Volume 30 Issue 17 - 9 November 2018

Message from the Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

Over the last two weeks in Chapel we have been launching the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Appeal. This is something the College has been involved in for a number of years and it is always a wonderful sight to see the hampers all completed and presented at our end of year Mass.

By doing this launch in Chapel time we have been able to spend some time talking to the girls about why we do this each year and what it means for the people we help. Abby Malone, the College Social Justice Captain, spoke to the girls about this and shared with them a story that makes it real for the girls. The girls have spoken about how they have so much and others have so little. It is lovely to hear how the girls respond to this story and see first- hand that they are building a social conscience and thinking of others.

Too often in today’s society we get caught up with what we think is important and so forget that we can make a difference in people’s lives with a simple donation. At the College we work with the girls to gain this sense of ‘others before ourselves’ and it is through this appeal that we can make this a reality.

I encourage you to speak with your daughter about this and ask them to support the appeal so that they can be proud of ‘making a difference’ and making a family’s Christmas that little bit brighter.

I leave you with the prayer that we have shared with the students.


Karen Wright - Acting Principal 

One of the prominent lines in our College prayer is…

“Through hospitality, justice and peace
May we witness to Christ’s presence among us.”
“She gave me lunch when I didn’t have any.”
“She was the one person who noticed I wasn’t myself and asked how I was. That conversation turned my day around.”
“She sat with me when I was feeling alone.”
These are some of the everyday moments we witness Christ’s presence among us.

“My family had nothing that year. We were worried about having enough milk for cereal, let alone Christmas lunch. Later that day, a basket of food with everything we would need was delivered to our door. No questions asked. There are beautiful people in this world! I will never forget that moment.”
It’s time for us to show up and be a presence for the people in our community who are in need in the lead up to Christmas.

As the Social Justice team launches the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper appeal this week, please be mindful of the part we can play in lifting others during times of need.
Lord, help us to be ready for opportunities to serve others with kindness and bear witness to Christ’s presence among us.

What is Ordinary Time?

At this time in the Catholic liturgical calendar we are coming to the end of what is termed Ordinary Time.  But, what is Ordinary Time?

Iisa Neicinieks rsm tells us that the name ordinary in this context comes from the word ‘ordinal’ as in ordinal numbers – first, second, third etc. Each Sunday of Ordinary Time is therefore numbered in order and the season is split into two segments. The first starts after the feast of the Baptism of Jesus and goes to Ash Wednesday; the second segment stretches from after Pentecost Sunday to the First Sunday of Advent.  Against the backdrop of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection - the major pillars of Catholic faith, Ordinary Time gives the Church the opportunity to reflect more deeply on the life of Jesus and what it means to follow him.  Ordinary Time is also the main season for honouring Mary and the company of saints whose lives have been beacons of inspiration and hope to countless Christians. (http://www.adelaide.catholic.org.au/__files/f/18907/August%20-%20ORDINARY%20TIME.pdf)

The liturgical colour for Ordinary Time is green, which symbolises the growth of faith enriched by the learning about and understanding of the life of Christ.  Ordinary Time is, therefore, very much about the conversion of heart in an individual central to the Benedictine Value of conversation.  As they listen to the Gospel, the faithful are encouraged to engage in practices that over a lifetime bring about conversion into the likeness of Christ.  In the words of St Benedict, to let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ, [so] he brings all together to everlasting life. R. B. 72.

HSC Minimum Standards Testing

Year 10 students in 2018 are the first cohort who must demonstrate a minimum standard in their Literacy and Numeracy skills to be awarded their HSC in 2020.

From next year, all students in Year 10 and above will have two opportunities per year to sit the online tests. Students will show they have met the HSC minimum standards in reading, writing and numeracy skills, in a variety of everyday workplace and education contexts. All students master basic skills at different stages, so there will be multiple opportunities available for students to pass the minimum standard online tests, even beyond their high school years. For more information on the HSC Minimum Standard and the online tests, see our Canvas Literacy and Numeracy Courses, or visit HSC Minimum Standard

On Wednesday 21 November, Year 10 students will once again be given the opportunity to complete the online tests. Sessions will run over the course of the day: Period 2 - Numeracy, Period 3 - Writing, and Period 4 - Reading. Results will be posted home as soon as they are available.

If you have any queries regarding the Minimum Standards or the online testing process, please contact Mrs Claire McGillicuddy (Literacy) or Mrs Michelle Parker (Numeracy).


The College has recently purchased access to the SmarterMaths online platform.

It is based on past NAPLAN questions and will help the students to practise numeracy skills and promote familiarity with an online testing platform. As users complete the activities, they are marked and the program supplies worked solutions and explanations. Access to the program is available to all Year 7 to 9 students, as well as students in Year 10 who have not yet met the HSC Minimum Standards for Numeracy. Details of usernames and passwords were communicated to your daughter in an email.
For any assistance accessing this program, please contact Mrs Michelle Parker at the College.
Michelle Parker - Maths Faculty

Study Skills Tip for November: Preparing for Senior Studies

As many senior students prepare to leave school at the end of this year and embark on further education or a new career, a whole new group of students are preparing to join the ranks of the senior students next year.

As students approach the senior years, they are expected to start taking more responsibility for their own learning. For many students part of this is a realisation that they need to do their schoolwork for their own sake, to keep options open for their own future – so they start to work for themselves, not just because their teacher or parent says they have to. Other students come to realize that in order to cope with the increased workload in the senior years, they need to work more efficiently at home and in the classroom. Small changes like changing who students sit next to can make a big difference to how much work is completed in class.



Senior girls studying in the Library

So for students who are commencing their HSC year, the final term this year is important in taking stock of your approach to school and your studies. Do you work well in the classroom? Who do you sit next to? What are your listening and research skills like? Do you have systems in place to manage your homework and assignments? Do you know how to study effectively and have you tried different study techniques?  It seems many students think they will wake up Day 1 of their senior year and suddenly have become a ‘super student’ overnight. This does not happen! Habits take at least a month to change – sometimes longer if they are deeply ingrained.

So use the last weeks of school this year to:
- Reflect on how you approach your studies. What do you do well, and what do you need to work on changing? Perhaps choose the top five areas to work on and write these on a card and place it somewhere at home where you will see it regularly and be reminded.
- Complete as many units as you can of the Study Skill Handbook which is found in Destiny Discover Links section. This site can help you work out where your areas of weakness are and teach you new skills to strengthen these areas. In ‘Becoming a Senior Student’ workbook there is a great quiz within this unit that will identify how ready you are for senior studies. This is also a great way to work out where your areas of weakness lie and how you can improve.  If you require assistance in accessing this resource please see the library staff or log a library help desk request.

Michelle Feely - College Librarian


11 November 2018 marks the Centenary of the Armistice. To mark this occasion, the library has put together a display, profiling those who were on the frontline, and those behind the scenes.

We touch on the nurses who cared for the wounded, the animals who provided both physical and emotional assistance, life in the trenches, the journalists and photographers who reported on the war, as well as some local profiles, and statistics on the war.

The College Library

All Invited to Creative Arts Night!

A Celebration of Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Music. Please join us on Wednesday 21 November at 6.30pm, in the Mary Sheil Centre.

Diocesan Basketball

On Monday 29 October, St Patrick’s sent two teams to Wollongong to contest the Wollongong Diocesan Basketball Championships. Both teams were coming off successful MISA campaigns and were hoping to perform well in the much stronger Diocesan competition.


Junior Diocesan Basketball Team 2018

The students were once again under the guidance of two very keen and dedicated coaches in Mr and Mrs Nash and this proved to be a very successful combination, with both the Year 7,8,9 team and the Year 10/11 team finishing second place in their pool. This result then allowed the senior team to progress to the grand final playoff game where they were narrowly defeated by St Mary’s. In a dominant performance, the senior girls then won their third vs fourth playoff, guaranteeing third place overall. Unfortunately, the draw structure didn’t allow the 7,8,9 team to progress to a grand final playoff game, instead resulting in a second vs second playoff for third place overall. The junior team won this game convincingly, also guaranteeing themselves third place overall. This performance is by far the most successful campaign by St Patrick’s basketball teams at the Diocesan Championships and proves that the hard work and dedication put into the girls over a number of years is starting to pay off.

Congratulations to all girls who participated in the event and a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Nash for coaching on the day.

The teams consisted of:

Year 7/8/9 Team

Piper A, Ivana S, Katarina S, Hannah S, Tavara S, Chantel S, Arden D, Italia M, Ruby H and Kamaria N. Coach Mr Nash.

Year 10/11/12 Team

Stephanie E, Rahniesha W, Natalie S, Amy S, Elizabeth C and Teresa S. Coach Mrs Nash.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Diocesan AFL

Congratulations to the following girls who participated in the Wollongong Diocesan AFL Girls Championships on 25 October at Monarch Oval, Macquarie Fields.

Mr Baca and Diocesan AFL Team

With a varying level of skill and experience it was always going to be a tough day to compete with the stronger schools within the Diocese. The girls did themselves extremely proud finishing in 4th place in their pool. This enabled them to then go into the play offs where they eventually finished 6th overall.

The day was an excellent opportunity for the girls to gain valuable experience and will prove invaluable for the younger girls in the team who will be able to back up and play again next year. An added bonus to the day was that a number of our girls were identified by the GWS Giants as ‘talented athletes’ and were invited to participate in a physical testing combined with the opportunity to join the Giants representative program in the future.

A big thank you to the GWS Giants for their assistance and expertise on the day as well as to Mr Baca who gave up his time to coach the girls.

The team consisted of the following girls:

Piper A, Annalise D, Bindi F, Sophia S, Tess M, Phillipa M, Jessica A, Chantal M, Sandrine M, Amelia M, Lara M, Darcy E, Sarah P, Italia M, Emily U and Evana S. Coach Mr Baca.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Congratulations Ruby

Congratulations to Ruby D of Year 10 who recently competed at the NSW All Schools Athletics Carnival for the College in the 400m and 800m. 

Ruby D - Year 10 Student

Ruby performed extremely well in both events but it was in the 800m where she excelled and has now qualified as a member of the NSW Team to compete at the National All Schools Athletics Carnival to be held in Cairns 7-9 December. Congratulations on an outstanding performance Ruby.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Congratulations Tara

Congratulations Tara B of Year 10 who has been successful in securing a spot training and playing with the Western Sydney Wanderers FC W-League Squad for the 2018/19 season.

Tara B - Year 10 Student

This opportunity now involves Tara training full time with the WSW W-League women's team, with the chance of playing as part of the team during the pre-season and potentially throughout the season. Congratulations Tara.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Lions Youth of the Year Quest

“If I was Prime Minister for a year…”

An interesting question, one which Payton Ivancic of Year 12 answered with courage and thoughtfulness. Her answer formed part of the Lions Youth of the Year Quest at Wests Leagues Club on the evening of 7 November. Along with students from local schools, Payton articulated her visions through the prepared and impromptu questions. Sustainability, healthy school canteens, heroes who inspire us with their humility and empathy, and a food industry based on conscience not profit were just a few pieces of the food for thought Payton offered us. Speech night, along with the interview component on Sunday, gives voice to the very sound visions and ideas of the fine local youth we are proud and blessed to have in our community. Payton was an outstanding representative of the College and is a credit to herself, her family and her school. Congratulations Payton, we are all very proud of you!

Thank you to the Lions Club Campbelltown for giving Payton the opportunity to shine in this worthy competition.

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking Coordinator

Celebration Sing Out

Some Music Elective, Choir and Band students partcipated in a fabulous Music event over the last weekend of October. The students rehearsed on Saturday at Chatswood High School and then on Sunday at the Sydney Town Hall before performing for over 3000 people on the Sunday night.

The performance involved many school and community groups who sang excerpts from Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana", Handel's "Zadok the Priest" and highlights from Peter Allen's catalogue. The evening ended with a beautiful rendition of "Jerusalem" and "O Come All Ye Faithful" 

The girls had a wonderful time and helped to raise over $40,000 for Westmead Children's Hospital Music Therapy unit. The concert was dedicated to one of Australia's most prominent members of the Collegiate of Specialist Music Educators Richard Gill, who passed away on the Sunday morning. It was a fitting tribute to have so many people aged 8 to 88 singing music that he loved.  

O Come All Ye Faithful

Elizabeth Samyia - CAPA Teacher

St Pat's Ensemble Bandemonium and Music Count Us In

Last week was a week of fun and excitement for the members of the College band, as we embarked on a mission to showcase some of the pieces that we have been learning, to other schools from the area. These pieces included “Wings”, “One Song”, and the all-famous “Baby Shark”, much to the primary schools’ delight.

Photo edited: only identifying St Patrick's College Students

The first event we attended was Bandemonium on 30 October, which was held at St Gregory’s College. After our instruments and equipment (including the cowbell) were safely secured, we all jumped into the College bus and proceeded to sing the entirety of "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the way. The afternoon was full of practising and learning, before we finally got to not only perform but watch the other bands present their pieces. We ended the night with a few combined pieces, which were great fun to play together. Two days later, we all loaded into the vans once again (this time accompanied by the Choir, Elective Music, Year 7 and Year 8 students) and headed to The Cube for Music Count Us In 2018. This event celebrates music in Australian schools, and involves a song that is sung by schools all around Australia on the exact same day at the exact same time. This event showcased not only the joy and unity that music provides for school aged children but the involvement and dedication of the school Bands, Choirs, and more. Now as we continue to practice for our College CAPA night, which is on Wednesday 21 November. We would like to thank all of the teachers who put a lot of time into organising these events. I can’t wait to see what other exciting opportunities lay ahead for our Band!

Ines H - Year 10 Student

School Acquires Nineteenth Century St Patrick's College Artefact

A hand coloured engraving print from 1886 by Albert Henry Fullwood (1863-1930) is the newest acquisiton for the College Archives. It is one of the first original artefacts we have from the nineteenth century period of the College.



The image is only small measuring 103mm x 125mm and shows what was then St John's Catholic Church. The following year (1887) the Sisters of the Good Samaritan acquired the site and moved St Patrick's College into the building. The former church was transformed into a boarding school with two levels and dormitories (and a convent).

The artist, Albert Henry Fullwood (1863-1930) was an English artist who migrated to Sydney in 1883. He worked extensively for newspapers such as The Graphic, the Australian Town and Country Journal, the Bulletin, Illustrated Sydney News and the Sydney Mail. It was likely for one of these pulications that the engraving was executed. Fullwood associated and painted with prominent artists such as Frank Mahony, James Ashton, Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton at their camp at Sirius Cove in Sydney. He also joined the Australian Imperial Force as an official war artist.

The print was acquired through Antique Print and Map Room in Ultimo.

Fran Musico Rullo (HSIE teacher) and Joanne Cavallin (College Archivist).

Knitting Club Donates More Blankets

The Knitting Group has donated another 12 blankets to St Vincent de Paul for welfare cases in the Macarthur area. This makes a total of 32 blankets and 10 scarves donated in 2018.


Blanket put together by Mrs Cathy Johnson with squares by Judith Andrews. On the right is Lorraine St John

The Knitting Group normally finishes at the end of Term 3, but due to the interest of the students, we will continue throughout Term 4.

Thank you to our Knitting Lady volunteers Maureen McCann, Maxine Evans, Lorraine St John, Maureen O'Brien, Shirley Mills, Cathy Johnson and Janine McLeod  and staff members Kay Cornett and Jo Tanginoa.

Fran Musico-Rullo - HSIE Teacher

Helpers Required

Middle School Dance on Friday 23 November at the College.

The next Middle School dance is being held at the College on Friday 23 November. The P&F committee are looking for parent helpers to assist with supervising this event. If you are able to provide some assistance, please contact the P&F President, Jeff Pollard, on 0415 277 116.

You're Invited...An Evening with Madonna King

She's back! St Patrick's College is once again hosting Madonna King. Her seminar will focus on Fathers and Daughters: Helping girls and their dads build unbreakable bonds - from the bestselling author of "Being 14".

Madonna King

What do our girls think about their fathers? And what are fathers struggling with when it comes to their relationship with their daughter? 

Award-winning journalist, author and commentator Madonna King has interviewed over 500 girls and many fathers, as well as leading psychologists, school principals, CEOs, police, guidance counsellors and neuroscientists, to get the answers all mothers, fathers and daughters need to know.

Exploring a father's role in his daughter's life from a daughter's perspective as well as the father's, Madonna examines the key issues that arise to help families navigate the sometimes very difficult moments: teen rebellion, discipline, sex education, the impact of broken families, how much influence a father can/should have and what you can do to repair a broken relationship.

Save the date: Tuesday 27 November from 6.30pm - Tickets are only $5 per person.

Fisher's Ghost Fun Run 2018

Fisher's Ghost Fun Run for 2018 will be held on Sunday 11 November, 8am Gun Start, 5km and 10km Events (walkers welcome).

Important Dates

What's on ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

9 November - Rememberance Day Commermotrative Assembly
12 November - Year 8 Group B HSIE/Aboriginal Studies Incursion
12 to 14 November - Year 8 Camp - Group 1
12 to 14 November - Year 10 Examinations
13 November - Year 8 Math Incursion - Group 2, Peace Day Excursion
13 to 14 November - Year 11 Leaders Camp
14 November - P&F Meeting, "Thank You" Evening (Rydges Hotel)
14 to 16 November - Year 8 Camp - Group 2
15 November - Year 8 Math Incursion - Group 1
16 November - Year 9 Reflection Day, AIME Excursion Year 7-8, Year 8 Group 1 HSIE/Aboriginal Studies Incursion, Year 12 Ext 2 English Excursion
19 November - Year 7 Vaccinations, All My Own Work
20 November - Pre Orientation Day for Year 7 2019, College Assembly
21 November - Year 7 RE Excursion, Year 10 HSC Minimum Standard Testing, Creative Arts Night
22 November - Orientation Day for Year 7 2019 
23 November - CDF Sport Awards Night, Middle School Dance, Year 10 Community Service Incursion
27 November - Guest Speaker Madonna King (6.30pm to 8.30pm)
30 November - AIME Excursion Years 7 - 12, Big Sister/Little Sister Night In
1 December - Year 12 History Extension Excursion
4 December - College Assembly 
7 December - Awards and College Assembly, End of Year Mass, Students Finish for 2018
21 December - College Closes for 2018
30 January - Year 7, 11 and 12 Students Return for 2019
31 January - Year 8, 9 and 10 Students Return for 2019