Volume 32 Issue 22 - 4 December 2020

Holiday Reading

Continue reading over the holidays with ebooks and audiobooks from ePlatform.

Look for the ePlatform app

Summer reading is an important, enjoyable activity that students can engage in during the holidays to help avoid the 'Summer Slide' in reading achievements gained during the school year. The College Library may be closed over the holidays, but the beauty of ebooks and audiobooks is that students still have access to a broad, exciting range of reading and audio material over the holidays. By downloading ePlatform on mobile devices or laptops (look for the ePlatform icon on your Google Play or Apple Store), students can access the latest fiction releases, popular contemporaries and classics, and a broad range of non-fiction titles. 

eBooks and audiobooks are excellent for the summer holidays - you can carry dozens at a time, they automatically return once they expire and you don't have to worry about late fees :) Perfect for lazy summer days and travel over Christmas.

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