Volume 32 Issue 22 - 4 December 2020

2020 Braidwood Lions Festival of Young Writers

The writing festival launched in February 2020 with Braidwood's own Jackie French returning as one of the judges. Amelia R of Year 8 entered the writing competition and has shared her experience. 

Amelia R receiving The Braidwood Lions Encouragement Award

During term three this year, I experienced an amazing opportunity. I have been writing stories for fun for a while now and have always wanted to become an author, so I entered a writing competition. What I didn’t expect was to receive a placing for my story. I received an encouragement award which was third place out of over 300 entries. When I arrived at Braidwood to be awarded, I met Jackie French who spoke to me about how to become a good writer and the techniques I should use while writing stories. It was really good meeting another author to help me become a better writer. I was then recorded for a documentary about the Braidwood's Writers Competition where I spoke about what has inspired me to become a writer. This opportunity has been really good for me and I am so thankful for this experience as it will help me in many ways with improving my writing. 

Amelia R - Year 8 Student

Congratulations to Amelia on a fantastic result and creative learning experience.

Claudine Bella - Teacher