Volume 30 Issue 19 - 7 December 2018

Scholastica “St Vinnie’s Christmas Fundraiser”

This term myself and 24 other girls decided to put our names down to take part in the Scholastica “ St Vinnie’s Christmas Fundraiser” with Mrs Durrington.

It was a very exciting experience and each week we worked very hard to produce a lot of amazing Christmas treats; such as Christmas cookies, White Christmas, hot chocolate pots, bath salts and lip balms.

The stall was held on Friday 30 November at lunchtime in front of the library to sell our items. We worked very hard and in return the girls at St Patrick’s College supported us by buying our Christmas treats. At the end of lunch we took the money raised to be counted and in total it came to $650. The money that we raised went to St Vincent de Paul to help others over Christmas.

All the other girls and I loved being a part of the Scholastica experience this term. It was great fun, we learnt new skills and look forward to doing it all again next year.

Mary K - Year 7 on behalf of the Scholastica girls