Volume 31 Issue 3 - 8 March 2019

College Swimming Carnival - Age Champions

On Thursday 21 February, St Patrick’s College held its annual swimming carnival at the Gordon Fetterplace Aquatic Centre. The weather was perfect, and the sight of red, green, yellow and blue splashed everywhere across the venue suggested house spirit was going to play a big part in the carnival this year.


Swim Age Champions

The day started with the traditional Year 12 fashion parade and it was amazing how much thought, time and effort Year 12 put into their costumes. They looked fantastic as they paraded around the pool and it was obvious they took great pride in showing them off. Another highlight was the quality of swimming on show throughout the day. From the very first race, it was obvious that the standard was going to be high and the competition fierce.

As always, everyone appeared to have a great time and this was reflected in the enthusiastic participation by all students. The cheering, point scrambles, aquathon (congratulations to Hannah P on the win) and Big Sister Little Sister swims were all a magnificent spectacle and ultimately decided the final house positions for the day.

While the novelty events are a key element of the carnival, the swimming races are what most are there for and the best performing students in each age group for 2019 were as follows:

12 Years Age Champion – Caitlin R (Lyons)

13 Years Age Champion – Hayley C (Chisholm)

14 Years Age Champion – Ilori P (Chisholm)

15 Years Age Champion – Brianna H (Gilmore)

16 Years Age Champion – Hannah P (Kenny)

17+ Years Age Champion – Niamh G (Lyons)

For the first time ever, we had joint winners of the Overall Age Champion trophy and those students were Hayley C (Chisholm) and Brianna H (Gilmore).

In regard to House points, it was the closest finish ever and ultimately came down to participation points from the novelty events to determine the final positions. At the end of the day, Gilmore finished in 1st place with 991 points, Kenny in 2nd on 904 points, Lyons in 3rd on 871 points and Chisholm 4th on 723 points.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students on the way they conducted themselves throughout the day. I would also like to thank the staff for their involvement in the running of the carnival and also to the numerous parents who turned up throughout the day to support not only their daughters but the College community as a whole.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator