Volume 30 Issue 18 - 23 November 2018

Message from the Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

As we move to the end of another school year, our thoughts always turn back to the year that has passed. As teachers we always ask ourselves about what we have done during the year and most importantly have we made a difference in the lives of our students? The College is a very busy place as we look to offer as many opportunities as we can to the girls. This also means it is a busy place for the staff and over recent weeks we have had a number of significant events where we have asked staff to give of their time, above and beyond the classroom. Yet what makes it all worthwhile is the response from the girls and the “thank yous” received for this. After the Year 8 camp, Mr Baca received an email from one of the students which said:

“I feel this camp was a chance for our year group to come together. I felt I was able to connect and appreciate those that I may not have been able to connect with previously. This camp really brought out different skills and qualities within everyone. It was a great chance to disconnect from school life and reality and to appreciate the moment I was in.”

And then last week we had the Year 9 Reflection Day and again a student responded to Mr Combes with:

I was quite eager to email you about the amount of gratitude I have towards you  for creating an experience for all the girls to connect and to have the time to properly express the beauty in each other because you along with the company of everyone made today an enjoyable time to realise how important some things are, and how you have personally helped people like myself through your guidance of self today.

It is comments like this that keep us going by knowing we are making a difference.

This week sees us welcome our newest members to the College with our Orientation Day for Year 7 2019. This day is always one filled with excitement but also some apprehension about what it will be like in high school. The girls arrive clinging to the friends they know or have met earlier in the week, being shy and reserved and by the time they leave they have met teachers and student leaders, sung the College War Cry and Song and met new girls that will become their friends as they begin their high school journey. As a College we are always so delighted to see these young faces knowing they are now part of the St Patrick’s community.

And so I leave you with a prayer for these young ladies as they begin at St Patrick's.


Karen Wright - Acting Principal 

Lord Jesus, I ask for Your help as I begin at this new school.
Allow me to experience Your presence in the many blessings You put before me.
Open my eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school brings.
Open my heart and mind to new friends and new teachers.
Give me a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with my studies and courage to accept new opportunities.
Help me to be attentive to my teachers and let me experience Your presence in my new friends.
Jesus, inspire me to do my best this year!

Advent in the Catholic Church

The Liturgical Year begins at the end of the secular year, in late November or early December and begins with the season of Advent.

Advent means waiting or coming and the liturgical colour for Advent is violet, a royal purple that symbolises the Kingdom of God. Advent then is a period of waiting, of spiritual anticipation, preparation and longing for the coming of Christ and the Kingdom of God.  In this sense, Advent is a season of hope, faith, joy and peace, reflected in the lighting of the three purple and one pink candle in the Advent Wreath.

In the busyness of today’s world we have become used to instant gratification: you can get an answer to a Google search in under one second, you can ask Google Home to add grocery items to your shopping list as you run out, you can express most things, express post, express checkout and express recharge your prepaid phone, and now you can ‘tap and go’ payments for everything you purchase!  It is no wonder then that the concept of waiting, preparing and anticipating has become foreign to many of us.  And yet, this is what belief in Jesus Christ and Kingdom of God is all about.  Waiting for the coming of the Saviour and working toward the fulfilment of the Kingdom of God is the preparation we undergo as we seek eternal life with God.

In this Advent season, let us slow down and celebrate the discipline of waiting: enjoy the long sunny but cool afternoons of early summer, just relaxing with friends and family, read that book you’ve been meaning to read or see that movie that you promised yourself you would.

Petah Foran - Religious Education Coordinator

End of the year@TheLibrary

As the library prepares for the end of the year, we are once again hosting a competition for the first Pastoral class to return all books due by the end of 2018.

This year, the first class to have all students with nothing outstanding will win a 'Donut Morning'.

Win a Donut Morning for you and your pastoral class

All students are able to access their library record via the Destiny Discover App. This can be downloaded to your phone or device and is accessed using your College username and password. Your library record shows your current loans and when they are due.

Some Year 11 students have borrowed textbooks until the end of 2020 in preparation for the HSC, however all other year groups need to return their textbooks and current library loans before the end of the school year. 

Go on! Check out Destiny Discover, return those books and help your Homeroom win those delicious donuts.

If you are interested in borrowing for the holidays, holiday borrowing is now in force.

Good luck.

The College Library



Do you have a love of reading?

Would you like to meet like-minded people who share your passion for books?

There are a number of clubs currently being run in the library. One of them, the Book Club, has commenced again for this term. 







My Life is an Alphabet

The book club is a fun, light-hearted group which meets every Monday at recess. This group provides an opportunity for students who share a love of books and reading, to meet other like-minded students, and have fun joining in discussions about books and participating in book related activities. We are currently reading “My Life as an Alphabet” by Barry Jonsberg:

We are always open to suggestions for other books to read for next year, so if you have any ideas, feel free to let us know!

If you are interested in joining in on the fun, feel free to come along to Book Club, every Monday at recess.

We hope to see you there!

The College Library

Japanese Seien Girls High School Visit

On Friday last week 29 Japanese exchange students from Seien Girls High School visited the College for a day. The students are only in Australia for a week and as part of their tour they came to St Patrick’s College to interact with students and to practice their English.

After a tour of the College Year 10 students sang the College Song with the students and did some Aboriginal pebble art. The Seien students then did a presentation about their school life in Japan, Japanese culture and played games, calligraphy and origami activities.

The day went so quickly and even though it was such a short amount of time, the girls developed some great friendships and exchanged contact details.

For the Year 10 Japanese Elective class this was a great opportunity to practice their Japanese. I would like to thank all the Year 10 student helpers on this day. Their hospitality, warmth and behaviour left a great impression on the students and teachers from Seien Girls High School.

Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator

Year 8 Camp

Week 5 saw the end of exams for Year 8 and an opportunity for the grade to enjoy an outdoor camp experience of a lifetime. The cohort was split into two groups, with one group heading to Tallong Recreation Centre while the other group completed activities at school. With excitement, the girls were ready to have an experience they will cherish forever.

The camp was an opportunity for girls to bond with each other in an environment that was free from school work, assessment and daily school routines. Instead, the girls had the chance to create new friendships, build on existing relationships, and seek opportunities to reflect on themselves. Every single girl attempted and accomplished each challenge they faced with great enthusiasm. The most rewarding aspect to it all was seeing how the girls supported each other to overcome their fears and challenges. This was especially evident with many students taking on the Flying Fox and High Ropes and coming out as champions at the other side! The maturity and growth that was evident throughout the entire camp was amazing. The leadership shown by the students, as well as the respect and manners for the staff at Tallong, was something that resonates greatly within me.

I am truly thankful for the staff members who attended both at the camp site and back at school. This was an excellent experience for the girls, and one that they will never forget!

Here are just some of the comment from the girls, about their experience:

I really enjoyed the camp as I got to form closer bonds with my peers and found out more about myself. -Mikaela A        

Camp was a very fun experience for me and I made lots of new friends that I would’ve never imagined being friends with, everyone was so encouraging and overall I had a blast. -Madison M

I thoroughly enjoyed camp as it provided me with several opportunities to interact with new people. It was such an awesome experience! -Chelsea P

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great experience that has opened my eyes to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. -Amelie M

This camp taught me a lot of things. I wasn’t afraid of heights as much as I thought, to always keep trying and have a go. I formed a lot more friendships and gained a lot of confidence and courage. This camp has also taught me about myself as I look over myself as a person. -Dayna V

My experience at camp was extremely positive. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond with my peers, to strengthen existing friendships and communicate with girls who I may know less about. The varied range of activities (including high ropes, biking, flying fox etc) was a great way to challenge our abilities and push us out of our comfort zone that so often block us out from new experiences. While participating in these activities, there was an incredible sense of encouragement, confidence and happiness which made the experiences that much more memorable. I’m grateful for the memories that camp left me to remember as it was a great chance to bond with my entire year group. -Charlotte F

Jared Baca - Year 8 Coordinator

Have you ever solved a crime?

No? I didn’t think so. They don’t tend to trust kids with that sort of thing.

Year 8 2019 students have an opportunity to participate in the 2019 Talented Students' Forensic Science Camp. The camp, which will be held at The Armidale School from Tuesday 9 July to Saturday 13 July 2019. For more information email forensic@as.edu.au or visit the website http://wordpress.as.edu.au/forensic/

Kate Lefever - Science Coordinator

History Club's Remembrance Day Ceremony

On 9 November, the St Patrick’s College History Club staged a special Remembrance Day ceremony to mark the centenary of the Armistice. The Club received an Armistice Centenary Grant from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and had worked since March creating all the decorations and multimedia that were on display. The focus of the ceremony was also on the Anzacs of Macarthur and commemorating the four local World War I servicemen located in the Congregational Cemetery adjacent to the College. We were fortunate to have the Campbelltown World War I Roll of Honour Boards on display, kindly lent by the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society.


Chloe C playing The Last Post

Over 60 guests were in attendance, including Dr Mike Freelander MP, Federal Member for Macarthur, Ms Leslie Castledine representing the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Maralyn Newman of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Cr George Brticevic, Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr Peter Sidgreaves, Mayor of Camden, Mr Ken Foster OAM JP, National President of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, Mr Graham Toll, Ingleburn RSL Sub-Branch, Mr David Olsson, Chairman, Campbelltown Catholic Club, Margaret and Kevin Rixon, Campbelltown and Airds Historical Association, Squadron Leader Robert Vine and representatives from the Australian Air Force Cadets including Ben Gough, Mr Andrew Allen, Local Studies Librarian, Campbelltown Library and past staff of St Patrick’s.

Our guest speaker was ex-student, FLTLT Brittany Lovett (nee Levett) of the RAAF who captivated our students with her speech on why we must remember the fallen. She shared her experiences in combat and spoke about her recent deployment to Afghanistan. Brittany also gave her time to speak to members of the History Club and Air Cadets after the ceremony. The girls were enthralled by Brittany’s experiences.

Every student in the College contributed to the ceremony in some way. Each student made their own felt poppy in homeroom which they wore on the day. All students and staff also wrote a message of hope and thanks on wooden commemorative crosses from the Australian War Memorial. These crosses will be returned to the Australian War Memorial where they will be sent overseas to be placed on war graves and memorials where Australian servicemen and women are buried in countries such as Turkey, France, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, South Africa and the Middle East. The Knitting Club had also been involved making crocheted/knitted red poppies which were cascaded from the stage backdrop. Special thanks goes to grandmothers Pam Poole and Jan Vacchini who made many of the poppies.

The ceremony began with the Acknowledgement of Country read out by sisters Bianca R and Monique R. St Patrick’s College students who are members of the Australian Air Force Cadets, Caroline A, Christabelle A, Naina N, Neha N and Mackenzie M formed a Colour Party and marched into the ceremony indicating the beginning of the formalities. A multimedia by Caroline A (Year 10) entitled What is the Armistice?  then played, with Acting College Principal, Mrs Karen Wright giving the Welcome Address. Cr George Brticevic, Mayor of Campbelltown and Cr Peter Sidgreaves, Mayor of Camden  and students Ashleigh K, Emma F, Kaitlyn M and Dryandra M were involved in the Prayers of Remembrance.

A special tribute to the Anzacs of Macarthur was the next part of the ceremony, with Zara H introducing sisters Mackenzie M (who just returned from her Anzac Ambassador Program) and Tess M who gave a moving tribute to their great-great- uncle William Lyttle King. We were fortunate that the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society brought in the actual flying helmet of William Lyttle King. This was concluded by a multimedia presentation called The Anzacs of Macarthur Honour Roll by Olivia L and Layla E of Year 8.

A special highlight of the ceremony was the reading of an actual letter written in France during World War I. Jaimee-Lee C of Year 7 introduced Mrs Margaret Rixon from the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society who read out a letter about the death of her great uncle, Oswald Gallagher written by Bert Greathead (who died some months later). It is a sad and poignant letter and gave insight into the human toll of World War I.

Mary K and Breanna T of Year 7 gave a brief history of the poppy and why it is worn as a symbol of remembrance. The Year 9 Elective Music class led the congregation in the singing of ‘In Flanders Field’ led by Mrs Elizabeth Samyia.

It was important in this ceremony for students to connect to World War I. Many members of the History Club have been researching their World War I ancestors over the past year.  Jarian H of Year 10 introduced  Abbey C of Year 7 who spoke of her great great uncle, Patrick Bugden VC and read out his citation for the Victoria Cross. Students  Chloe C (Year 10), Bianca P (Year 10), Olivia L (Year 8), Molly Q (Year 8) and staff Mrs Michelle Parker, Mrs Katherine Power and Mrs Jackie Irwin shared the stories of their World War I ancestors.

‘We Will Remember’, a multimedia presentation by Caroline A (Year 10) documented the work of the History Club over the past months preparing for the ceremony. It also included girls from the College holding up the word ‘Remember’ in their cultural languages.

The wreath ceremony then took place narrated by Emily P (Year 10) and Ysabelle O (Year 7). The first wreath was presented by Dr Mike Freelander MP, Federal Member for Macarthur on behalf of the Parliament of Australia accompanied by students Eknoor G (Year 8) and Amy W (Year 8). The second wreath was presented by Ms Leslie Castledine, representing the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Maralyn Newman on behalf of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. She was accompanied by students Nat L (Year 10)  and Olivia W (Year 10).  The third wreath was presented by Mr Graham Toll, on behalf of Campbelltown and Ingleburn RSL Sub Branches and represented the service of all Australian servicemen and women in all conflicts. Mr Toll was accompanied by students Stephanie N (Year 10) and Indira H (Year 10). The fourth wreath commemorated all the Aboriginal people who have served in the Australian Forces and was brought up by representatives from the Year 11/12 Aboriginal Studies class. 

The final wreath was the St Patrick’s College wreath. This was on behalf of all students and staff at the College. This wreath also paid tribute to those servicemen who attended St John’s Preparatory School for Boys, which operated on this site until its closure in 1969. This wreath was brought up by Samantha S (Year 8), Chantelle G (Year 7), Stephanie M (Year 10) and Wintana G (Year 10).

A tribute to the animals of war was then read out  by Amelia C (Year 8) and Abbie T (Year 7) accompanied by a poem recital– ‘Farewell Old Warhorse’ by an anonymous author, read by Sophie I (Year 10).

The Ode  was read by Mr Ken Foster OAM JP, National President of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia. The Last Post was performed by Chloe C (Year 10) and the Flag Ceremony by the Australian Air Force Cadets. During the minute’s silence, students were asked to ponder the bookmarks on their chairs developed by Amelia A and Cecilia T. These bookmarks contained the biography of a Macarthur Anzac. After the anthems (introduced by Maria V) the Air Cadets closed the ceremony by performing the March Of the Colours. Simran L then gave the closing thanks and Brook M, Grace K and Sophia E presented FLTLT Lovett with gifts of appreciation.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, guests made their way down to the Gallipoli Centenary Garden where an olive tree planting took place, planted by Dr Freelander, FLTLT Lovett and the students with World War I ancestors. The olive tree was kindly donated by Downes Nursery.

After morning tea, a contingent of guests took the five wreaths to the Congregational Cemetery adjacent to the College, to be placed on the grave of Herbert Harry Kitching and the memorial stones to Frank Jenner Nicol and Stephen and James Roughley Longhurst.

Fran Musico Rullo - HSIE Teacher 

It's In The Bag

Important Dates

What's on ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

23 November - CDF Sport Awards Night, Middle School Dance, Year 10 Community Service Incursion
27 November - Year 9 Drama Excursion, Japanese Information Night
28 November - Year 9/10 Elective Music Excursion
30 November - AIME Excursion Years 7-12, Big Sister/Little Sister Night In
1 December - Year 12 History Extension Excursion
4 December - College Assembly 
5 December - Year 10 PDHPE Excursion
7 December - Awards and College Assembly, End of Year Mass, Students Finish for 2018
21 December - College Closes for 2018
30 January - Year 7, 11 and 12 Students Return for 2019
31 January - Year 8, 9 and 10 Students Return for 2019