Volume 30 Issue 6 - 13 April 2018

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

Easter blessings to you as we return after the miracle of Easter Sunday. I hope you had a wonderful break and that you took the opportunity to join some of the many services across the region during the Easter season.

Whilst the girls have returned after Easter feeling a little refreshed, it is evident they are ready for a more substantial break as we come to the end of term 1. The same can be said of the staff as they busily mark assessments and exams and provide feedback to students on the ways they could have improved. You will have received your daughter's mid semester report and I hope you have used this to generate a conversation with her about her progress and outlined some goals for next term.

Last weekend the leadership and management teams met with the Board Directors and committee members to work on the College’s Strategic Plan. It was a very fruitful working weekend and we will have a plan that will steer us for the next few years. Once this is finalised, I will share with you the final product.

You may recall the term has been one of upheaval as a few staff unexpectedly needed to take some time away. A number of staff stepped into the void so that the College could continue to provide an education that would not compromise the learning of the girls. I am very grateful to these staff for their generous support. Mrs Karen Wright who took on Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching as well as Curriculum Administrator, Mrs Katherine Power Assistant Principal Students, Ms Olivia Matti Year 10 Coordinator; all took added responsibilities in the changes. The following staff adjusted their teaching to accommodate the gaps: Mr Gattone, Mrs Foran, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Fetterplace and Mr East. Then we engaged three casual teachers who worked very well with staff and coordinators: Ms Lusby, Mrs Galal and Ms Buckler. I am very grateful to all of these people. Fortunately we will have Mrs McGeachie and Mrs Ibbett back next term as they join the other staff who also had some time away through term 1.

The ability of a person or organisation to be flexible and adaptive are important contributing factors to growth and success. A growth mindset is one that embraces challenges and learns from this. It believes and works at overcoming difficulties with hard work and perseverance. We are very much a community that has a growth mindset approach to learning and living.

The commemoration of the Appin Massacre is this Sunday 15 April at Cataract Dam from 11.00am. Any girls who attend are asked to wear their uniform as they participate in a Guard of Honour. There will be refreshments after the ceremony for those who are there. The College flags will be at half-mast in recognition of this tragic event over the weekend. A flyer for this event is included in this edition.

Finally, we finish the term with a number of very topical stories in our papers about high profile people cheating or behaving in such a way that is contrary to the expectations of the community at large. It is sometimes difficult to remember what is important when the trappings of million dollar salaries, high paid endorsements, fame and notoriety cloud one’s judgement. Sadly, if this has become part of the culture of an organisation, then some will have to be sacrificed to clean the organisation. Let’s hope that for all the young people who are watching this unfold, they see the need to remain honest as an important learning but also that no one is above temptation and that ignorance or avoidance is not a suitable disclaimer for innocence.

I wish all the girls and staff a restful break and look forward to seeing you all return in term 2. I will leave you with a reflection on peace and acceptance.


Sue Lennox - Principal 

"To be at peace
we must first learn
to accept ourselves.
Coming to peace
with who we are,
what we have,
and what we do
is the spiritual basis
for the acceptance of others".
Joan Chittister


Year 7 Reflection Day

Reflection Days are opportunities for year groups to gather together for prayer, reflection, discussion and activity. On Wednesday 4 April, Year 7 girls experienced the first of three Reflection Days they will have over the next few years.

As is always the case, the day commenced with a prayer which focussed the girls’ attention on the parable of the Good Samaritan, drawing from the parable its lessons in compassion and service to all. Following the prayer, the Year 7 girls were spoken to by some Year 11 girls who talked about their experiences of being a St Pat’s Girl.

For most of the Year 7 girls, the highlight of the day was their drawing of symbols which captured their individual strengths and giftedness. Our College Prayer includes the phrase, “with the power of your Spirit, help us to celebrate our giftedness.” The process of the girls creating symbols of their strengths and individuality was a way to celebrate each other’s giftedness. Another highlight was the filming.

The day culminated in the celebration of the Eucharist as a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Father Victor Vincent presided over the Eucharist and we are very appreciative of his gentle leading of our prayer together. All in all, many of the Year 7 girls reported that they were happy with the day’s proceedings.

Angelo Gattone – Mission Coordinator

Parent Portal is Available for Years 7, 9, 11 and 12

St Patrick’s College has deployed a Parent Portal that compliments existing lines of parent – school communication in the College. Access keys and instructions have been sent to all families. 

Our new Portal has been deployed across the College. The Online Parent Portal was piloted with the current Year 9 families in 2017. Families of students in Years 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 will have received their Parent Portal keys in the mail during term 1, either just before the recently published Progress Reports, or with your daughter's Progress Report. All students were given access to the Student Portal in 2017 and our new students were provided access early in term 1, 2018.

If you have not received your Portal Access Key and instructions for accessing the St Patrick's College Parent Online Portal, please email Dr Bourne (elearning@saintpatricks.nsw.e du.au) and she will forward your access details via email.

Through the Portal, all families should have access to PDF versions of their daughter's 2018 Semester 1 Progress Report as well as PDF copies of 2017 reports. Families will also have access to timetables and the names of class teachers. Additionally, families have access to wellbeing information such as merits, demerits, detentions and awards.

The eLearning team are currently testing the Parent/Teacher Interview bookings through the Portal and you will see this appear and disappear throughout the testing period over the next few days. Please ignore this for now. You will be advised by mail and email of how to access the Parent/Teacher booking system at the commencement of term 2.

The College values feedback from our parents and students. If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions about the St Patrick's College Online Portal, please forward them to Dr Bourne (elearning@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au).

Debra Bourne - Leader of eLearning and Library Services

Literacy Update

Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN and Yr 10 Minimum Standards Tests

Next term in Week 3, Year 7 and 9 students will be sitting the 2018 NAPLAN tests. If your daughter is keen to practise her literacy skills with some quick online activities, we have set up Reading and Writing Canvas pages for her to access a whole range of tips, tricks and online tools. A great place to start is with a quick Free Rice vocabulary quiz. Whether she has five minutes or fifty to spare, there will be plenty for her to do if she explores the Literacy pages.

Year 10 students might like to visit our Minimum Standards section, which has recently been updated with links to the sample tests for Reading and Writing.

All feedback is welcome and if you have any suggestions for different tools or websites you would like to see included in our Literacy Course, please email cmcgillicuddy@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au.

Claire McGillicuddy - Teacher

Library News

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is well underway and the girls have received their logins and passwords, enabling them to electronically log their reading path. The girls meet at the library each Monday to discuss their progress.

Wheelers ePlatform

Wheelers ePlatform is finally up and running. This is a platform for reading some of the eBooks that are available in the library’s collection. By downloading the app onto a phone or device, then logging in using your College username and password, ebooks can be borrowed and read at leisure. We also have the Follett ebooks which can be accessed by downloading the Discover app and logging in the same way.

The library subscribes to Spine Out, an inspiring online magazine written by and for young adults. To access this magazine, log into the Discover app, scroll down to the Links section then open ‘Good Reading Hub for Book Lovers. Here you can browse current and previous editions of both Good Reading and Spine Out. The College is to begin receiving books from Spine Out for our students to read and review. Next term Mrs Feely will guide interested girls on submitting their reviews to Spine out, where they may be published in subsequent issues. The upcoming books are:  Changing Gear by Scot Gardner, Lady Mary by Lucy Worsley – historical, Paris Syndrome by Lisa Walker, and The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr.

During the holiday break, any student requiring assistance with log in issues, needing assistance with research, or anything library related, please email Mrs Feely on mfeely@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au.

The library team would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and restful break.

Library Assistants: Mrs McCann & Mrs Schimschal

Jnr Library Technician: Ms Dallo

Snr Library Technician: Mrs Harradine

Librarian: Mrs Feely

Get Online!


The library has a range of useful journals and magazines available. The New Internationalist magazine is now available online for the St Patrick’s community. New Internationalist is a monthly, independent magazine featuring articles on a range of social justice and human rights issues such as those featured in this month’s edition: Humanitarian Action: the facts, Letter from Maraba: Toxic promises, Media switch-off,  and How can famines be ended?


New Internationalist Magazine

To access New Internationalist, go to the Discover app, scroll to collections and choose ‘Online Journals, Newspapers and News Sources’. Click on the link for New Internationalist Magazine Archive. You will automatically be logged in if accessing it from school. To access from home, when you click on the link for New Internationalist Magazine Archive, you will be taken to the New Internationalist website. To login, click on “Sign in” in the top right hand corner. Enter the following:  Username- students      Password-  Students

Happy hunting.

Ms Dallo – Junior Library Technician

Year 9 Science Small Acts; Big Changes Video Project

Year 9 Science have completed their first assessment task that involved a cross-discplinary approach to researching issues associated with climate change. 

Hannah P's entire family supported her by acting in her Science video production,

The research task involved students researching, planning and producing a six minute video clip to encourage people to consider their personal impact on the environment. Congrautlations go to all students. The effort and quality of work from Year 9 girls was noteworthy. 

The project involved students researching the science of global warming - its causes and its effects. Students also had to consider their personal carbon footprint - a measure of greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing greenshouse gases, we can positively impact our effect on our planet by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere - a major contributing factor to global warming. The project was run in conjunction with our Pastoral Program, where students were taught about their digital footprint they create as they access and contribute to social media platforms such as YouTube. A special thank you to our Year 9 families - many of whom appeared as cast and crew in the productions.

Below includes a selection of work produced by our girls.

Debra Bourne - Leader of eLearning and Library Services & Year 9 Science Teacher


Chantelle D


Marissa K


Jadyn B


Ashley C




Vocational Student Shines at MWLP Awards Night

Nearly 200 guests attended MWLP’s Student Work Placement Awards held at Bankstown Sports Club recently. Students were nominated by their host employers for being outstanding during their work placement. These students are in Years 11 and 12 and undertaking vocational courses as part of their Higher School Certificate, where work placement is a mandatory requirement. Some 500 hosts were asked to nominate their best students (from 6,000 candidates) and the results were outstanding!

l to r Dr David Williams MWLP, Student of the Year Kimberley S and Tom Emeleus NECA

Kimberley S from St Patrick's College for Girls took out the top award. Kimberley was nominated by Graham Krueger, Group Executive Chef, at Wests Leagues Club. Graham said “Kimberley is the best student ever. In all the years we have been hosting students, she is definitely the best I have seen come through the MWLP work placement program. She is the most enthusiastic, competent, interested, motivated and all round fantastic student. She even ran the fryer section by herself and was able to hold her own with qualified chefs in their sections. She definitely has a job waiting for her.”

Kimberley was thrilled to win. She added “I was surprised and very grateful. I have known I want to be a chef for a few years and work placement opened my eyes to new opportunities. I loved my time at Wests Leagues Club. There was a sense of community and everyone was so helpful. I went with an open mind and was determined to do my best. I tried my hardest and asked if I wasn’t sure of anything. I started with simple prep and did more and more. I really started to believe in myself.”

Kimberley’s Hospitality Teacher and VET Coordinator, Maree Durrington said “Kimberley is really passionate about Hospitality. She has bloomed since her nomination and to win the Hospitality framework and then the overall Student of the Year, Kimberley is over the moon. This is a wonderful opportunity that will open many doors for her. ”David Williams, MWLP’s CEO, summarised the night “This is what Vocational Education and Training (VET) is all about. Not only do the students reap the rewards from work placement and the connections they make with industry, employers are linked to the future workforce. It is a win/win for everyone.”

Posted on March 29, 2018   (Reprinted with permission from MWLP /Linking youth Facebook page )

Bon Voyage Emily

Year 10 Student Emily P left on Tuesday this week on a study tour to France. As part of her study program at St Patrick’s College, Emily is studying French at the NSW School of Languages. Emily has been offered the opportunity to travel to France on a two week language and cultural study tour.

Year 10 Student Emily P

During the two weeks, she will be staying with a host family and attending a language school in Aix-en-Provence. Emily will also be visiting places like Arles, a provincial capital under ancient Rome, also known for many remains from that era, including Arles Arenas. She will also travel to Nimes, a city famous for its Roman history and visit the arenas and Maison Carrée, one of the best preserved Roman temples anywhere in France. Emily will experience Palais des Papes, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe. It is the site of the onetime fortress, palace and papal residence and seat of Western Christianity during the 14th century. This visit will be followed by the Pont Saint-Bénézet, also known as the Pont d'Avignon, a famous medieval bridge built between 1177 and 1185. Emily will also travel to Marseille and the beautiful seaside village of Cassis and La Ciotat. She will visit places including the Cezanne Museum, La Grande Savonnerie, Chocolaterie Puyricard, and Cours Mirabeau. During this time she will also be attending French cooking classes.

At the end of the two week homestay and French language studies in Aix-en-Provence, Emily will travel to Paris and visit the Musée du Louvre and walk through the Tuileries Garden and across the Seine River to Musée d’Orsay. She will also go to Versailles for a visit to Chateau de Versailles, a castle built by King Louis the 13th in the 17th century and built on by his son King Louis the 14th. Louis the 14th forced the Court to move from Paris to Versailles and he saw the castle as a symbol of his absolute power. The gardens represent one of the finest examples of Garden à la Française. Emilys last day will be spent at the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral and a river cruise around Paris.

This language and cultural tour will surely be an amazing experience for Emily and we wish her every success and a safe journey. We look forward to seeing all the photos and hearing all her stories upon her return.

Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator 

Year 11 Design and Technology Excursion

On Monday 19 March, we caught the Train to Sydney to visit the 2017 HSC Projects on display at Shape 2017. The Powerhouse Museum at Ultimo was the destination and was a fitting venue to view 2017 exemplary HSC works.

The class attended a seminar given by a Furniture Designer, then we participated in hands-on activities using the most modern technical equipment, including Rizo printing, Green Screen movie making and Robots, we then we participated in sketching in a comic book using the platform: Pieces. Our sketches went live and will be included in the next edition of the Book to be published.
After this the class went to look at last years HSC Major projects, paying particular attention to Design and Technology. We were amazed and took loads of photos to help us when we take on the journey of the Major Design Project next year. We had a great day out.
Year 11 Design and Technology Student

Teaching 101 – sometimes rules are meant to be broken: Students teaching teachers about the benefits of recycling human waste.

I can remember all the rules / strategies / dos and don’ts we are given along our professional journey in becoming teachers. One that is iterated time and time again is Don’t put students on the spot by calling on them to respond to a question they may not be prepared for. Last week, we had a class where I think I did just that.

Brooke G's Bio Bus presentation. Photo Credit: Amelia M (Year 9)

A Year 9 Science lesson went particularly well this week and I want to share my experience of working with the amazing young women that are our student body.

The task involved students discussing, amongst themselves, the concept of alternative energy and they were invited to write their responses on our white board. An eager Year 9 Science student responded with ‘human poo’ as her alternative energy example.  OK, I thought to myself, this (class) conversation is not going to end well. It can’t possibly be true that we are using human faeces to generate fuel. Without a great deal of planning, I put Brooke on the spot by asking her to prepare a presentation on the use of human faeces as an alternative fuel source in time for our next Science lesson.

Brooke’s BioBus presentation was outstanding. It was well rehearsed. She was clear; she was articulate and she was confident in sharing the work with her peers. Brooke’s presentation drew on information from a number of popular media sources that was expertly synthesised into a story about the use of this waste product as a fuel source. A special shout-out to her peers who eagerly listened, encouraged and applauded Brooke’s efforts. This work was not marked, or assessed. Brooke received no additional credit. It was a work of passion.

I encourage all students to persue their own passion projects – something that is worked on (often outside of class time) that gives you satisfaction and happiness. Brooke has kindly made her presentation available for all to enjoy.

Debra Bourne - Leader of eLearning and Library Services & Year 9 Science Teacher


Sayounara Miu and Kaoruko

Our two Japanese exchange students, Miu and Kaoruko, completed their ten week exchange last week and have now returned to Japan to continue their senior high school studies. Miu and Kaoruko are from Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen, our sister Japanese school with whom we have developed a student exchange program.

Each year, we usually host Shonan students for two weeks in August. However, as part of a new initiative, this year two students were hosted for a school term. During the ten weeks, both Miu and Kaoruko participated in mainstream classes, completing homework and assignments all in an effort to improve their English and knowledge of the Australian way of life. The students' stay would not have been possible without the hospitality of two of our College families, the Nott and Potts family. The College sincerely thanks the Nott and Pott families for their generosity and time in hosting these girls to ensure they had a wonderful and memorable experience.

Mr Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator 

MISA Clean Sweep!

Congratulations to our term 1 MISA teams on being named Overall Champions in all sports for 2018. All teams were clinical in their performances throughout the term and in the grand final games and walked away with the trophies in Basketball, Oz Tag, Volleyball, Tennis and Softball.


Term 1 Champion Junior Volleyball team

The teams and results were as follows;

Year 7, 8, 9 Volleyball – 1st Place

Italia M, Ruby H, Helen T, Katarina S, Jessica A, Evana S, Olivia F and Maya B. Coach Ms Cornett

Year 7, 8, 9 Softball – 1st Place

Chantelle D, Hannah S, Emily U, Monica R, Sarah P, Elisha L, Amy Y, Darcy E, Sarah W, Iseabella W and Piper C. Coach Mrs Lawrence.

Year 10, 11, 12 Basketball – 1st Place

Rahni W, Amy S, Natalie S, Stephanie E, Teresa S, Amelia A, Emily M and Kimberley S. Coach Mr McGrath

Year 10, 11, 12 Oz Tag – 1st Place

Ana C, Olivia F, Emily A, Kiarra B, Julia P, Eden G, Andrea M, Tara B, Loretta T, Lilly Z, Ellie F, Paris H and Cecilia T. Coach Mr David.

Open Tennis – 1st Place

Avanna R, Dayna V, Natasha T, Natasha F and Daniella D. Coach Mr Baca.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Knitting Group Back For 2018

The Knitting Group has returned for 2018. Now in its 12th year, the group has a new location in H12 and meets every Thursday lunch.

Our eager band of volunteers have been working hard on their squares under the guidance of Mrs McCann and former staff members Mrs Evans, Mrs Mills, Mrs McLeod, Mrs O'Brien and Mrs St John. Friend of the College, Mrs Cathy Johnson, also volunteers her time.

Can you help? We are after squares to go into our blankets - 50 stitches in garter stitch. We use these squares to make blankets for the local St Vincent de Paul Society to use for their welfare cases.

Fran Musico Rullo - HSIE Teacher

Rostrum Voice of Youth 2018

Eight bright, articulate and motivated young women rubbed shoulders with other bright, articulate and motivated young people at St Greg’s on Tuesday 20 March. Voicing concerns with flair and passion about issues in our world of real concern to them, our girls shone.

Rostrum Voice of Youth 2018

It was excellent to see so many speak in public for the very first time and well done to Emily Peters who was runner up in the Senior Division. Thank you to Rostrum for organising this valuable experience and to St Greg’s for hosting. Congratulations girls, we are all very proud of you!


Alana R
Natalia F
Grace K
Molly Q


Gabbie P
Tori J
Karina M
Emily P

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking Coordinator

Mother Daughter High Tea - Save the Date

Uniform Shop Holiday Opening Times

As we transition over to the winter uniform, we have arranged for the uniform shop to be open during the school holidays. 


Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

The Uniform shop is open on the following days:

Monday 16 April 2018 and Tuesday 17 April 2018

9am to 3pm

Thursday 26 April 2018 and Friday 27 April 2018

9am to 3pm

Important Dates

What's On ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

17 April - Appin Massacre Anniversary
2 May - CCC AFL Girls Selections
2 - 4 May - Year 9 Camp
3 May - Year 10 RE Incursion
4 May - CSDA Debating Round 1
5 May - Alumni Reunion
8 May - CCC 15 years Netball Selections
9 May - AGM College Assembly, CCC Open Netball Trials, DIO Soccer
11 May - Year 11 Physics Excursion, Science/Engineering Challenge Excursion, CSDA Debating Round 2
12 May - Mother and Daughter High Tea
15 - 17 May - Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN
16 - 18 May - Year 11 Retreat
18 May - CSDA Debating Round 3
19 May - Year 7 2019/2020 Enrolment Interviews
21 May - DIO Soccer Selections
22 May - Year 7 - 12 Parent/Teacher/Student Evening
23 May - Advanced English Excursion, Sorry Day Service, Year 7 Maths Olympiad
24 May - Year 12 visit with Bishop
25 May - CSDA Debating Round 4
26 May - Sorry Day
28 May to 1 June - Reconciliation Week
29 May - Year 8 Liturgy
30 May - Years 7 - 12 Parent/Teacher/Student Evening
31 May - Year 12 Chemistry Excursion
1 June - Middle School Dance, CSDA Debating Round 5