Volume 30 Issue 18 - 23 November 2018

Year 8 Camp

Week 5 saw the end of exams for Year 8 and an opportunity for the grade to enjoy an outdoor camp experience of a lifetime. The cohort was split into two groups, with one group heading to Tallong Recreation Centre while the other group completed activities at school. With excitement, the girls were ready to have an experience they will cherish forever.

The camp was an opportunity for girls to bond with each other in an environment that was free from school work, assessment and daily school routines. Instead, the girls had the chance to create new friendships, build on existing relationships, and seek opportunities to reflect on themselves. Every single girl attempted and accomplished each challenge they faced with great enthusiasm. The most rewarding aspect to it all was seeing how the girls supported each other to overcome their fears and challenges. This was especially evident with many students taking on the Flying Fox and High Ropes and coming out as champions at the other side! The maturity and growth that was evident throughout the entire camp was amazing. The leadership shown by the students, as well as the respect and manners for the staff at Tallong, was something that resonates greatly within me.

I am truly thankful for the staff members who attended both at the camp site and back at school. This was an excellent experience for the girls, and one that they will never forget!

Here are just some of the comment from the girls, about their experience:

I really enjoyed the camp as I got to form closer bonds with my peers and found out more about myself. -Mikaela A        

Camp was a very fun experience for me and I made lots of new friends that I would’ve never imagined being friends with, everyone was so encouraging and overall I had a blast. -Madison M

I thoroughly enjoyed camp as it provided me with several opportunities to interact with new people. It was such an awesome experience! -Chelsea P

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great experience that has opened my eyes to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. -Amelie M

This camp taught me a lot of things. I wasn’t afraid of heights as much as I thought, to always keep trying and have a go. I formed a lot more friendships and gained a lot of confidence and courage. This camp has also taught me about myself as I look over myself as a person. -Dayna V

My experience at camp was extremely positive. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond with my peers, to strengthen existing friendships and communicate with girls who I may know less about. The varied range of activities (including high ropes, biking, flying fox etc) was a great way to challenge our abilities and push us out of our comfort zone that so often block us out from new experiences. While participating in these activities, there was an incredible sense of encouragement, confidence and happiness which made the experiences that much more memorable. I’m grateful for the memories that camp left me to remember as it was a great chance to bond with my entire year group. -Charlotte F

Jared Baca - Year 8 Coordinator