Volume 30 Issue 8 - 25 May 2018

1 Million Stars Against Domestic Violence and Bullying

In 2017, the students of our College made over 600 ribbon stars to promote the National Day Against Domestic Violence and Bullying which was an initiative run by the 2017 Middle School Leaders.

The purpose of this cause was to encourage people to be the light and kindness they want to see in the world and to raise awareness to help put a stop to the hate and disrespect of young men and women. By being involved in this worthy cause, our College community demonstrated their love and support to not only the people around us but to people around the world who may be in these situations. 

Last month, the stars were used in an installation that was displayed during the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. This display demonstrated the country's solidarity towards domestic violence and bullying experienced around the world. 

On behalf of the 2017 Middle School Leaders, I would like to thank all of the students at the College for their determination to make the stars and their support for the entire project. 

Olivia Matti - TAS Teacher