Volume 32 Issue 16 - 28 August 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

As you would be aware St Patrick’s College is a Good Samaritan College. We are part of a network of Good Samaritan Colleges that are in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. In total there are ten Colleges. Wollongong diocese has three Good Sam schools which are Mater Dei, St Mary Star of the Sea, Wollongong and ourselves.  Under Good Samaritan Education we are provided support and guidance in living out and demonstrating the Benedictine values in our communities. More recently, Good Samaritan Education has developed a statement on ‘the Voice and Experience of Women in Leadership’. They are currently financing a research project on how to implement strategies that will enable the core beliefs in the statement to be actualised. It is a very progressive and ambitious statement that provides great leadership and vision for all in the Good Samaritan network. The statement includes a commitment to promote the dignity of women, the encouragement and advancement of full participation of women in the life and mission of the church. It speaks against the marginalisation and discrimination of women and ensuring that women are participating at the highest levels in leadership in Good Samaritan Colleges and governance in Good Samaritan Education. The Good Samaritan Colleges are predominantly girls’ schools, so it is very exciting and affirming that what we always espouse in our rhetoric about the benefit of an all-girls' environment is also modelled in our governance structure. I have included the document for your interest with this edition.  When I hear our staff and girls speak and when I see what they do and how they interact, I see the realisation of this document. All that we do at the College is about giving girls and women voice so they are able to fully participate in all aspects of our world. It is my belief that this is why you have chosen St Patrick’s for your daughter. Together we can make a difference in your daughter’s life. What a privilege we have been given. Thank you.

As I write this editorial, I am aware that our Year 12 girls are in the midst of their trial exams. What an ordeal they have had to endure this year! In spite of the stresses and the difficulties, they have been exceptional in their preparation and attention to their studies. As they finish their trials next Monday they will have three and a half weeks remaining before they complete their studies at the College. It is hard to believe this delightful group of young women will be leaving us.

Our greatest fear, once they return to their classes is that they, or someone else in the College, may become a confirmed case of COVID-19 and then they become vulnerable to infection as a close contact or through direct contact. I will send home a letter to all parents next Monday outlining some strategies we will put in place aimed to reduce the risk for Year 12s to the end of the term.

Sadly, last week our Maintenance supervisor, Vince, finished up at the College. He has been a good worker who has coordinated many projects which have improved conditions for all at the College. We wish him well for the future.

 In conclusion, we will install our new student leaders this coming week. We will stream the ceremony to the community as COVID-19 regulations have prevented families from being present. I would like to acknowledge the great work of the outgoing team under Imogen’s leadership. They have been very creative in supporting and leading the community in these times. They will now be able to focus for the last few weeks on their studies and the new team will be able to take the reins. We wish both teams the best.

I will leave you with some short words from St Benedict on leadership.


Sue Lennox - Principal 

There is no more powerful manner
of leadership than example,
and St Benedict knew this well.
"Anyone who receives the name of abbot (leader)
is to lead his disciples by a twofold teaching:
he must point out to them all that is good
and holy more by example than by words."
(RB 2:11-12)