Volume 31 Issue 8 - 7 June 2019

Year 12 Retreat Reflection

From Wednesday 15 May to Friday 17 May, we, Year 12, had our last Retreat. This was an experience we all enjoyed and thoroughly treasured as our last. The main approach to the Retreat was to focus on the love of self, love of others, and love of God, which was influenced by the theme of the Gospel passage, ‘Do you Love Me?’ (John 21:15-19). It was also emphasised to forget about our worries, particularly our school work, and to focus on being in the moment, reflecting and contemplating on our mission in life and the mission of God.

On the first day of the Retreat, we focused on our self love and the many great qualities that we possess. We did this through many small and large group activities that gave us the opportunity to spend time focusing on ourselves and reflecting on our strengths and weaknesses. We were given activities that allowed us to decide what person we are and how we operate. This enabled us to get to know ourselves to a greater extent. “Simon, son of God do you love me?” (John 21:15-19), is a part of the gospel passage that highlights the love of self we reflected on.

On the second day we focused on ‘Love of Neighbour.’ “Tend my sheep,” (John 21:15-19) focused on the love of others. Through affirmations and celebrating friendships we were able to share our love for our friends and classmates. We shared and identified our own and each other’s spiritual gifts. This brought us closer as a year group and by the end of the second day we were dancing and laughing as one.

By the last day, it really sunk in that this was our last time away from school together. We focused on our personal relationship with God, inspired by the quote, “Yes, Lord you know that I love you,” (John 21:15-19). We were able to share our thoughts on God, which was a real eye-opener to see that God is different in everyone’s lives. We learnt that God takes many forms and appears in each other’s lives during tough and joyful times. I can definitely say that God was revealed on this Retreat.

As a whole, Retreat was a refreshing and enjoyable experience that will be an important memory.  After tears, laughs, and lots of smiles, we are very grateful for the Retreat program. Thank you to all the students and teachers involved, especially Mr Ashkar and Mr Gattone, for making our last Retreat as special and as memorable as it was.

By Kate R and Stephanie E - Year 12