. These beans were freshly roasted, and students enjoyed the crunchy, almost popcorn like taste. Students also were given the opportunity to make their own sushi roll. These rolls are called “Eho-maki” which is a good luck sushi roll that you are not allowed to cut. The roll represents your wishes and goals for the year. Cutting up the roll will cut up your luck. Students ate the rolls without cutting them thinking of their goals for the year.

It was a great experience for all students and we look forward to a year of great luck in 2021.

Julian Nash - Japanese Language Teacher - LOTE Coordinator

Introductions and Welcome from the APLT

My name is Dr Debra Bourne, and I am one of two Assistant Principals (APs) at St Patrick’s College. I work alongside Mrs Karen Wright our AP Students and our Key Learning Area Coordinators (KLACs) in overseeing Learning and Teaching and the academic program at the College.

We are excited to welcome our Year 7 students and their families to our College. Welcome, too, to all new students and families across Years 8 to 11. Last week, these students embarked on their St Patrick’s College journey towards becoming independent and resilient lifelong learners.

For our new students and families, this article outlines some of the high school vocabulary that you will come across in your early days at the College as students begin their academic program.

KLA Coordinators – Subject Coordinators oversee specialist courses and subject teachers within a key learning area.  In primary school, students will probably have been taught in a single classroom with only a few teachers. In secondary school, students are enrolled in classes for different subjects. 

Classes are overseen by KLA Coordinators. The 2021 KLA Coordinators are:
Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) – Mrs Tarna Tannous
English – Mrs Ann Treanor
Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) – Mr Nathan East
Learning Enhancement – Mrs Eileen Kelly
Languages other than English (LOTE) – Mr Julian Nash
Mathematics – Mr Stuart Lord
Religious Education – Mrs Louise East
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) – Ms Kelly Wallin
Science – Ms Kate Lefever
Technological and Applied Studies – Mrs Dale Reader
Vocational Education and Training (VET) – Mrs Maree Durrington.

Class codes identify the class that a student is assigned to. When logging into the Parent or Student Portal and on printed timetables, students see class codes corresponding to courses they are enrolled in. Year 7 students are enrolled in the following courses:


Faculty (Key Learning Area)

Example Class code

Religious Studies

Religious Education











History (Semester 1)



Geography (Semester 2)






Technology Mandatory



Music (Semester 1 or Semester 2)



Visual Arts (Semester 1 OR Semester 2)




If you require assistance accessing the Parent Portal, please email Mr Combes, our eLearning Coordinator (eLearning@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au).

Semester and Term – The academic year is divided into two Semesters and four Terms. For Years 7 to 11:

  • Semester One includes Term One and Term Two - 28 January – 25 June 2021
  • Semester Two includes Term Three and Term Four – 12 July – 7 December 2021.

NESA - The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is an independent statutory authority reporting to an independent Board and the NSW Minister for Education. NESA mandates the NSW curriculum through syllabus documents and assessment requirements. NESA also oversees teacher and school accreditations.

Learning Stages – NESA divides the NSW curriculum into six stages of learning. Stage 1-3 includes Kindergarten to Year 6. In secondary school, Stage 4 includes courses taught in Year 7 and Year 8; Stage 5 includes Years 9 – 10 courses and Stage 6 includes Years 11 – 12 courses.

Assessment is the broad name for the collection and evaluation of evidence of a student’s learning. A range of formal and informal assessment strategies provides information about student’s progress. This information informs teaching practice, enables teachers to make judgements on student achievement and supports students in monitoring and reflecting on their learning. Further information is provided in the Assessment Handbooks available later this term and key dates are listed in the Assessment Calendars on the College website.

Academic Reports are formal documents that communicate student achievement. In Years 7 to 10, students receive two full Semester reports at the end of each Semester and two Progress Reports - one towards the end of Term One and a second towards the end of Term Three.

If parents, carers or students have any questions regarding Learning and Teaching at St Patrick’s College, please contact me at the College via phone or email  dbourne@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au.

Debra Bourne - Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching 

HSIE Corner

We welcome to the Human Society and Its Environment department our newest member, Mrs Cath Waud and all returning students to our courses and an especially big welcome to our new Year 7 students who will study Geography and Connect with English in Semester 1.

We are thrilled to have Mrs Waud join us in the HSIE department in 2021. She is a highly experienced teacher who will teach senior Society & Culture, Commerce and middle school Geography courses.

I'd like to also welcome back and introduce the rest of the faculty for 2021:
Mrs Alison Bleyerveen (Middle School Geography)
Mrs Kirrily Cousins (Middle School & Senior History)
Mr Christopher Duncan (Aboriginal Education Support Teacher & Middle School Geography & Senior Aboriginal Studies)
Mrs Louise East (Senior History)
Mr Nathan East (Middle School History, Senior History and Legal Studies)
Mrs Marianne Fetterplace/ Mrs Wendy McDonald (Elective History and Senior History)
Miss Cassandra Iler (Senior Legal Studies)
Mr Jason Muller (Middle School Geography)
Mrs Fran Musico-Rullo (Middle School and Senior History)
Mrs Nina Tacca-Baudana (Middle School Geography)
Mrs Danielle Wilson (Middle School Geography, Commerce, Senior Geography & Business Studies)

We have farewelled for 2021 Mrs Louise Ibbett and we wish her every success in her new role.

Please don't hesitate to contact the teachers above regarding your daughter's progress and any concerns you may have. Likewise, the teachers will make contact with you and your daughter about course materials, assessment tasks and the variety of supports available throughout the year.

There are many excellent opportunities for your daughter beyond the classroom - namely our College History Club, Mock Mediation and Mock Trial teams. I encourage every student to take up the many wonderful co-curricular offerings at the College.

Please see attached pictures of Year 8 students working with artefacts in History class. More information to come in the weeks ahead about what students are learning, upcoming tasks and other interesting items for both parents/carers and students.

Nathan East - HSIE Coordinator

Parent Guide to Year 11

On Wednesday evening, we had the pleasure of meeting parents and carers of our Year 11 students. We held a welcome event aimed at orientating families to the senior secondary years at St Patrick's College for Girls. This article includes information delivered on Wednesday evening as well as a link to the recording of the presentation. 

We are delighted to begin this journey with you and your daughter as she embarks on the final leg of her journey at St Patrick’s College. The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the highest educational award in NSW schools and is awarded after successful completion of Year 11 and Year 12. All Year 11 and 12 courses are prescribed by the NSW Education Standards Authority and their website publishes syllabus documents for each course and these are publicly available.

Parent engagement in learning

The education of girls at St Patrick’s College is a partnership between the family and school and acknowledges the important role parents play in providing learning opportunities at home and linking learning at school with what happens elsewhere. Parental engagement in learning is a highly significant leverage point for enhancing the academic attainment and wellbeing of young people because it provides a foundation to cognitive, social, and emotional development.

A key theme running through our academic  program in 2021 is High Expectations. Parents can engage with learning by communicating their expectations for their daughter’s academic success. For example:

  1. Communicate expectations for education and the value and joy of learning.
  2. Foster aspirations and motivation by setting goals and making plans for the future.
  3. Co-create a conducive and stimulating home learning environment.
  4. Help with school work by discussing learning, study and time-management strategies.
  5. Regularly ask what they are learning and doing at school, and praise real effort and achievements.
  6. Take an interest in homework; provide help where needed.
  7. Link school work to current events and topics.
  8. Build supportive relationships and work hard to maintain these when circumstances are difficult.
  9. Encourage physical activity, healthy eating and adequate sleep. Set reasonable boundaries for television, screen-time, part-time work, extra-curricular commitments and socialising.
  10. Have positive interactions with teachers; share knowledge, ideas and concerns and participate in College activities to show support for learning at school.

Policies and Procedures

A minimum of 12 units of Preliminary courses followed by 10 units of HSC courses are required to meet the course requirements. In addition, students must meet a number of course criteria including those outlined here:

Students must:

  • Apply themselves with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences.
  • Achieve some or all of the course outcomes.
  • Make a genuine attempt at assessment tasks.

Stage 6 Assessment

Assessment is the collection and evaluation of evidence of learning. Students in Year 11 undertake informal and formal assessment tasks throughout their studies. Formal assessment tasks are those which students undertake as part of the school-based assessment program, reflecting specific course requirements, components and weightings. Students are issued task notifications at least two weeks in advance of any due date. All submission dates for formal assessment tasks are included on the calendar available on the College website. The Assessment Policy Handbooks, available on the College Website (Library), detail rules and processes related to the formal assessment program.


Families are encouraged to engage with Policy documents on the College website (www.saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au) – particularly the Assessment and Homework Policies. On the Library portal (library.saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au/) you will find a copy of the Year 11 Assessment Policy and Handbook that has all of the assessment grids and due dates in one place.

Year 11 Pastoral Team
Maria Boulatsakos – Year 11 Coordinator   mboulatsakos@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au
11A Sarah Hilder   shilder@saintpatricks.nsw.au
11B Marianne Fetterplace  mfetterplace@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au and Wendy McDonald wmcdonald@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au.
11C Scott Ashcroft and Nina Tacca-Baudana   sashcroft@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au; ntacca@saintparicks.nsw.edu.au
11D Pola Nicolau  pnicolau@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au

Below is the video recording of the evening's presentations.


Debra Bourne - Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching


Welcome students and parents to the school year for 2021 and to Study Skills @ the Library.
Below are top five tips about making the most of your time at school this year and working efficiently at home.

Plan your time wisely
  1. INDEPENDENT LEARNING: There are two types of work in secondary school. The compulsory work that your teacher tells you to do, and independent learning that you are expected to do when you have no homework.
  1. WORK SMART: If you still want a social life, but need to get your home learning done (for most students this will be 1-2 hours per night) then you need to work smart. Keep your personal life and schoolwork separate. Don’t work in front of the TV, and disconnect from social media and your phone. Work in 30 minute blocks and focus only on your schoolwork during that time. If you are involved with many activities then a great idea is to create a timetable for the week, allocating time for schoolwork over the week.
  1. BE ORGANISED AND PLAN: Being organised makes your life easier! Have an organised space to work in, record homework in your diary, keep track of completed work and reschedule work not done. When you are told about a test or an assignment, plan the work out to be done over the available time. Make the most of your class time, being organised and focused in class means you will find it easier to complete your work and work on big things like assessments at home. 
  1. ASK FOR HELP EARLY: If you don’t understand something, ask for help. The sooner the better. If there isn’t time in class, see your teacher before or after class or during break times. No-one expects you to do things on your own. One of the most important factors to being successful academically is to ask for help often and early. And don’t forget family and friends, they might know more than you think!
  1. LEARN HOW TO STUDY PROPERLY: If you still think that to study for a test is just reading your book over and over, time to learn how smart people study!  The main things to remember about studying for a test are: Make study notes or summaries first (write down in point form what you need to learn), learn these notes not just by reading but by testing yourself on them and do as many practice questions as possible. 

Remember the library is open from 7.30-4.00 each day and library staff are here to support you. We have a wide range of resources to assist with your study and/or assessment tasks.

The College Library

Senior study@ the library

Welcome back for 2021. As you work towards your preliminary year or HSC, remember to take advantage of the study space allocated for you.

whiteboard study planner

The study corner has a whiteboard wall to assist with collaborative learning. On one end of this wall is another whiteboard which has been arranged as a study planner. It is wonderful to see how the girls utilise this planner with exams and assessments.

There is a kitchenette within this space, exclusively for Years 11 and 12. This area has undergone a refurbishment, with a new microwave and cupboard. We are currently waiting on the delivery of a new refrigerator. As it is a shared space, the girls are responsible for keeping it clean.

The College Library

Term 1 Sport

Welcome back to what should be another great year in the area of sport at the College in 2021. Although we seem to be over the worst of the COVID situation, it is obviously a very dynamic situation and we are continuing to stay vigilant in our planning and organisation as we navigate these uncertain times. With that in mind, it looks as though sport at a MISA, Diocesan and NWSCCC level will proceed as normal, however, there will obviously be some minor changes in the processes and procedures.

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - eLearning Coordinator

College Activities Program
Our activities program commenced on 2 February with a flurry of physical activity and excitement. The College has engaged the services of a number of new facilitators at the request of the student body and most notable is very challenging (and very high) mobile rock climbing wall. Also running during 2021 are a number of specialty groups including a Cheer program for students in Years 8 – 11, an outdoor education program for students in Year 8 as well as a Pax program that focuses on student wellbeing.

Our trial process for the Term 1 MISA teams is well underway and the competition starts on 16 February. Term 1 MISA sports include Indoor Cricket, Volleyball, Hockey, Oz Tag and Basketball. Information regarding MISA can be found at https://www.misaonline.org.au/

Wollongong Diocesan Sport
Wollongong Diocesan sport kicks off with the Diocesan Tennis on 18 February followed by the Diocesan Touch on 1 March and Diocesan Swimming on 12 March. Trials for these teams will begin very soon and will be run during lunchtimes. We also have our Year 9 PASS class supporting the Western Region Catholic Primary Schools by acting as officials at their selection swimming carnival. Information regarding Wollongong Diocesan sport can be found at https://www.dow.catholic.edu.au/sport/

NSWCCC sport registrations have opened for a number of Term 1 sports and this provides the pathway for our elite athletes. Registrations for these selection trials are done online and all students have been emailed information on the process. It is important that students and parents are aware of the requirements to register for these teams as well as the closing dates for each sport. The link to Catholic Schools NSW Sport website is https://csnsw.sport/

College Sports Council
Under the leadership of College Sports Captain Hannah Price, the Sports Council is under way and looking to introduce a range of new initiatives throughout the year. The Sports Council is open to all students Years 7 – 12 that have an interest in developing the sports and activities program at the College.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

College Swimming Carnival 2021

The College held its annual swimming carnvial yesterday. The students enjoyed a great day full of school spirit. Results will be announced in the next editon of the newsletter. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots from the day.

St Pat's Ensemble Starts up for 2021

St Pat's Ensemble rehearses on Tuesday mornings from 7.45am in the Mary Sheil Centre. All instrumentalists are welcome and we would like to welcome our new members from Year 7 who have already joined! If any students might be interested in joining, come and have a listen on Tuesday to see if it is the right fit for you. For more details please email me: esamyia@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au

Elizabeth Samyia - CAPA Teacher

St Pat's Ensemble January 2021

College Choir back singing!

The College Choir faces continuing challenges with restrictions around singing inside, so we've taken our rehearsals outside our Design Centre building.

College Choir CAPA night 2019

We are focusing on Sea Shanties and "Good Morning Baltimore" from Hairspray at the moment. Last year, we created a video using the Auslan language as we weren't allowed to sing together at the time. We would love you to watch our video and then be a part of the Choir this year. 

Wednesday mornings from 7.45am outside the Design Centre. 

Auslan - "You Won't Bring Us Down" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzHOqdC9-Qs&ab_channel=ElizabethSamyia

Rehearsal footage 10 February - https://youtu.be/qmfkDzD5ugw

Elizabeth Samyia - CAPA Teacher

College Choir and Band Help Raise Funds for Westmead Children's Hospital

It was a difficult time to sing during 2020. The College is usually involved in a performance called "Celebration Sing Out", where we sing to raise funds for Music Therapy at Westmead Children's Hospital.

Virtual Choir image from Concert

We participated again this year, with Isabelle S, Chelsea-Ray H and Chloe C recording themselves playing in a symphonic Orchestra and members of the College Choir submitting their videos for a virtual choir. We were extremely proud of their efforts and the concert can be viewed on this website: https://www.csme.org.au/youtubecharityconcert.html

Well done to all involved and we look forward to a performance at the Town Hall later this year if restrictions ease. 

Elizabeth Samyia - CAPA Teacher