Volume 31 Issue 2 - 22 February 2019

News @The Library

As we finish week 4 of the term, we have certainly had a busy start to the year.  14 February was Valentine's Day but it is also Book Lovers Day; the day that we celebrate the enjoyment we get from sitting quietly with a good book and escaping. We're sure that most of you have experienced getting lost inside the story, picturing vividly the characters, and that feeling of satisfaction yet disappointment when the book is done. In celebration of Book Lovers Day, each borrower received a book mark and a heart shaped lollipop. We also asked our patrons to tell us which book they love and why.

Keep calm and read

We now have the ‘Tech Bar’ in the library each morning, recess and lunch. This is manned by a member of IT and offers the students a convenient, central point of contact when they have IT issues or questions. It has proven very popular and beneficial so far.

Although we are yet to encounter the masses of printing that accompany assessment deadlines, the new student photocopier/printer has been getting quite a work out. 

The seniors have settled into study mode in a mature fashion and the silent study room has been a successful initiative, with many seniors thanking the library staff for relinquishing their office space to provide this valuable resource. The students are also enjoying having the library staff sitting amongst them in the wider library space; making the staff more accessible to student inquiries.

Before and after school, recesses and lunchtimes are a very busy time for the library as the students visit to study, catch up on homework, read, chat, or even play a game. Many students are taking advantage of participating in one of our many clubs - such as crocheting a tote bag during Makerspace Club, having fun with gadgets during Tech Club, particpating in Anime or K-Pop Clubs, or enjoying lively discussions during Book Club (we're reading Anne of Geen Gables with our junior students, and Dear Evan Hansen with our senior students).

Please remember that the library is open early every morning and students are invited to join us as they arrive at school. We remain open until 4pm each afternoon and are here to support our students with research inquiries, referencing, IT or just for a chat. And as an added bonus, we just so happen to have an amazing collection of books; fiction and non-fiction, Audio Books, e-Books and journals.

Don’t be a stranger.

The College Library