Volume 30 Issue 17 - 9 November 2018

HSC Minimum Standards Testing

Year 10 students in 2018 are the first cohort who must demonstrate a minimum standard in their Literacy and Numeracy skills to be awarded their HSC in 2020.

From next year, all students in Year 10 and above will have two opportunities per year to sit the online tests. Students will show they have met the HSC minimum standards in reading, writing and numeracy skills, in a variety of everyday workplace and education contexts. All students master basic skills at different stages, so there will be multiple opportunities available for students to pass the minimum standard online tests, even beyond their high school years. For more information on the HSC Minimum Standard and the online tests, see our Canvas Literacy and Numeracy Courses, or visit HSC Minimum Standard

On Wednesday 21 November, Year 10 students will once again be given the opportunity to complete the online tests. Sessions will run over the course of the day: Period 2 - Numeracy, Period 3 - Writing, and Period 4 - Reading. Results will be posted home as soon as they are available.

If you have any queries regarding the Minimum Standards or the online testing process, please contact Mrs Claire McGillicuddy (Literacy) or Mrs Michelle Parker (Numeracy).