Volume 32 Issue 07 - 1 May 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

We have now been back into Remote Learning for a week.  The girls have settled well in the familiar routine which they established earlier. The leadership and management team members have been popping into the Zoom pastoral periods at the start of each day and it is lovely to see the girls once again. Some of the girls are optimising the convenience of not having to allocate time to travel to school as they look very comfortable in their spaces with drinks and breakfast at the ready. Their attendance has been exceptional. Our total absences have been the lowest in years, which would indicate some benefits in this remote model. Girls appear to be keen to connect with their classes and their teachers, which is pleasing.

Through the week I sent a letter to you through email outlining the transition model we will adopt in returning the girls back to face to face, onsite learning. We have had to be very flexible in our planning over the last six weeks and be prepared to make adjustments to our carefully made plans as the media releases which come through from the various governments necessitate a change of plan at times. My hope is that this will remain as it is for the coming month.

In the midst of the COVID-19 development, we have been continuing to work on updating our website. It is now ready for release and we are very pleased with the outcome. I would like to acknowledge the work of Ms Danielle Grant and Dr Debra Bourne in this project. The Remote Learning microsite is still there, as well as a number of other features. I hope you will be able to access it in the near future.

As you would know, we have one fundraiser each year, the Emerald Gala Ball, which raises money for the Scholarship Fund. Due to the regulations in place for the pandemic, we were unable to host our event this year. This was disappointing as it was particularly special for the College’s 180th year anniversary. I am delighted to share with you that thanks to the wonderful support of sponsors and supporters, we were still able to raise $25,000 for the Scholarship Fund. The recent online raffle that many of you supported contributed to this great result. Whilst I was concerned we would not be in a good position to support many families next year, this result will be a lifeline for a number of families seeking St Patrick's for their daughter in 2021. I would like to thank the committee for their hard work: Julie O’Keefe, Marion Windle, Peta Borg, Erin de Rooy, Rowena McGovern, Debbie Gates, Jean Alim and Danielle Grant. A list of our sponsors are in the community section of this edition for your attention.  We could not have done this without all of their support.

At the end of the term we held the Parents and Friends AGM. During that meeting, George Gatt (father of Emma and Erin) stepped down from the position of Treasurer. George has held the position for over 10 years and was very generous in his attention to the finances and supporting the many events held by the P&F. We are grateful for his service and wish him and his family the best as they all graduate from St Patrick's. We were very fortunate to be able to fill all the positions again for 2020. I am delighted to inform you of the parents in the following positions:

President: Jeff Polland

Vice President: Claire Montgomery

Treasurer: Damian McGovern

Secretary: Stephanie Alchin

I am very appreciative of the energy and wisdom these parents will bring to the committee.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your support and feedback. I hope you and your family are staying well and that you have been able to manage the limitations of the restrictions. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy again the simple things we used to take for granted: Hugging a loved one, going out for a coffee or meal, going for a drive, playing sport, visiting others and not fearing that we may give or catch a dreadful disease.


Sue Lennox - Principal 

If only the prayer you say in your life is "thank you" that would suffice  - Meister Eckhart