Volume 31 Issue 5 - 5 April 2019

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

I recently read an article written by a parent who chose an all-girls' school for her daughter. It was pleasing to read the thoughts and sentiments expressed in the article echoed those expressed here at the College. I am regularly surprised at the number of times our families are quizzed by others about why they would send their daughter to an all-girls' school.

We see evidence of the benefits of an all-girls' education on a daily basis. The number of girls who feel free to participate in the swimming carnival is higher as the stands are full of only girls, the levels of participation in what can sometimes be seen in some schools as "boys" courses and the confidence seen in girls as they try activities and opportunities that put them out of their comfort zone are just some examples. In an all-girl environment, the girls establish good friendships and support structures. The all-girl environment means that there is a sisterhood that is supportive and caring rather than being competitive for the attention of others. The girls develop a sense of respect and confidence in themselves that they draw on in their relationships.

Adolescence is a time of change and instability for many young people. Growing in an all-girl environment means they can negotiate the pitfalls of becoming an adult in a safe and supportive community. They don’t have to grow up too quickly and they can manage the changes better. I have included the link to the article for your consideration. Click here for link

At the end of this term we will be farewelling Mrs Jackie Irwin. Mrs Irwin has been at the College for 17 years. Having started her working life as an engineer, she came into the TAS department with a strong background in technical studies. Over time she has taught Mathematics, Hospitality and Food Technology. We wish Mrs Irwin the very best as she enters retirement.

Some students find they need greater support through difficult periods of time in high school. The College has Year Coordinators who offer excellent support and guidance during times of trouble or stress. At times, the issue experienced by the student is a little more complex or serious. In these situations, the girls can access the College Psychologist, Ms Courtney Russell, who began earlier this year and has established a very positive relationship with a number of girls. Courtney can be approached by students individually or through their Year Coordinator. She provides excellent support and direction for the girls. As she is the only Psychologist employed at the College, time does not allow her to take the role of a student's main therapist. Girls who require a more comprehensive program of support are best to also access outside assistance and Courtney will support that treatment.

This will be the last edition of the Inside Out for the term. I expect the girls will be ready for their break to restore and rejuvenate their batteries. Likewise, the staff have given an enormous amount to the College and the girls over the term and I know they will look forward to a different pace over  Easter. I wish you a safe and Holy break as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. May you attend one of the many services available over this Easter period so you can really celebrate the joy of the risen Lord.

I will leave you with a short Easter blessing.


Sue Lennox - Principal 

Easter Prayer

Lord, the resurrection of Your Son
has given us new life and renewed hope.
Help us to live as new people
in pursuit of the Christian ideal.
Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,
the will to want to do it,
the courage to undertake it,
the perseverance to continue to do it,
and the strength to complete it.

source: New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book


This week's readiness session has given our Year 7 and Year 9 students a sneak peek of what to expect from the NAPLAN online tests next term. In the move to the online testing platform, there are some big changes to the way the tests look and are completed on a device. The whole experience is completely different to the paper tests that our students are familiar with from the past.

If your daughter would like to do some more practice before NAPLAN next term, we have put together some useful links and tools. These are all available to her online any time through our Canvas Literacy and Numeracy Courses.

SPC Literacy Canvas Course
Our NAPLAN Online Canvas Module has links to the sample tests for reading, writing and language conventions, plus sample writing prompts in both persuasive and narrative forms. These will give students an idea of the different types of questions they can expect and some topics similar to those they might be asked to write about.

Our Canvas Reading and Writing Modules also have lots of useful tools and resources.

SPC Numeracy Canvas Course
Our Numeracy Modules contain a variety of online tools to support your daughter's progress in all strands of numeracy. In addition to Quizlets and digital links for practice activities, we have 24-hr access to Smarter Maths, our exclusive online practice platform that automatically marks your daughter's answers and provides worked solutions for every incorrect answer.

We encourage all our students to explore these courses and all the free links available to them. We also welcome feedback from parents and teachers, so please feel free to send any questions and suggestions to us via cmcgillicuddy@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au (Literacy) or mparker@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au (Numeracy).

Claire McGillicuddy - English Faculty and Michelle Parker - Mathematics Faculty

Year 10 PDHPE SEPEP 2019: Class10.4

The Year 10 PDHPE class 10.4 is still working on their SEPEP and Speedball skills since the start of the term. Each student has shown significant improvement with the support of their team coach and team members. This is a result of their positive application to the PDHPE unit and also their motivation to work cohesively in a team. 

The Celebration Officers have been working hard at preparing the final event of the term when the tournament concludes after the Grand Final in week 10. The job of the Celebration Officers is to prepare and make sure that the celebrations event flows smoothly. They have been raising money to fund this event by holding a guessing competition and a raffle for the class.

On Wednesday 13 March the class completed rounds 7 and 8. In round 7, Team 3 and Team 5 won and in round 8, Team 5 and  Team 2 won. The best and fairest players for these rounds were Evana S, Phillipa M, Olivia A, and Monica S. After round 8, Team 5 was in the lead with 13 points.  

Due to an interruption to the term, rounds 5 and 6 were played in the tournament on Tuesday 19 March. In these rounds, Team 5 and Team 3 won respectively. The best and fairest players for these rounds were  Kelis R, Georgia J, Olivia F, and Alana P. After this round 6, Team 1 was in the lead at 18 points.

Round 9 was played on 27 March and Team 3 won their game with 20-13. The match between Team 1 and Team 4 resulted in a tie of 11 points which was the only tie of the 10 rounds to date. The best and fairest players for this round were Alana P and Chantelle D. After Round 9, Team 3 were in the lead at 21 points.

Round 10 was the final round and a real decider as to which team makes it to the Grand Final. During this round, Team 2 played Team 3, and Team 4 played Team 5. Team 1 was the duty team. Team 3 won their match with a 23-3 point score and Team 5 won their match with a 15-8 point score. The best and fairest players for Round 10 were Leeya A, and Monica S. The teams going to the Grand Final are Team 3 on 24 points overall and Team 5 on 20 points overall.

The Grand Final will take place in week 10 on Thursday 4 April. We wish the girls luck and thank all students for their outstanding application and congratulate them on their success at making the SEPEP Tournament a successful learning experience.

Marissa K - Year 10 PDHPE Student

CASE Space School Expedition

In December of last year, shortly after school finished, two of our students Alexandra and Zara attended the CASE Space School Expedition. They travelled with a group of girls from the Alliance of Girls School Australasia to Houston, USA. It was here that they undertook a two-week program with incredible access to NASA.

The girls took part in Challenge X where different groups were in charge of different tasks. Alex’s team had to plan a way in which to provide humans with an authentic and educational experience for people visiting the moon. This presentation involved creating a transportation vehicle to and from the moon, a habitation unit on the moon and activities to create an enjoyable experience for all tourists. They had to manage all these things within a specific budget of $750 million and make sure it met legal requirements. Her team came 2nd out of 30 teams.  Zara’s team were given $600 million dollars and had to create a mission to Mars and design the various aspects of the mission, (eg rockets, rovers, space gloves, habitats, etc).

On their return we asked them some questions about their trip.

What made you decide to attend this program?

Alex: I previously had some interest in space and I wanted to see if it was a career worth pursuing. I thought it would be an amazing experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I believed it would be such a great learning curve and a chance to explore something very new to me.

Zara: I decided to go on the CASE Space School Program because I wanted a new experience.  I also wanted to learn more about space and the advancements that have been made in technology since the first rocket was launched into space.


What was the most valuable thing you learnt in the program?

Alex: I have realised that I want to get my certification for scuba diving. It was a major highlight of the trip! Wow!

Zara: how to show leadership and use teamwork to achieve a common goal.


Has it changed your thoughts/feelings about Science? If so, how?

Alex: The space school experience has made me more aware of different opportunities regarding space and science and I have a much more open view and mindset surrounding all of space. I am still not interested in  Science playing a major part of my life, although, I now have a much greater appreciation for all aspects of science, especially space.

Zara: I feel that going on the program has increased my curiosity about the world and the mysteries of space.


Has it changed future career plans? If so, how?

Zara: For me it has not changed my career plans to become a historical architect, however, if the opportunity arose to become an architect for the future habitats NASA is hoping to build on Mars and the Moon, I would seize the opportunity.


Would you recommend the trip to other students?

Alex: Yes, I would recommend it to every single student! I went on this experience not knowing anything about space and not having that much interest in science. However, it was the most worthwhile experience I have ever taken part in. I have learnt so many things about space and I have witnessed the most amazing things in the NASA headquarters. I also met some amazing people including various famous astronauts. It was also very interesting as we attended various museums, an NBA game, Rice University and many outlet shopping centres. These were excellent parts of the trip as it helped break up the science parts and helped us experience different aspects of America. I went on the trip only knowing Zara in the year below me and we hadn’t talked much before. I was nervous before leaving for the trip and the day before I actually didn’t want to attend anymore. However, after the first few days of the trip I didn’t want to come home! I came away with the most amazing new friends who were from all over NSW. I can’t stress enough that it was the most worthwhile trip and it doesn’t matter if you like science or not, I can guarantee you will love this experience as you will develop an appreciation for the amazing activities and knowledge that surround space exploration.

Zara: I would highly recommend this trip to any student who is interested.  It was the opportunity of a life-time.  I learnt so many new things, not only to do with space, but also life-skills, such as teamwork and leadership.  On the trip, I also made heaps of new friends from across Sydney.  It was also exciting to learn about the historical side of Houston and learn the different experiences from the local people.

Kate Lefever - Science Coordinator

Year 8 Medieval Day

On 27 March, the Mary Sheil Centre was timewarped back into the Middle Ages. Year 8 have spent the good part of Term 1 learning about life in Medieval Europe, the Plague, the Crusades and the legacy of the Medieval World. Their first assessment task was about a medieval person of their choice.

Students were encouraged to dress up in medieval costume and prizes were awarded for the costumes that were most historically accurate, most original and the costume made out of the most sustainable materials. There were several Ladies of the Manor, Knights and Plague victims to be found. Our staff also transformed themselves, Mr Muller being a Knight in shining armour, Mrs Davino as Maid Marion, Mrs Wilson as St Francis and Mrs Musico Rullo as St Scholastica.

After a morning session when a medieval fashion parade was on display, we were joined by performers from Rampant Entertainment. A large selection of medieval armour, chain, shields and other weaponry were on display. Students were given a performance about the medieval world and had the opportunity to role play and wear some of the medieval armour. After that session, students learned about the history and meaning behind medieval heraldry and had the opportunity to design their own shield.

After a BBQ lunch, students were treated to the 'Squires Run' where students took part in a mock battle scenario. The key was to wear all the heavy medieval equipment and be faster than your opponent.

I would like to thank the Year 8 HSIE team, Mr East, Mr Muller, Mrs Tanginoa, Mr Muller, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Davino for their assistance on the day.

Fran Musico Rullo - HSIE Teacher

Harmony Day

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. 

It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. On Friday 22 March the students enjoyed a taste of different cultures through food, dance and a costume walk at lunchtime. Attached are some photos from the event and Year 7 involvement during homeroom with their orange ribbons. The whole event raised an extra $240.85 which will go to Project Compassion Appeal. 

Maria Boulatsakos - Year 7 Coordinator

Farewell Satsuki and Mikoto

Satsuki and Mikoto, our two exchange students from our Japanese sister school, Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen, will finish their ten week exchange at St Patrick's College this week.

The girls have said that they have had the best experience in Australia and take back with them many memories and life-long friendships. During their stay, Mikoto and Satsuki participated in mainstream classes, completing homework and assessments and challenging themselves to develop their English language skills. Both girls have appreciated everything that has been done for them and it is very sad to say goodbye.

I would like to particularly express my sincere gratitude to the Garner and Latin family who have hosted the girls for the ten weeks. Their hospitality and care for Mikoto and Satsuki has made their experience in Australia very special.

Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator

Holiday thought@TheLibrary

As you near the end of term and start thinking about your holidays, we have something else for you to think about.

Thought for the holidays.

Many of you would have noticed the display board which stands on its easel as you enter the library. It always has something to say. Sometimes it welcomes, and other times the message is much deeper.

We would like to leave you with this thought as you head off on your holiday:

'Why is the letter w, in English, called double u?  Shouldn't it be called double v?' 

The College Library

What's New @ your College Library in April

We have a wonderful range of new titles at the College Library this month.

What I Like About Me

Whether it's mystery or crime fiction, light-hearted tales, dytopian fables, or novels concerning the trials and tribulations of family and friendships, the College Library has some great new titles for April - and just in time for end of term holiday reading. The new Enola Holmes Mystery series by Nancy Springer (Enola is Sherlock Holmes' 14 year old sister) has been especially popular, as has What I Like About Me by Jenna Guillaume - a novel about body image and self-acceptance.

We also have some great new autobiographies/biographies from determined young women...such as Jade Hameister's My Polar Dream and Misty Copeland's Life in Motion. Over the coming months, we will be focusing on our biographies collection to highlight phenomenal women who, through perserverance and determination, have achieved amazing things! Review the What's New @ Your College Library newsletter for April, and as always, students are encouraged to see the Library staff for help when choosing their next great read.

The College Library

Borrowing For Your Holiday Trip

Are you travelling during the holidays? 

e-books and Audio books

A long plane trip goes much faster when you get lost in a book. Driving to your destination? Dad's jokes or Mum's radio station drive you nuts? The library has a huge collection of e-books and Audio books that you can borrow to pass the time. You won't have to worry about accidently leaving the book behind. Just plug in your earphones and start reading or listening. It's all there on your device.

If you are feeling super keen and want to get some research done for that assessment task, you may find an e-book amongst the collection which can help. Remember too that the Encyclopedia Britannica is on your Canvas pages and also on the library page. It has a wide range of sources of information and a citation tool to help you with your referencing.

Come and see the friendly library staff if you are unsure how it all works. We are always happy to help.

The College Library


The holidays are almost upon us and here in the library, we are well equipped with all your holiday reading needs.

Come and browse the collection.

If physical books are your thing, the library has a huge collection to choose from. We have many new additions to our collection and you are welcome to borrow one or an entire series; the choice is yours. Fiction may not be to your liking. That's okay too, as the library has a great range of non-fiction books to choose from. 

The College Library

GWS Giants Combine Held at St Patrick's College

On Thursday 5 April St Patrick’s hosted the GWS Giants and 30 young female athletes from the Macarthur region in a skills and fitness testing combine. 

Girls from the Macarthur region warming up before the GWS Giants Combine

The aim of the combine was to identify female athletes who demonstrated high levels of skill and ability in the areas of strength, power, speed, agility, endurance and coordination to determine individuals who might be suited to play AFL at a representative level. On the back of the recently played AFLW league grand final where 55,000 spectators watched female athletes of the highest level perform. It was great to see the Giants showing initiative to begin the developmental pathways that potentially could lead to a career in profession sport for some of our students. Congratulations to the Giants organisation, all girls involved and thank you for choosing our College to host such an inspiring program targeted at young female athletes.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activites Coordinator

Diocesan Swimming Championships

Congratulations to the 2019 College swimming team that attended the Diocesan Championships on 14 March at Corrimal Pool, Wollongong. Although we were a small team it didn’t impact the competitive nature of the team.

Every girl swam to her absolute best and tried exceptionally hard all day in every race regardless of their big event programs. We had a number of girls in a variety of events placing on the podium (1st, 2nd, 3rd). The Junior 4x50m Medley Relay placed 1st. The Junior 4x50m Freestyle Relay placed 2nd. The Senior Medley Relay, 17+ 50m butterfly, 17+ 50m breaststroke, 14 year old 100m freestyle, 17+ 100m butterfly and the Senior Freestyle Relay all had swimmers who placed 3rd.

A massive congratulations and good luck to the swimmers in the Junior 4x50m Medley Relay; Hayley C, Annalise D, Ilori P and Alana P as they move forward to compete as a part of the Wollongong Diocesan swim team in the CCC swimming carnival in a couple of weeks.

Team List: 
Tia B, Niamh G, Olivia F, Chantal M, Rory M, Hannah P, Taylah M, Caragh P, Danielle H, Annalise D, Hayley C, Ilori P, Alana P, Brianna H, Layla E, Caitlin R, Ashleigh Y, Abbie H

As always, a massive thank you to the team manager Mr Stuart Lord for all his hard work on and leading up to the day. A big thank you to the parents who came down and supported the girls on the day and helped with timekeeping.

Tia B - Swim Team Captain

Diocesan Tennis

On Thursday 28 March 2019, the St Patrick’s tennis team represented the College at the annual Diocesan Tennis tournament.

Prapti S (8), Dayna V (9), Avanna R (8), Laura R (8) and Daniella D (8) competed in the Open Girls tournament. Being matched against students in Year 11 was a daunting prospect, however, our girls took it in their stride. The girls played extremely well on the day, demonstrating great skill, speed and tenacity in their matches. Although eliminated early in the main draw, the team eventually went on to win the consolation round of matches which was a great achievement. Thank you for a great day – looking forward to the tournament in 2020!

Jared Baca - Teacher

Term 1 MISA Wrap Up

Congratulations to our Year 10, 11, 12 Basketball and Oz Tag teams on being named Interzone Champions for 2019!


Year 10, 11, 12 Oz Tag

After a fantastic season going through undefeated, the team qualified for the Interzone finals where they would meet Mt Annan Anglican College and Freeman Catholic College who were the Champions in their respective zones. The girls accounted for Mt Annan 11-0 and then Freeman 7-3 to be named Overall Interzone Champions.

The team consisted of Sarah P, Julia P, Tara B, Loretta T, Emily A, Olivia F, Andrea M, Lily M, Sophie M, Ellie F and Paris H. Coach Mr Ashkar.

Year 10, 11, 12 Basketball

Much like the Oz Tag team, the Basketballers also had a fantastic season going through undefeated and were able to qualify for the Interzone final after a hard-fought win over John Therry in the Zone final. In the Interzone finals the girls went up against Macarthur Anglican College and Clancy Catholic College who were the Champions in their respective zones. In what turned out to be a very exciting game, the girls narrowly defeated Macarthur Anglican 39-36 in the first game and then easily accounted for Clancy in the second game 71-14 to be named Overall Interzone Champions.

The team consisted of Piper A, Arden D, Rahni W, Amy S, Natalie S, Stephanie E, Evana S, Cecilia P, Alysha B, Khianna S and Elizabeth C. Coach Mrs Nash.

Year 7, 8, 9 Indoor Cricket

Our Indoor Cricket girls had a great season and showed significant improvement over the term to finish in second place overall in the East Zone. Unfortunately, the girls were narrowly defeated by John Therry in the Zone final and missed the opportunity to play in the Interzone series.

The team consisted of Lucy G, Olivia P, Amelia M, Larissa M, Jessica J, Dayna V and Candice H. Coach Ms Wallin.

Year 7, 8, 9 Hockey

With limited experience across the team, the hockey girls showed great determination and spirit to finish 3rd overall in the East Zone. The girls learnt a lot over the term and will be better for the experience in the years to come. Of note was the great support provided by some of the senior hockey girls, in particular, their generosity in giving up their time to help the girls develop and progress.

The team consisted of Elizabeth D, Katie B, Ahrieal D, Amy W, Carrera K, Lily M, Keesha D, Olivia S, Isabelle W, Crishelle J, Mia F, Abigail B, Lillian M, Sinead F and Darcy E. Coach Mrs Lawrence.

Year 7, 8, 9 Volleyball

Again, another team with limited experience but the girls were outstanding in their attitude and tried hard all term. Each week the girls showed improvement and eventually finished in 3rd place overall in the East Zone after a convincing 3-0 win over John Therry in the playoffs.

The team consisted of Katarina S, Amy Y, Helen T, Zoe W, Bella N, Meghan W, Faleofa A, Charlie C and Faith R. Coach Mrs Arena.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

History Club Anzac Presentation

Due to Anzac Day falling during the holidays, the History Club gave a presentation for Anzac Day at the recent College Assembly. The education theme for this year was Anzac nurses. The History Club are working on a historical display to go outside room H13 and will march on Anzac Day in Campbelltown.


Olivia L began the presenation explaining that Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance to commemorate all those who served and died in all wars. She explained that on Anzac Day, Australians and New Zealanders wear a sprig of rosemary because it is an ancient symbol of ‘remembrance’ and because the plant grew at Gallipoli. She also read out the Prayer of Remembrance. Tess M read out the The Anzac Requiem  written by Charles Bean in 1944, which is often read out at Anzac Day services. Maddison J introduced the theme of commemorating nurses and explained that Australian nurses were first deployed during the Boer War in 1898 as part of the Australian Nursing Service of New South Wales. Since then, they have been involved in every conflict where Australian troops have been deployed. 

Abbey C presented a segment on the conditions for Australian nurses who served in World War I. In World War I over 3000 Australian women were deployed as nurses. Many had come from country hospitals and were not prepared for the carnage of modern warfare. They were continually short-staffed, plagued with a shortage of medical supplies and worked in primitive  conditions. Nurses were not permitted on the front line. Many were stationed on hospital ships or hospital camps at Alexandria and Malta and later, at Lemnos Island. At Lemnos, the nurses were housed in tents and were subjected to extreme weather conditions and a shortage of food. Many developed dysentery.  On the Western Front, nurses were stationed at casualty clearing stations in France and Belgium and were often subjected to gas and bomb attacks. Others served in rehabilitation hospitals in England. Twenty-five Anzac nurses died during World War I. Abbey went on to read some diary entries from nurses at Gallipoli and on the Western Front.

Emeline L in Year 7 read out 'A Prayer of Thanks' a poem/prayer written by an anonymous Australian soldier in World War I about the nurse who cared for him. The original is held in the Australian War Memorial. Mackenzie M, Dominique T and Mary K together presented a tribute to the nurses from Campbelltown who served in World War I: Eleanor Dagma Gjedsted, Ida Mary Graham,Clarice Elizabeth Green, Sister Elizabeth McRae, Elizabeth Chisholm Thomson and Ruth Allardyce Steel.

Layla E introduced the 'Remember' video made by Caroline A for last year's Armistice Centenary commemorations. The video was about how the History Club prepared for this ceremony and the word ‘remember’ in all the different cultural languages in our student and staff community.

Molly Q then discussed the role of nurses in World War II.  Over 4,000 Australian nurses served during World War II in many theatres of war such as New Guinea and Europe. Under Japanese occupation, many Australian nurses were also held prisoner where they were malnourished and left to die of disease. Molly Q told the audience of the remarkable story of Vivian Bullwinkel,  a nurse with the Australian Army Nursing Service.  Zara H talked about one of our local nurses Sr Helen Haultain the Centaur was a hospital ship that left Sydney in May 1943 on its way to New Guinea. On that ship was Sr Helen Haultain, a nurse who lived on Cumberland Rd, Ingleburn, and had served at the Ingleburn Army Camp.  The Centaur was marked with big red crosses to show it was a hospital ship. In war there is an assumed rule that hospital ships are not to be bombed by enemies. In the early hours of 14 May 1943 a Japanese submarine torpedoed the Centaur off the coast of Queensland and it sank within minutes. Sr. Haultain was killed, along with 266 others. Only one nurse survived the sinking.

Eve M brought the role of Australian nurses to more recent times by discussing the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was different for nurses as new medical technology was available and patients could be transported quickly by the 'dust-offs'. It was not until the 1970s that men began joining the Australian military as nurses. This is when female nursing officers were finally given equal pay and were permitted to continue serving if they married and had children.

Bronwyn Z closed off the ceremony and paid tribute to the four World War I soldiers who have memorials in the Congregational Cemetery adjacent to the College - Herbert Harry Kitching, Stephen Longhurst, James Roughley Longhurst and Frank Jenner Nicol. 

Every year St Patrick’s College has a contingent of students in the Anzac Day March in Campbelltown. This year, Anzac Day falls during the second week of our holidays.  We would like to encourage any student who would like to represent the College in the Anzac Day march in Campbelltown to contact Mrs Musico Rullo for a permission note. 

Fran Musico Rullo - HSIE Teacher

Public Speaking Term 1

It has been a busy term with both CSDA and Rostrum Public Speaking events this term. Eight brave competitors entered the CSDA Public Speaking  Competition in March, presenting their speeches with passion, originality and flair at All Saints Liverpool.  Well done to Abby D, Renae L, Mary K, Grace B, Olivia L, Lucy B, Amadee T and Stella B.

CSDA Public Speaking Competition : (L-R) Stella B, Grace B, Lucy B, Mary K, Amadee T, Abby D, Olivia L, Renae L

From these eight competitors, Abby, Olivia and Amadee progressed through to the Zone Final at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield and Olivia L made it all the way to the Grand Final at Marist College, North Shore. The CSDA topics were:

• If you give me your attention, I will tell you what I am
• I've got a little list
• Ties
• The Sandpit
• I'm not making this up, you know!
• The internet will end in an hour

Entrants in the Rostrum Voice of Youth competition hosted by St Gregory’s College were equally passionate and engaging. Congratulations to Olivia M, Eve M, Molly Q, Grace K, Rhiannon K, Kayla I, Payton I and Ellie F for presenting such thoughtful speeches and to Molly and Payton for winning their heats and Ellie for being named runner up in hers.

Rostrum topics were:
Be part of the discussion
Generosity of strangers
A towering achievement
Genuine treasure
Passion for fashion

A modern epidemic
Keep that in mind
Ahead of the curve
Right place, wrong time
Stop spending time on the negative

Marguerite Pulham – Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator

You're Invited....

All positions declared vacant, if you would like to be nominated for any postion, please contact the College for a nomination form. 

Invitation to our Mother Daughter High Tea

St Patrick's College for Girls invites you to the 9th Annual Mother Daughter High Tea. Book early as tickets will sell out quickly!

Appin Massacre Memorial Ceremony 2019

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