Volume 30 Issue 19 - 7 December 2018

Term 4 MISA Results

Congratulations to our Term 4 MISA teams on another outstanding season. At the end of the term we ended up with two teams being named overall champions and two teams finishing in second place.


MISA Champions

Our champion teams for term 4 were the Year 7,8,9 Basketball team and the Year 7,8,9 Cricket team. Our runners up were our Year 7,8,9 AFL team and our Year 10,11,12 Softball team.

The term 4 MISA teams consisted of the following students:

Year 10/11 Softball

Minduli T, Rahni W, Rachael T, Ellie F, Elizabeth C, Mackenzie B, Stephanie E, Lyliann V, Ashley F, Isabelle M, Paris H, Rachael W, Emma G and Olivia F. Coach Mrs Lawrence.

Year 7/8/9 Cricket

Monique V, Amelia M, Olivia P, Ilori P, Alexandra C, Lucy G, Larissa M, Candice H, Maya B, Bindi F and Olivia F. Coach Mrs Arena

Year 7/8/9 AFL

Sarah P, Chantel M, Emily U, Laura D, Phillipa M, Sandrine M, Jessica A, Sophia S, Darcy E, Annalise D, Charlotte T, Tess M, Brooklyn S, Monique G, Sophia E, Lara M and Mia C. Coach Ms Cornett

Year 7/8/9 Basketball

Katarina S, Tavara S, Ruby H, Chantel S, Hannah S, Evana S, Arden D, Italia M, Piper A and Kamaria N. Coach Mr Ashcroft

Overall, St Pat's had an outstanding year and has culminated in us being named Overall Champion School in both the junior and senior divisions. An outstanding result. Congratulations to all girls and staff who were involved in MISA throughout the year.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator