Volume 30 Issue 16 - 26 October 2018

Message from the Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

As we begin a new term it is hard to believe that in eight weeks we will be coming to the end of another school year. When we finished last term, we farewelled the Year 12 group who left with the prospect of the HSC ahead of them – yet here we are now with them already well and truly in the middle of this final stage of their life at St Patrick’s. In that last week there were many special moments for the girls where they were able to reflect on their time at the College and whilst there were lots of smiles (and tears) the message that was constant was how much they had valued their time here, how much they had grown during this time and there was a real sense of gratitude for all the opportunities made available to them. 

Over the holidays we had a number of staff and students who undertook a Good Samaritan immersion experience. We had a morning tea this week with them to talk about their experiences and what they found both interesting and challenging. I am always amazed at the way the girls and staff can adapt so easily to the very different environments and are able to put the needs of others above their own. What stood out for all of them is that the people they met had very little but were happy and we and our society focus on having so much and yet it does not always bring that same level of happiness. Something for us all to think about.

Earlier this week, on Monday 22 October, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered a National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child and Sexual Abuse. This apology acknowledged the abuse perpetrated on vulnerable children by the very people who were supposed to care for them, including members of the church. This apology is a significant step in terms of recognition for those who have suffered, as well as a time to acknowledge the healing that will be an ongoing journey for these people. As a Catholic school, it is our prime responsibility to provide a safe and supportive environment for the young people in our care. Let us hope that this apology acts as a moment for us to learn from and move forward together in the healing process.

I leave you with the Prayer of Healing and Hope from Bishop Brian Mascord.


Karen Wright - Acting Principal 


Loving God
We pray for our brothers and sisters
who have been abused within our Church.
We acknowledge their unending strength:
their boldness has been an immense gift.
We pray they find justice, peace and healing.
We pray for our community:
that we accept and nurture each other during this time.
Empower us to be a positive
and supportive force within society.
Help us to witness the love of God for all.
Help us to acknowledge and make amends for past wrongs.
Give us the strength to be true advocates for the wronged and vulnerable.
May the grace of God guide us now and always.
We offer this prayer
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Welcome everyone to the Faith Feed!

In this new section of the Inside Out we will look at different aspects of the Catholic Church including events, feast days, people and rituals and other religions in general.

St Benedict Icon

Next week we celebrate two very important dates in the Catholic liturgical calendar: All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  1 November celebrates All Saints Day, the day dedicated to the saints of the Church.  Based in the ancient practice of remembering a martyr’s death, usually at the place of martyrdom, All Saints Day reminds us of those people in the history of Christianity who have sought to emulate the example of Christ and in doing so have provided strong models of faithfulness and loving service and sacrifice for others to follow.  While celebrated since the 7th Century, it was Pope Gregory III in the mid 8th Century who formally pronounced 1 November as the Feast of All Saints.  This Feast is also celebrated in Eastern Catholic Churches and some Protestant Churches.  The following day, 2 November, the Church celebrates All Souls Day, the day dedicated to all those who have died.  While praying for the dead is another ancient practice of the Church, it wasn’t until the end of the 10th Century that it became a widespread ritual.

Cultural practices have influenced the practice of these days.  For example, in the Philippines the festival of Undas is celebrated with the cleaning of the tombs, the lighting up of candles, the offering of flowers, and prayers for the souls of the departed.  In Mexico the Day of the Dead, an affirmation of life in which song and dance, parades and parties are symbolic of love for the departed.

In memory of all those who gone before us, let us pray:

God of the living and the dead, through the power of Christ’s resurrection you have conquered sin and death forever. 
Each day is a step we take toward eternity. 
May we continue, day to day, until we step into your eternal presence. 
Then we shall be reunited with those we love and every tear shall be wiped away.

St Patrick, pray for us.

St Benedict, pray for us.

Local heroes visit

In Term 3, our English class studied texts that represent local heroes, defining them as anyone who is willing to help and take action for someone else in need. We had the pleasure of having two special guests visit, both who are considered to be local heroes by their communities. We had the opportunity to prepare questions for them and participate in a group interview to learn more about them and find out how they have helped their local communities.

11 English Studies with Mrs Shirley Foran

Shirley Foran’s home town is Gilgandra, North of Dubbo. From our research we learned that it is a small town with a very tight-knit community. Mrs Foran has contributed to her community in many ways, such as successfully campaigning to have a radiation treatment centre built in Dubbo to reduce the travelling endured by patients and their families. She also established the first centre for the St Vincent de Paul Society and created a support program for victims of domestic violence in her local community. Mrs Foran shared her story with us and told us that everything she has done for others was her calling to serve God. She touched everyone with her inspiring words about giving back to her local community. She had us all listening and thinking about how we can possibly give back to our own community in our own way or how we can help others too.

After our Preliminary Exams, we met Superintendent Trent Lawrence from NSW Fire and Rescue. He shared some stories to give us insight into how officers are exposed to danger, and also helped us to realise how grateful we are to have them in our lives. Supt Lawrence explained how mental health is so important for our ability to work, and that Fire and Rescue officers can be affected by the confronting situations they are faced with every day. Supt Lawrence inspired us to see that difficult challenges can lead us to positive results and a career in service to others can be very rewarding.

We are very grateful for the time Mrs Foran and Supt Lawrence took to visit us and we know their stories will stay with us forever.

By Gemma P and Yutika P, Year 11 English Studies


The Year 12 students have commenced their HSC examinations in the MSC and the Benedict Centre. 

In support of the Year 12 students, the library is a 'quiet zone' for the duration of the exams.

Students and staff are encouraged to utilise the library and all that it offers, but we ask that this be done quietly. 

Year 12 students are encouraged to use the library before and after their exams.

We wish them all the best as they undertake their exams and are here to assist in any way we can.

The College Library

Mental Health Month@TheLibrary

October marks Mental Health Month – a state-wide campaign promoting us to think about our mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Month in The Library

Whether we have lived with a mental illness or not, Mental Health Month is an opportunity to understand the importance of mental health in our everyday life, and encourages reaching out for help when needed. This year’s Mental Health Month theme is Share the Journey, which means connecting with family and friends, supporting each other and decreasing the isolation people feel when times are tough. Until the end of October, the Library will have a collection of resources on display promoting general wellbeing and positive mental health for students. Books and literature about how best to support mental health, as well as games and colouring sheets, will be available in the Library for all students.

Additionally, more information on mental health support can be found at http://mentalhealthmonth.wayahead.org.au/, and Youth Beyond Blue has some great information and resources at https://www.youthbeyondblue.com/.

The College Library

IT support@TheLibrary

IT support is available in the library for students and staff from 8am to 8.20am every morning, recess (except Friday recess) and the first half lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please make use of these times and log a help desk ticket ahead of time to let staff know how they can help!

IT Support in the Library

If you need assistance with setting up a Blog, need help to set up or tidy up your Google Drive, want to know how to access e-books, audio books or videos, or are having problems with your printing, turn-it-in or researching, come and see the IT support team. We are here to help.

New Books@TheLibrary

We have some great new fiction and non-fiction books for students to borrow, to both support students' learning and encourage reading for pleasure.

This week we are highlighting a beautiful new book titled ‘Tales from the Inner City’ by celebrated Australian author and illustrator Shaun Tan. A collection of twenty-five short stories, Tales from the Inner City exquisitely reflects on the nature and relationship between humans and animals. Focusing on the urban existence we share with animals, this extraordinary book tells of the love and destruction we feel and inflict on our fellow creatures. Shaun Tan is an acclaimed artist, whose paintings and books have been revered both in Australia and internationally. Tales from the Inner City is an addition to the Library’s collection of Shaun Tan books, which include The Lost Thing, Rules of Summer and The Arrival.

The College Library

Term 4 MISA Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following girls on their selection in Term 4 MISA teams.


Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

Year 10/11 Softball

Minduli T, Rahni W, Rachael T, Ellie F, Elizabeth C, Mackenzie B, Stephanie E, Lyliann V, Ashley F, Isabelle M, Paris H, Rachael W, Emma G and Olivia F. Coach Mrs Lawrence.

Year 7/8/9 Cricket

Monique V, Amelia M, Olivia P, Ilori P, Alexandra C, Lucy G, Larissa M, Candice H, Maya B, Bindi F and Olivia F. Coach Mr David

Year 7/8/9 AFL

Sarah P, Chantel M, Emily U, Laura D, Phillipa M, Sandrine M, Jessica A, Sophia S, Darcy E, Annalise D, Charlotte T, Tess M, Brooklyn S, Monique G and Mia C. Coach Ms Cornett

Year 7/8/9 Basketball

Katarina S, Tavara S, Ruby H, Chantel S, Hannah S, Evana S, Arden D, Italia M, Piper A and Kamaria N. Coach Mrs Arena.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Year 8 MISA Debating Success

Congratulations to our wonderful year 8 MISA team: Natalia F, Sam S, Grace K, Molly Q and reserve Lucy B who defeated John Therry in the MISA Debating Grand Final on Monday 24 September.  

Year 8 MISA Debating Team

They were negative for the topic “That we should give more foreign aid to countries in need” arguing the sophisticated line that not more aid, but more efficient aid is the solution. These girls live and breathe the very things we strive to impart in the higher order thinking skills – critical thinking, creative problem solving and of course great teamwork. Their win was well deserved. Congratulations girls – we are all very proud of you.

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking Coordinator

Year 10 MISA Public Speaking

On Wednesday 29 August, Emily P of Year 10 attended Wollondilly Anglican College for the Year 10 MISA Public Speaking.

Emily P - Year 10 Student

A great day of networking and listening to the power and the passion of other motivated Year 10 students. Emily represented herself, family and school with pride. Well done Emily, we are proud of you!

Marguerite Pulham

Debating/Public Speaking

UN Youth Sydney Final

Congratulations to Olivia L of Year 8 who progressed to the Sydney Final of the UN Youth Voice Competition on Saturday 20 October.

Olivia L - Year 8 Student

Olivia spoke with passion about practical environmental solutions and handled the impromptu section in the form of two questions with great presence and clarity. The outcome of this stage of the competition is yet to be determined but to get this far is in itself a huge achievement. Congratulations Olivia, we are all very proud of you!

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking Coordinator

Helpers Required

Middle School Dance on Friday 23 November at the College.

The next Middle School dance is being held at the College on Friday 23 November, the P&F committee are looking for parent helpers to assist with supervising this event. If you are able to provide some assistance please contact the P&F President, Jeff Pollard, on 0415 277 116.

You're Invited...An Evening with Madonna King

She's back! St Patrick's College is once again hosting Madonna King. Her seminar will focus on Fathers and Daughters: Helping girls and their dads build unbreakable bonds - from the bestselling author of "Being 14".

Madonna King

What do our girls think about their fathers? And what are fathers struggling with when it comes to their relationship with their daughter? 

Award-winning journalist, author and commentator Madonna King has interviewed over 500 girls and many fathers, as well as leading psychologists, school principals, CEOs, police, guidance counsellors and neuroscientists, to get the answers all mothers, fathers and daughters need to know.

Exploring a father's role in his daughter's life from a daughter's perspective as well as the father's, Madonna examines the key issues that arise to help families navigate the sometimes very difficult moments: teen rebellion, discipline, sex education, the impact of broken families, how much influence a father can/should have and what you can do to repair a broken relationship.

Save the date: Tuesday 27 November from 6.30pm - Tickets are only $5 per person.

Fisher's Ghost Fun Run 2018

Fisher's Ghost Fun Run for 2018 will be held on Sunday 11 November, 8am Gun Start, 5km and 10km Events (walkers welcome)

Fisher's Gig

Department of Education and Training - Collection Notice 2018

Important Dates

What's on ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

19 October to 9 November - Year 12 HSC Examinations 
26 October - AIME Excursion Years 9 - 10, Year 9 Elective History Excursion
29 October - DIO Basketball
30 October - Bandemonium Charity (from 3.15pm)
31 October - Year 7 -10 Parent, Teacher, Student Night
1 November - Year 7/8 and St Pat's Ensemble "Count Us In" Excursion
2 November - Year 9 Visual Arts Excursion
9 November - Rememberance Day Commermotrative Assembly
12 November - Year 8 Group B HSIE/Aboriginal Studies Incursion
12 to 14 November - Year 8 Camp - Group 1
12 to 14 November - Year 10 Examinations
13 to 14 November - Year 11 Leaders Camp
14 to 16 November - Year 8 Camp - Group 2
15 November - Year 8 Group A HSIE/Aboriginal Studies Incursion
16 November - Year 9 Reflection Day, AIME Excursion Year 7 - 8
19 November - Year 7 Vaccinations
20 November - Pre Orientation Day for Year 7 2019, College Assembly
21 November - Year 7 RE Excursion, Creative Arts Night
22 November - Orientation Day for Year 7 2019 
23 November - CDF Sport Awards Night, Middle School Dance, Year 10 Community Service Incursion
27 November - Guest Speaker Madonna King (6.30pm to 8.30pm)
30 November - AIME Excursion Years 7 - 12
4 December - College Assembly 
7 December - Awards and College Assembly, End of Year Mass, Students Finish for 2018
21 December - College Closes for 2018
30 January - Year 7, 11 and 12 Students Return for 2019
31 January - Year 8, 9 and 10 Students Return for 2019