Volume 31 Issue 12 - 23 August 2019

Thoughtful Thursdays

Studies have shown that regular meditation provides excellent benefits to your overall health. ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’ started last term and continues this Semester.

On Thursdays, in rooms A16 or A17, during the second half of lunch, students are invited to participate in a meditation practice for 15-20 minutes. Each week there is a different style of meditation. Students are encouraged to make it part of their weekly self-care practice to improve their overall wellbeing, or attend when they see and feel they really need it. 

Some Meditation Facts

  • Meditation can improve your memory, focus and productivity
  • Meditation can help you make better decisions
  • The brain functions better with meditation
  • Meditation reduces stress and anxiety
  • Meditation can improve one’s attention span
  • Meditation can increase kindness and creativity
  • Meditation is a skill that helps us stay in the present moment

    Maria Boulatsakos - Year 7 Coordinator