Volume 30 Issue 19 - 7 December 2018

Message from the Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

As we come to the end of another year, it is a time to look back and be thankful for all the year has held. As a College we are very grateful for all the members of the community who make this a special place – students, staff and parents. 2018 has, like all years, been a busy one and no doubt all of us will be looking forward to that first morning when we don’t have to wait for the alarm to wake us. But in saying that we must remember how lucky we are for all that we have. In an earlier newsletter I spoke about the Christmas hampers that the students were organising with St Vincent de Paul for the families in need within the community and it was wonderful to hear from Mr Combes today that we have exceeded the number required – what a great example of giving by the students who clearly recognise the need to think of others at this time of the year.

With the end of the school year comes changes to staff and so I would like to acknowledge those that are leaving, either to retire or are moving on to other schools. To Ms Madeleine Lytton from the CAPA department and Ms Sophie Lansley from the HSIE department, who have been here for the year, thank you for your work with the girls and your support of the College - we wish you well for 2019. Mrs Maureen McCann has been a member of the support staff for the past 28 years and in that time has held numerous roles from the canteen through to the book-room. At her farewell last week she spoke of these many roles with fondness and the important role St Pat’s and it’s community has played in her life. She is now retiring and looking forward to spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. We thank her for her tireless commitment and wish her well in this next chapter of her life.

Mrs Katherine Power from the English department has been at the College for 17 years and for a large part of this time she held the role of Year Coordinator. During this time, she looked after the different year groups and the common thread was always the genuine care she had for the girls. In her farewell speech to the College she spoke of how she went to school here and has been here for most of her teaching career – so St Pat’s has been a big part of her life. She will be missed and we wish her well in her move to become an English Coordinator.

Mrs Eileen Norris has been at the College for 38 years and is one of the most respected members of the College. Her passion for education has been a delight to see. She brings a genuine care to her classes and has always built strong relationships with the girls. For many years she was a Year Coordinator and in this role she was able to be a wonderful role model for the girls and a great support to them. Eileen has given so much to the College and as she addressed the girls at assembly this week it was clear that her focus was not about her but about St Patrick’s and the role it has played in her life. We wish her well in her retirement and she leaves the College with our best wishes.

Mrs Cecely McGeachie has been the Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching at the College for the past 10 years. During this time her passion and belief in education for girls has been second to none. She has been responsible for steering the College into the 21st century and ensuring that the girls receive the best education, setting them on a path to achieve their best. Cecely has implemented many initiatives within teaching and learning and always challenged the staff and students not to settle for second best. She has always shown her love for her teaching area of Food Technology and the girls in her classes were always very grateful for all she did for them. Cecely is moving into retirement and whilst she is finishing up at the College, we are all sure this will not be the end of her career in education and so we wish her well and thank her for her tireless work for St Pat’s.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their work in 2018 and their support throughout the year.

As we move into the holiday time may I wish you and your family a happy and holy Christmas. May it be a time where we take the time to remember and celebrate with the special people in our lives and give ourselves permission to be good to ourselves. Christmas is a time of joy and a time of bringing Christ into our lives and so I leave you with this short reflection:

May the best gifts of Christmas be yours:
The gift of love. 
The gift of hope.
The gift of joy.
The gift of peace. 
The gift of happiness. 
The gift of Jesus! 


Karen Wright - Acting Principal 


Creative and Performing Arts Night

On Wednesday 21 November, the CAPA department presented the annual Creative Arts Night which showcased the work of students who study Creative and Performing Arts courses from Year 7 to 11. 

Students who participate in our co-curricular music programs, the Ensemble and the Choir also performed. It was a very successful evening as the students were able to share their creative endeavours with their families and friends in a variety of ways. The audience was able to enjoy an exhibition of artworks which displayed an array of works and speak to the artists about their ideas. Our performing artists from Dance, Drama and Music classes delivered a soiree of entertainment showcasing a variety of performances for the audience's appreciation. Congratulations to all of the students involved in sharing their talents for this special event. I am grateful to Angela D and the Bio-box team for their contribution to the evening, and to the amazing CAPA staff, Mr Combes, Miss Randell, Miss Glase, Mr Stevens, Mr Nash, Mrs Samyia, Miss Macri, Mrs Lytton and Mrs Tannous who all play a significant role in shaping the creativity of the students.

Tarna Tannous - Acting CAPA Coordinator

Farewell Mrs McCann@ TheLibrary

The Library would like to say goodbye and thank you to Mrs McCann as she leaves the College and begins her retirement.

Good luck with retirement Mrs McCann - Image courtesy of Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator

Mrs McCann has been an integral part of St Patrick's College for many years; indeed her daughters attended here. She has filled many roles and the library have been fortunate to call her ours for the past number of years.

We will miss her and we know the students will miss her also, yet we know that her family will welcome the opportunity to spend more time together, and she is revelling in being able to attend activities and events with her numerous grandchildren.

From the library and the students, we say "Goodbye and enjoy your retirement".

The College Library

Holiday Borrowing@TheLibrary

Come one, come all...holiday borrowing is now underway.

Merry Christmas from the Library

Borrow that book you've always wanted to read. It may be a series, an audio book or even an eBook.

You might wish to borrow one book or a whole pile. Come and see the new titles recently added to our collection.

All books borrowed from now until the end of the year are not due back until you return in 2019. 

Come and see any of the friendly library ladies who can help you to borrow, help you decide, or give a recommendation.

We dare you to 'escape in a book'.

Merry Christmas from all the College library staff.

Study Skills Tip for December - Time to Reflect: Steps to Success

With the end of the year fast approaching, take the time to ask yourself these questions:

  • How well did I do this year at school?
  • Did my particular style of thinking or approach produce more or less learning than I had expected?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • What might I change to help me improve next year?

Take a piece of paper and write down the top 5 changes you want to make in your approach to school next year. Do it now because you will forget what you did in the new year. That way you can review your list before you start school again next year.

UBC Learning Commons. (2013). Cartoon Juggling [Photo]. Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/56866338@N06/8725703809/

If you need a bit more help identifying what you could do to improve, work carefully through the next section. The following is adapted from the ‘Becoming a Senior Student’ unit in the Study Skills Handbook that is found in Destiny Discover, but is suitable for students at all levels.

Moving Your Results to the Next Level

Level 1: Do you have the basics under control?
It is pretty hard to get decent marks if you aren’t doing at least the three ‘E’s on Level 1:

  • ENROLMENT: coming to school every day, attending every lesson.
  • EQUIPMENT: coming to class with textbooks, writing paper, pens.
  • ENGAGEMENT: working in the classroom, trying your best, doing what you are asked to do.

Level 2: Do you have everything set up for learning?

Got the basics under control and ready to move your results to this next level?

Then this is what you need to do next:

  • COMPLETING SET HOMEWORK: Your teachers are giving you this work for a reason! To help you understand the subject better. It makes sense to put a bit of effort in to do this work.
  • PARTICIPATING IN CLASS / ASKING FOR HELP: By participating it helps you understand better in class which means less work to do at home. It is also important to ask for help from your teachers if you do not understand something.
  • HOME STUDY ENVIRONMENT / ORGANISING RESOURCES: It is important you can find everything you need when you need it. Consider how you have set up your workspace, how you manage all the paper and all of the digital resources you receive in the senior years.

Level 3: Do you study and manage your workload effectively?
Now that you have got things set up, time to make your life easier, and your study more effective, with the techniques on this next level.

  • Using a Term Planner or Term Calendar so you can clearly see when assessments are due. 
  • Using a Diary to help plan for assessments - make a plan of work and keep track of what you have done.
  • Working in half hour blocks with no distractions.
  • Making a study plan or study timetable.
  • Making a plan each afternoon before you leave school.
  • Using software such as ‘Self-Control’ and ‘Freedom’ to manage distractions.
  • Separating school work and personal time.
  • Allocating set times to schoolwork.
  • USING THE 1,2,3 STUDY METHOD: Are you?
  • Avoiding just reading your notes over and over.
  • Avoiding leaving study until the last minute.

Instead, this is how you study in the senior years:


Level 4: Do you want to get the best results you are capable of?

So you have decided to go all out and aim for great marks. Well done you! The nice thing about school is that it rewards hard work and effort, you don’t have to be a genius, you just have to get stuck into it. If you are ready to move your results to the next level, here are your next steps.


Don’t wait until exam time. Make your study notes as you go, often at the end of a topic or section or every few weeks.

File away your study notes when complete so they are ready for exams.

Try advanced forms of note-making.


The more different ways you interact with the information you are trying to learn the better chance you have of retaining this information.

Explore which study techniques are most suited to your style of learning.


Do homework first.

Then work on assessments.

If you still have time, continue with work on study notes.

If notes are up-to-date, think what else you could do to improve your understanding of the subject, study guides, practice papers, revision books, practice essays.

Learn more about all these topics by working through the relevant units of work in the Study Skills Handbook.

 The holidays are also a perfect time to stretch your brain. The best thing you can do for your brain is to try something new, this will build new neural pathways in your brain. So these holidays, try at least one thing you have never done before, Sudoku, start learning a new language, try a new sport, take up a new hobby, even brushing your teeth with the opposite hand can have a beneficial effect on the brain!  

The College Library


Scholastica “St Vinnie’s Christmas Fundraiser”

This term myself and 24 other girls decided to put our names down to take part in the Scholastica “ St Vinnie’s Christmas Fundraiser” with Mrs Durrington.

It was a very exciting experience and each week we worked very hard to produce a lot of amazing Christmas treats; such as Christmas cookies, White Christmas, hot chocolate pots, bath salts and lip balms.

The stall was held on Friday 30 November at lunchtime in front of the library to sell our items. We worked very hard and in return the girls at St Patrick’s College supported us by buying our Christmas treats. At the end of lunch we took the money raised to be counted and in total it came to $650. The money that we raised went to St Vincent de Paul to help others over Christmas.

All the other girls and I loved being a part of the Scholastica experience this term. It was great fun, we learnt new skills and look forward to doing it all again next year.

Mary K - Year 7 on behalf of the Scholastica girls

Diocesan Sports Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following students who received Diocesan Sports Awards at the recent CDF Sports Awards evening held at St Mary's College in Wollongong. 

Special mention to Amy S who was nominated as one of the most outstanding female athletes for 2018. Students who received awards were Amy S, Jorja B, Mercedes S, Ruby D, Katarina S, Stephanie E and Isabelle M.

Congratulations to all the girls.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Term 4 MISA Results

Congratulations to our Term 4 MISA teams on another outstanding season. At the end of the term we ended up with two teams being named overall champions and two teams finishing in second place.


MISA Champions

Our champion teams for term 4 were the Year 7,8,9 Basketball team and the Year 7,8,9 Cricket team. Our runners up were our Year 7,8,9 AFL team and our Year 10,11,12 Softball team.

The term 4 MISA teams consisted of the following students:

Year 10/11 Softball

Minduli T, Rahni W, Rachael T, Ellie F, Elizabeth C, Mackenzie B, Stephanie E, Lyliann V, Ashley F, Isabelle M, Paris H, Rachael W, Emma G and Olivia F. Coach Mrs Lawrence.

Year 7/8/9 Cricket

Monique V, Amelia M, Olivia P, Ilori P, Alexandra C, Lucy G, Larissa M, Candice H, Maya B, Bindi F and Olivia F. Coach Mrs Arena

Year 7/8/9 AFL

Sarah P, Chantel M, Emily U, Laura D, Phillipa M, Sandrine M, Jessica A, Sophia S, Darcy E, Annalise D, Charlotte T, Tess M, Brooklyn S, Monique G, Sophia E, Lara M and Mia C. Coach Ms Cornett

Year 7/8/9 Basketball

Katarina S, Tavara S, Ruby H, Chantel S, Hannah S, Evana S, Arden D, Italia M, Piper A and Kamaria N. Coach Mr Ashcroft

Overall, St Pat's had an outstanding year and has culminated in us being named Overall Champion School in both the junior and senior divisions. An outstanding result. Congratulations to all girls and staff who were involved in MISA throughout the year.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

History Club

Since our Remembrance Day ceremony, the History Club has still been busily involved in three events! 

With Edna Wheatley (wife of Kevin Wheatley VC) at the Book Launch

On 20 November - six Year 12 Modern History students, accompanied by myself, attended the book launch of Michael Madden's 'The Victoria Cross - Australia Remembers' at Ingleburn RSL. At this launch students met the Governor of NSW David Hurley and his wife, 98 year old Daphne Dunne, World War II war widow of  Albert Chowne VC (who made headlines earlier this year during Prince Harry's visit),  Doug Baird father of Cameron Baird VC (Afghanistan) and Edna and George Wheatley, wife and son of Kevin 'Dasher' Wheatley VC who was killed in Vietnam. Michael Madden has documented the story of every Victoria Cross recipient from Australia and consulted both archival and family records. He spoke with great zeal about the importance of the Victoria Cross and how each is made from a bronze cascabel kept under guard at the Royal Logistic Corps in Donnington, Shropshire (UK). The Governor of NSW, David Hurley, spoke about some Victoria Cross stories that appealed to him and how his career had been influenced by VC recipients, eg his first firearms trainer in the army had been Keith Payne VC. A signed copy of the book has been purchased for the school library. This event was covered in The Advertiser.

21 November - a group of Year 8 and Year 10 History Club members interviewed 94 year old Phyllis Baxter who attended St Patrick's College in the 1930s about her time at school. The girls had the opportunity to ask Phyllis about her life as a boarder at Old St John's. She spoke about how the building was originally two floors and indicated to the girls where the dormitories and classrooms originally were. The girls were fascinated by Phyllis' honest responses as she disliked being in boarding school and especially hated the food! She would sit on the window sill everyday to watch high up on the hill her father's hired car business run from Appin to Campbelltown to ease her homesickness. She recalled studying music (on which there was a big emphasis) and having to sit music examinations at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She also studied arithmetics and getting special visits from a physical education teacher from Sydney. Our students were fascinated that Science was not on the curriculum in those days for girls and that career opportunities for young women were very limited in the 1930s. Phyllis also described the uniform which will help our archives to ensure a true replica is made. The interview was recorded for posterity.

We were also joined by Jo Cavallin (College Archivist) and Danielle Grant (who organised the event). A special treat was for Margaret Rixon who attended as Phyllis remembered her father, Vincent Confeggi, who was the groundsman at Old St John's. Vincent Confeggi was the grandfather of Liam Rixon who currently works in the Maintenance Department of the College.

23 November - at our final meeting of the year, the History Club was treated to a presentation by  staff member Mrs Jackie Irwin called  'Love in war - a collection of sweetheart brooches and other wartime treasures'.  Mrs Irwin brought in her personal collection of artefacts, many from both wars, and spoke to the girls about how she acquired the objects and the history behind each one. The students were able to handle each object and examine them closely. They were particularly intrigued by the World War 1 French embroided postcards soldiers sent home.

2019 looks to be another busy year for the History Club as we prepare for the 180th anniversary of the College's founding.

Fran Musico Rullo - HSIE Teacher

Peace Day

On Tuesday 13 November I had the privilege to take eight young ladies to the Cabramatta High School Peace Day celebrations and remembrance of 100 years since the WW1 armistice.

We listened to Nobel Laureate and Sydney Peace Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz. He addressed an audience of students on the topic of economic inequality. This can be seen in a recent Oxfam report stating that “82 percent of all growth in global wealth in the last year went to the top 1 percent, whilst the bottom half of humanity saw no increase at all.”

The one question asked by the audience that stumped Professor Stiglitz came from Kate in Year 12. "You spoke earlier of the inequalities that stem from a capitalist system. Do you believe that socialism is the way to move forward?". In his reply he spoke about how capitalism and socialism are simply just words and that their definitions and the perceptions around them have shifted over the years. And so rather than categorising ourself as one or the other, we should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and make informed policy decisions.

Below are reflections from some the girls who attended the Peace Day.

Stuart Lord - Teacher


"It was such a pleasure to witness an environment such as Cabramatta High School which displays such acceptance and pride in their multiculturalism through the various engaging forms of art, music and dress.

The guest speaker Joseph Stiglitz shared his insightful perspective on the concept of striving in life for a common theme of peace; it's special coming from an incredible man 70+. This of course came from his exposure from his upbringing in Gary Indiana USA where some of my biggest inspirations in life such as Michael Jackson also grew up.

Economic inequality is all around us and no major change is apparent. As a young person along with many others all around the globe, I aspire to seek works such as his of integrity continuously growing for the social benefits of peace for the future". 

Jadyn B - Year 9 Student

"Today at Peace Day was an immense eye opener to see how one person, Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, can make such an important and relevant change in the world to make the world a better place. It was very inspiring to be a part of and was very worthwhile. It showed me that even I can make a change in the world, which is something I will keep in mind. I can make a difference".

Reagan B - Year 11 Student

"Attending the World Peace Day celebrations at Cabramatta High was extremely memorable. There was a real sense of Australia’s multiculturalism and diversity among the students. We were privileged to see the range of cultural attire and performances such as the Chinese Dragon walking down the aisles of the school hall.

Throughout the day, there was also a significant emphasis on working collaboratively between nations to achieve tasks and create equality as much as we can, because everyone has “the right to peace”.

This day is something that we would all definitely recommend for other girls to attend".

Jasmin H - Year 11 Student

"On Tuesday 13 November 2018, myself and seven other St Patrick’s representatives were honoured by the opportunity to attend the highly anticipated, thoroughly fun and engaging, and extensively educational annual Sydney Peace Prize celebrations held at Cabramatta High School. Upon arrival at Cabramatta High, we caught sight of the colourful and diverse ‘Official Party’ composed of different students dressed in traditional dress, representing their cultural heritage. It spoke volumes to me that Cabramatta High and indeed this event deeply values and seeks to put their school's diversity, inclusivity and cultural pride at the forefront of the day's commemorations. 

Upon entering the hall, we arrived just in time for the beginning of the proceedings. The audience was treated to a series of speakers, entertainment acts and then, of course, words from the recipient of the Sydney Peace Price for 2018, Professor Joseph Stiglitz. This year, as opposed to years previously, Prof Stiglitz did not give a traditional address or ‘speech’. Instead, his wisdom and broad knowledge on economic injustice, capitalism and the power of policy, was shared via his comprehensive answers to questions posed by audience members, such as our own Kate W of Year 12. If I had gotten the chance to ask a question, it would have been along the lines of, “You spoke earlier of racial justice, social justice and peace being intrinsically connected. As systemic, institutional racism and inequality are enshrined in legislation, what is the power of policy change in remedying this issue and ultimately achieving peace? 

Following the internal section of the day, we proceeded outside for the external section of the ceremony. This was a chance for the rest of Cabramatta High to hear Professor Stiglitz’s address - including valuable information, research, wisdom and importantly, ways of moving forward. The resounding message of this day, and indeed its core theme, ‘Another World is Possible’ really resonated within the hearts and minds of all present and provided hope for the future. To top off a fabulous day, we witnessed the special display of the peace doves being released from the hands of students and Prof Stiglitz into the air as a mark of peace being the clear and essential goal. We were then lucky enough to capture a photo with Prof Stiglitz and the ‘Official Party’, take a quick walk in the ‘Peace Garden’ featuring hand-made clay Poppies as remembrance for 100 years since the WW1 Armistice, and then return home. As my last ever Peace Day attendance as a student of the College, I would like to sincerely thank all those involved in the preparations for not only this day, but all previous. I would particularly like to thank the tireless efforts of Mrs Pulham, without whom this day would not be able to go ahead, the dedication and willingness of Mr Lord, who accompanied us and ensured we had a wonderful day out, and finally the College, for allowing us the chance to spread our wings outside Campbelltown and be part of something marvellous and intrinsic to us as we grow up as young adults. I will truly miss this excursion, my times attending are among some of my fondest memories at the College, and I am very blessed for having been able to experience this day one last time. A massive thank you to all".

Rachel N - Year 12 Student 

Taking Care of our Environment

This year the College has taken a more proactive approach to taking care of our Environment, by being more mindful of our waste and plastic use. Thank you to all students and staff for getting behind all the environmental initiatives this year. Below is a reflection from our current Environment Captain Rhiannon K:

“This term has been a phenomenal term for the Environment Council particularly with the continued and growing support of the Return and Earn Scheme, the classroom colour coded Eco Bins, EnviroSci Week and Recycling Week initiatives. As well as this, the year group “Can and Bottle Collection Competition” was a huge success. Year 12 were our winners for this competition, they were equal to Year 9 until some last-minute locker clearing pushed them into the lead. Well done to everyone involved, particularly Year 12 for taking the lead with this.

One of the things that has unfortunately let us down is the participation in the collection for Red-Cycle with the scrunchables. “Scrunchables” is a term used to describe plastic waste that is scrunchable. This may include chip packets, lolly wrappers, squeezy yoghurts and ice cream wrappers. What it does not include is aluminium foil or food of any description. We would have liked to donate our collection for this so that new plastic materials can be manufactured, however, it was not possible due to the other waste items that were disposed of into this bin.

Please click on the link to gain more information about RedCycle: https://www.redcycle.net.au/

We really hope that for next year, we take more care in what appropriate waste goes into these bins. Thank you for all the support so far girls but as always there’s more to do. It is so important that next year your enthusiasm, participation and genuine care for our environment and our school grounds continues. See you in 2019 for some great new initiatives!!” - Environment Captain Rhiannon K.

Maria Boulastakos - Acting Year 11 Coordinator


Kayla's Book Drive

On Thursday afternoon, I took Kayla I of Year 12 out to local primary schools to distribute the book baskets she put together as part of her Max Potential project.

Kayla I of Year 12 - Book Drive

With the support of our College community, she was so thrilled to be able to split over 200 books equally across seven of our local primary schools:

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School
St John’s Catholic Primary School Campbelltown
East Public School
Campbelltown Public School
Briar Rd Public School
John Warby Public School 
Kentlyn Public School

The picture attached shows the wonderful range of books so generously donated by members of our local community. From picture books to full sets, new and pre-loved, the variety was very impressive.

All the Principals, Deputy Principals and literacy leaders she met have been genuinely impressed by Kayla’s initiative and thoughtfulness. Some will be printing articles about her in their school newsletters, while others will be acknowledging her efforts in other ways. Kentlyn PS, for example, will be printing a special book plate for every title to give little readers an inspirational blurb about Kayla’s project, something she found so touching.

With such a warm welcome from all seven schools, Kayla was overwhelmed by the impact she could see the books will be making. Some of the schools have already expressed interest in inviting her over next year to promote a love of reading among their students.

Thank you to the Pastoral Coordinators and Mr Ashkar and Mrs Wright for allowing Kayla to store and access the books in their offices over the past few months. Thanks also to Mr Combes for his generous donation of a box of brand new picture books. And finally, thank you to all who supported this great project!

Claire McGilillicuddy - Pastoral Advisor and English Teacher

Good Luck Alexandra and Zara!

On 9 to 22 December, Alexandra H of Year 11 and Zara H of Year 10 will be going to NASA Space Station in Houston, Texas. On this trip they will be participating in ACTURA’s Senior Space School Program offered in conjunction with the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia. 

Alexandra H Year 11 and Zara H Year 10

At NASA they will be collaborating with scientists, astronauts, and other officials. During the program girls from across Australia will be participating in activities that will lead to an X-Prize competition.

For this competition, the groups will be given a virtual $600 million budget to solve the issue to a scenario revolving around the topic of space junk, and/or space tourism. 

Whilst in Texas, they will be lucky enough to go to Rice University, Ad Astra Rocket Company and an NBA basketball game. There is even a little bit of time for some retail therapy!

We wish Alexandra and Zara all the best for their adventures and cannot wait to hear all about this excellent opportunity in 2019! Safe travels girls!

Katherine Power - Year 10 Coordinator


International Science School 2019

An exclusive two-week science program for Year 11 and 12 students.

Important Dates

What's on ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

7 December - Awards and College Assembly, End of Year Mass, Students Finish for 2018
21 December - College Closes for 2018
17 January - College Office and Uniform Shop Open
26 January - Australia Day Public Holiday
30 January - Year 7, 11 and 12 Students Return for 2019
31 January - Year 8, 9 and 10 Students Return for 2019
6 February - Year 11 Parent/Student Information Forum
13 February - HSC High Acheivers Assembly
14 February - Year 12 Biology Excursion
18 February- NSW CCC Cricket Selections
21 February - College Swimming Carnival
22 February - Pupil Free Day
23 February - College Open Day
25  February - Year 10 HSC Minimum Standards Testing, NSW CCC Cricket Selections
26 February - NSW CCC Softball Selections
27 February - DIO Girls Touch Football
28 February - Year 7 Parent Night, NSW All Schools Triathlon (Individuals)
1 March - NSW All School Triathlon (Teams)
4 March - NSW CCC Tennis Selections
5 March - Shrove Tuesday, Senior School Parent Forum
6 March - Ash Wednesday Prayer Service
7 March - International Women's Day Breakfast, Year 10 Retreat
8 March - Year 10 Retreat, CSDA Public Speaking Round 1, Macarthur Max Potential Introducation Workshop
13 March - Year 7 Twilight Dance at St Gregory's 
14 March - DIO Swimming Carnival, DIO Tennis
15 March - CSDA Public Speaking Zone Final
16 March - Emerald Gala Dinner Dance
18 March - St Patrick's Day Celebration
21 March - Year 5 Workshops
22 March - CSDA Public Speaking Grand Final
25 March - NSW CCC Hockety Selections
29 March - DIO Touch Selections