Volume 31 Issue 12 - 23 August 2019

Reminders and overdues@TheLibrary

The Library understands how busy school life can be. Lessons, assessments, clubs, extra-curricular activities...it's a balancing act.

Destiny Discover: username and password are College ones

To assist students and staff, the library has an automated email system which emails patrons a reminder that the items they currently have are nearing their due date. The email lists the title and the due date. Because these reminder emails are for 'soon to be due' items, the patron has the opportunity of logging onto Destiny Discover, using their College username and password, and renewing the title if they wish. This reminder also eliminates the angst of items becoming unknowingly overdue.

A subsequent email is sent once the item becomes overdue. At this point, the patron is unable to log onto Destiny Discover and renew the item. The patron must attend the library to return the item or request an extension. If the item is still not returned to the library, billing for a replacement commences.

The library aims to work with our staff and students to make items available for all to borrow. When patrons neglect to return overdue items, it prevents other patrons from accessing our collection. By sending the reminder emails, we hope to minimise the billing for books that have simply been 'forgotten'.

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