Volume 30 Issue 17 - 9 November 2018

Diocesan Basketball

On Monday 29 October, St Patrick’s sent two teams to Wollongong to contest the Wollongong Diocesan Basketball Championships. Both teams were coming off successful MISA campaigns and were hoping to perform well in the much stronger Diocesan competition.


Junior Diocesan Basketball Team 2018

The students were once again under the guidance of two very keen and dedicated coaches in Mr and Mrs Nash and this proved to be a very successful combination, with both the Year 7,8,9 team and the Year 10/11 team finishing second place in their pool. This result then allowed the senior team to progress to the grand final playoff game where they were narrowly defeated by St Mary’s. In a dominant performance, the senior girls then won their third vs fourth playoff, guaranteeing third place overall. Unfortunately, the draw structure didn’t allow the 7,8,9 team to progress to a grand final playoff game, instead resulting in a second vs second playoff for third place overall. The junior team won this game convincingly, also guaranteeing themselves third place overall. This performance is by far the most successful campaign by St Patrick’s basketball teams at the Diocesan Championships and proves that the hard work and dedication put into the girls over a number of years is starting to pay off.

Congratulations to all girls who participated in the event and a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Nash for coaching on the day.

The teams consisted of:

Year 7/8/9 Team

Piper A, Ivana S, Katarina S, Hannah S, Tavara S, Chantel S, Arden D, Italia M, Ruby H and Kamaria N. Coach Mr Nash.

Year 10/11/12 Team

Stephanie E, Rahniesha W, Natalie S, Amy S, Elizabeth C and Teresa S. Coach Mrs Nash.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator