Volume 31 Issue 8 - 7 June 2019

Year 8 Engineering - Pinball Machines

This trimester challenged the engineering skills of Year 8 Technology students through the design and production of their very own functioning pinball machine. 

The girls were asked to select a theme for their pinball machine and use the laser cutter to etch their design onto the backboard. This challenged the girls' ability to use computer aided software to draw their design and correctly etch it onto the timber. The construction of the pinball machine was difficult and the girls worked together to build and design the game with a range of bumpers and obstacles that demonstrated a range of different energy inputs and outputs. The girls should be very proud of their efforts with this project. It challenged their ability to independently read and interpret instructions, design and produce the board frame, experiment with a range of materials and problem solve any challenges they faced during the construction. 

Olivia Matti - TAS Teacher