Volume 31 Issue 2 - 22 February 2019

Assessment Task Calendars and Submission Information

Today’s assessment program demands consistent and effective work patterns, a commitment to meeting deadlines and a determination to present work of the highest standard. Indeed, these will be the hallmarks of the successful student.

It is important that students know for all subjects:

  • what is to be assessed
  • how it is to be assessed
  • when it will be assessed

Through their daughters and by contact with the College, parents are urged to familiarise themselves with the assessment calendar. Parents can thereby help and encourage their daughters to effectively manage these tasks.

We wish to offer our student body every assistance and wish them every success with the tasks that lay ahead.

Our school assessment calendars can be found at the following link:



Senior Students Study - The College Library

Submission of Assessment Tasks

Students are expected to hand in assessment tasks by the specified due time to their respective teachers. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the assessment tasks are handed into the correct teacher. In exceptional circumstances, assessment tasks may be submitted to the KLA Coordinator, Curriculum Administrator or the Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching. Under no circumstances are assessment tasks to be left at the front reception office.

Where an extension of time is required, students are expected to apply in writing to the KLA Coordinator in advance and provide valid reasons for the extension (eg illness, misadventure). Tasks must be handed in by the time specified on the task. Late tasks must be handed in immediately upon return to school.

Where students have arranged for someone else to submit their assessment task (eg friend, parent, etc.) they are to ensure that the assessment task is submitted by the specified time. When this does not occur and the task has been submitted later in the day, a medical certificate or a written note in the case of misadventure must be produced immediately upon the student’s return to school.

Christopher Bettiol - Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching