Volume 30 Issue 8 - 25 May 2018


Makerspace for term 2 is well underway and the library is proving to be the place to be during Thursday lunchtimes.


The theme for term 2 Makerspace is ‘Dreaming’, tying in the cultural understandings of the Aboriginal peoples, and we are fortunate to have Ms Tanginoa generously give of her time to instruct the students in weaving bracelets, rock painting, and creating dreamcatchers. So far, the girls have really embraced the bracelet weaving sessions and created some beautiful work, using their choice of coloured cord and beads to weave their bracelets. Staff have also been inspired to create during these workshops. This week will see the students prepare their rocks and plan the artwork they intend to put onto their rocks for the rock art sessions.

The College Library