Volume 30 Issue 11 - 6 July 2018

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

Every five years all non-government schools are inspected by NESA. The inspection is of the school’s compliance on Registration and Accreditation for the delivery of the NSW educational credentials of the HSC and the RoSA. For the past year, the College has been preparing for this audit. In March, the College sent to NESA all the relevant policies and made available all the curriculum documentation for each of the Key Learning Areas. Wednesday this week, two inspectors visited the College to view some work samples and further evidence of the College's implementation of its policies. Whilst we have full confidence in our processes and documentation, it is always beneficial to have a non-familiar set of eyes scrutinise the material and then offer suggestions and recommendations on ways of doing things better. At the end of their visit, the NESA inspectors were very pleased with the material and the quality of education provided at the College. I would like to acknowledge the work of all staff in preparing for this audit and thank them for their professionalism and dedicated efforts for the girls.

Last Monday, we celebrated our NAIDOC assembly. The girls in the Year 11 Aboriginal Studies class facilitated the assembly, which had girls dancing, sharing personal experiences and informing the College community of the importance of culture. It was a wonderful event, which I am sure our elders, parents, staff and students all enjoyed. We wish everyone in our community a happy NAIDOC Week next week and that all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families feel the support and respect we hold for them at St Patrick’s College.

This Friday, we will farewell Mr McGrath, as Mrs Caffrey will be returning next term from maternity leave. He has been a great asset to the College and we wish him well in his career. I would also like to acknowledge the work of Mrs Arena as Acting PDHPE Coordinator during this time. Mrs Arena worked exceptionally well in preparing PDHPE for Registration and Accreditation and led the faculty with passion. Thank you to Mrs Arena and Mr McGrath.

We will finish the term on Benedict Day. It will be a terrific day as we celebrate with a eucharist, then stalls to raise funds for the Good Samaritan ministries and, finally, a talent quest. I wish all the girls a safe and relaxing three week break ahead. I would also like to wish the staff a good break, as they have been very generous and supportive of all the activities and demands made of them this term. We are very blessed to have such dedicated and highly competent staff in all areas of the College at St Patrick's.

Finally, a big congratulations to Jarian of Year 10, who achieved a wonderful lift at the Oceania Championships recently. You can read more about her achievement in the Sport section of this edition.

I will leave you with the Prayer of St Benedict.


Sue Lennox - Principal 

Song of St Benedict

Listen and attend with the ear of your heart,
quiet all within you.
Hear the longing of your heart,
and listen to God’s Word, may it find a home in you.
And the truth and wisdom of God will be your guide.

In the spirit of St Benedict,
may we seek peace in all that we do.
May we set the love of Christ above all things.


Year 10 Design and Technology

In Design and Technology this term, we have been given the very important task to revive the College library. Our task is to choose a section of the library and make some minor improvements to the furniture and decor based on the feedback from the staff and students. Our class brief is to design and produce a range of furnishings for a space in the library. As a class we decided that we would like to focus on, and renovate, the social area of the library to promote learning, creativity and social interactions for all year groups.

We recently sent out a survey to gather what students and staff thought about the library and how they think it could be improved. As you can see in the infographic image, we received the following feedback:

67.3% of students believe that the library is too bare and needs more decoration.

60% of students think that the current furnishings in the library are comfortable.

Some words people associate with the library are warm, helpful, peaceful, knowledge, open, quiet, social and pleasant.

Some ways students said the library could be improved are more plants, open spaces, more colours, more artwork and signs.

We took all these results into consideration and came up with lots of ideas that we think would improve the library space. We would like to make bean bags to improve the comfort of the space, hanging plants to bring the outdoors in, a library word artwork to improve the look of the space, recover the red chairs in more vibrant colours, a charging station for student devices and make bench seats and cushions near the library windows.

We have presented our research, ideas and budget to Mrs Lennox and Mrs Feely, the College Librarian, who have both given their tick of approval. We are so excited to get started on these and revive the library and cannot wait to show you our finished products. The library is officially under construction by the Year 10DT class. Stay tuned for updates on progress throughout the term.

Imogen M, Jessica-Leigh R, Ines H & Zara H - Year 10 Design & Technology students

Olivia Matti - TAS Teacher

Language Perfect World Championships 2018

This year marked the fourth time St Patrick’s College has entered the Language Perfect World Championships. This is an international competition where 1,476 schools competed against each other in a number of languages. The competition involves answering vocabulary and grammatical questions in a game-style online environment. For each question the students get correct, points are allocated and the more times a student repeats an activity, the more points they earn.

This year saw our best results with 32 awards earned. St Patrick’s College came 245th overall in the world. Other notable results include 172nd in Australia, 38th in NSW and 70th overall in Japanese worldwide.

Special mention goes to our Elite Award winners, Angelique M and Candice M, who individually amassed overall 10,000 points. Much hard work was put in by all our students and they are to be congratulated on their effort.

The results for all of our students are listed below:

Elite (10,000+ points): Angelique M, Candice M.

Emerald (5,000+ points): Christabelle A, Olivia L.

Gold (3,000+ points): Monika K, Bianca R.

Silver (2,000+ points): Sienna D, Chantelle D, Annabella N-W, Jessica K.

Bronze (1,000+ points): Aaya A, Samantha M, Olivia S, Charlotte F, Ranya R, Sasha A, Ashlee P, Natasha T, Jo C, Sandrine M, Lily M.

Credit: (500+ points) Sophie F, Isabella T, Amelia W, Bridie L, Eknoor G, Isabella M, Rachel J, Brianna H, Alix S, Emma G, Emma R, Barbara F, Serina B, Lara M, Golda S.

Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator

Preparing for the HSC in Japanese

Year 12 Japanese Beginners students were visited by Faith Irwin this week as they busily prepare for their HSC Speaking Oral Examinations in Term 3.

Faith completed her studies at St Patrick’s College last year and achieved excellent results in Japanese Continuers and Japanese Extension. She is currently studying at Sydney University, continuing her studies in Japanese and her aim is to become a Japanese teacher. Faith spent a lesson with the Year 12 Japanese Beginners class, sharing her knowledge and examination techniques. This advice is so valuable to the students as they summarise all their notes and perfect their responses. We wish the Year 12 class all the best over the coming weeks.

Julian Nash - LOTE Coordinator

Genrifying @TheLibrary

This week the library has been busy genrefying all of the fiction books. This means we have begun the process of placing genre stickers on each fiction book.

Each genre will have its own specific sticker, and will all be in differing colours, which will make it easier and quicker for students to find specific books they are after, or for those students who are interested in reading any books within a certain genre. Such genres include mystery and suspense, fantasy, science fiction, romance, classics, paranormal and historical fiction.

This process will be completed by the beginning of Term 3. Come to the library at the start of term and check out the newly labelled fiction books. If you have any questions, please feel free to see one of the friendly library staff.

The College Library

Journals @TheLibrary

The library has a range of useful and interesting journals and magazines available for students and staff.

Australian Guitar is a bi-monthly, Australian owned and produced guitar magazine. It is the only magazine published in Australia which is 100 percent Australian owned. It features a range of interesting interviews, DIY, latest news, and information on the latest guitar products available. Each issue also features competitions, promotions, and DVDs or CDs tailored to suit readers’ interests. It is a useful tool for any guitar player or music enthusiast who wants to keep up with the current Australian guitar scene.

Another interesting magazine available in the library is Australian Healthy Food Guide. The Australian Healthy Food Guide is a monthly magazine which provides readers with ideas on simple, healthy eating options they can make without spending long hours in the kitchen. It features simple, delicious and healthy recipes, as well as advice and tips from dieticians and nutritionists, the latest facts and research, tips on how to select products at the supermarket, and articles with seasonal advice.

Come to the library and check out these interesting magazines, and many more featured in our journal section.

Happy Reading,

Amanda Dallo - College Library

eBooks and Audiobooks @TheLibrary

The library is constantly adding new titles to our collection and not all are physical books. Among the library collection are eBooks and Audio Books.


These books are available for loan through the Destiny Discover App; the App which gives every student and staff member access to the library collection and their own profile. Accessing your own profile enables you to check your current loans and due dates, as well as renewing your books and putting reserves on titles.

All that is required is the Destiny Discover App downloaded to your device. The login is your College username and password. Once logged in, the Categories are displayed on the screen. These include ‘recently added books’, eBooks, Audio Books, Collections (which are helpful for assessment tasks), and ‘Links’ which offers links to external databases.

Sue Harradine - College Library

Makerspace @TheLibrary

Thursday lunchtimes in the library are a hub of activity as the Makerspace sessions run. 

‘Dreaming’ has been the theme of the Makerspace for this term, and we have woven beautiful bracelets and created Inspirational Rock Art works. No experience was needed, just an eagerness to learn and create under the expert instruction of Mrs Tanginoa.  We thank Mrs Tanginoa for sharing her time and her expertise with us.

Watch this space for what term 3 Makerspace has in store. 

Sue Harradine - College Library

Study Skills Tip For July

Sometimes students think that ‘study skills‘ is just something you need to be concerned with when you are at school. This is not the case at all. For example, most jobs will require learning and training, certification and assessment. Planning, managing workload and good time management skills will also be essential when students leave school.



After tests and exams you need to reflect so as to improve

One of the many ways our school supports the development of independent learning skills is through providing access to the online study skills handbook. Parents should encourage their students to sign up for the tracking system in the handbook so they can easily keep track of the units they have completed. It is a good idea for students to choose different units to work on over time (maybe try a new unit each month?) so they can develop their understanding of these important skills and reflect on the areas they need to work on. This specialist resource complements the skill development that takes place in our classrooms.

The study skills tip for this month is taken from the unit, AFTER TESTS AND EXAMS. It looks at the reflection process after a test is returned to students. One of the concepts outlined in this unit is that of ‘kaizen’.  The word Kaizen itself is derived from two different Japanese words, ‘kai’ and ‘zen’. KAI, meaning: to change or modify; and ZEN, meaning: to improve. Small constant changes can make a huge difference to students’ results. Only by reflecting on the way they learn and making changes can students improve the way they approach their work for school. The study skills handbook is a great tool to assist in this process.

This month’s new resource is a handout – Student Holiday Planner. This helps students determine what work, if any, they need to complete in the holidays. You will find it at the bottom of the THINGS TO PRINT page.

Another handy resource to assist in the preparation for exams that are looming after the holidays for our senior girls is the Exams after Holidays.

We have a direct link from our school library site, Destiny Discover (in the links section), that will take you straight through to the handbook without the need to enter the user name or password.

Happy Reading and Learning,

Michelle Feely - College Librarian

Words of the Week @TheLibrary

This week sees the students challenged with two new words, both inspired by the amazing College Musical.


Come to the library and stun the staff with your ability to use these words together in a sentence. Are you up for the challenge?

Sue Harradine - College Library

Destiny Discover @TheLibrary

Download Destiny Discover to your device and become the master of your library profile.

By downloading the Destiny Discover App to your device, you are able to access your library profile. There you can see your loans, due dates, renew items and place reserves and requests. The app works from iPads, Macs, PCs and phones.

Through the app the user can access the library catalogue and what it has to offer. 

It is very user friendly. Give it a try.

Sue Harradine - College Library

Congratulations Jarian

Jarian H, of Year 10, is a humble young lady who is making a mark on the world stage. Since starting weightlifting in 2015, she has been breaking Australian U15 Weightlifting records. Jarian is presently holding the record for both Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

Jarian’s talent and dedication has been rewarded in her selection in the Australian Weightlifting Youth team. She competed in the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu late last year and the Oceania Championships in New Caledonia last week. Jarian was the only NSW female competitor who qualified to represent Australia in the Youth Team.

With great excitement on 29 June, students gathered in common areas during lunch time to watch Jarian lift. Her peers remained in absolute silence as Jarian stepped up to the bar and when her lift was successful, it was met with a colossal roar. With so much pride, cheers and tears, staff and students rode the waves of emotions.

Jarian successfully lifted 61Kg in the Snatch and 84Kg in the Clean and Jerk. The overall total positioned her in second place in the F69 category.


What an amazing accomplishment Jarian! Congratulations!

St Patrick's College Athletics Carnival 2018

On Thursday 7 June, St Patrick’s held its annual athletics carnival at Campbelltown Athletics Stadium. We were once again blessed with a fantastic autumn day, which was in stark contrast to the deluge of rain we received in the days preceding.


Participation rates were again very high and reflect the hard work and dedication shown by the PDHPE faculty. A big part of the PDHPE program is geared towards upskilling the girls in a variety of athletic events, as well as providing them with a supportive learning environment that gives them the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and have a go.

The atmosphere at the event was once again fantastic. It never ceases to amaze me how supportive and encouraging our girls are towards each other and this was noted by several spectators at the event. I never get sick of hearing how well-mannered and amazing St Pat's girls are.

The talent on show throughout the day was amazing and made for some very exciting competition. The quality of athletes we will be sending on to the Diocesan Championships in August will once again be of a very high standard. This year’s carnival also saw the inclusion of the athletics carnival ‘points scrabble’ which was an initiative of the newly formed sports council. It was a fantastic initiative that enabled all students to participate and gain valuable house points.

A big thank you must go to all staff, parents, ex-students (particularly the Sovijl family) and student helpers for their efforts throughout the day.

I will be holding off announcing the Age Champions and Overall House Champions until later in Term 3 when the Sports Awards Assembly draws closer.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Term 2 MISA Report

Congratulations to all our Term 2 MISA teams on their performances throughout the term. Unfortunately, some bad weather late in the season saw the competition become a first past the post format with no finals, which meant a couple of crucial and uncharacteristic losses throughout the term proved very costly for a number of our teams.



Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

We did have the honour of being named overall MISA Champions in the 9/10 Netball and Year 7 Oz Tag. Our Year 11/12 Netball finished in second place, as did our Year 10/11/12 AFL team. Our Year 7/8/9 Soccer team put in a valiant performance to finish in third place overall.

The teams and results were as follows:

Year 7 Oz Tag – 1st Place

Italia M, Krisa K, Tess M, Amelia B, Meg O, Amy Y, Eden G, Lucy G, Annalise D, Darcy E, Ava P and Sophia S. Coach Mr David.

Year 7/8/9 Soccer – 3rd Place

Grace M, Emily A, Chantelle D, Olivia H, Isabella W, Sophie M, Sarah P, Christina L, Sienna S, Tayissa M, Charlotte T, Mia C, Jess K, Brooklyn S and Sophie A. Coach Mr McGrath.

Year 9/10 Netball – 1st Place

Alysha B, Alexandra F, Elizabeth C, Rachel W, Piper A, Brianna C, Evana S, Olivia F, Hannah S, Maya B and Chantel S. Coach Mr Baca.

Year 11/12 Netball – 2nd Place

Emily A, Amelia A, Teresa S, Amy S, Natalie S, Stephanie E, Emily W, Caitlin M, Sarah M, Mia K, Kelsey Y, Tarnee C and Kayla G. Coach Mrs Lawrence

Year 10/11/12 AFL – 2nd Place

Emily P, Paris H, Julia P, Andrea M, Loretta T, Eden G, Lily M, Tara B, Ana C, Rahni W, Lyliann V, Emily M, Ruby D, Emily F, Emma L, Debra M, Eseter M and Eva B. Coach Ms Cornett

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

CSDA Debating Quarter Finals

Sixty four Schools. Eight Zones. One hundred Teams. Friday nights locking horns and brains with other motivated kids from schools across greater Sydney.

Year 8 Semi-Finalists: Tahlia M, Stella B, Olivia L

The season has been an exciting and extremely successful one with all ten teams fighting hard each week and, best of all, improving their communication and teamwork skills immensely. Win or lose the debate, all debaters are winners in the bigger context of being feisty, empowered and confident young women. The three Quarter Finalist teams met their opposition with vigour at Holy Spirit College Lakemba last Friday. Congratulations to Abbey, Charley and Molly (Year 7), Stella, Tahlia and Olivia (Year 8) and Amadee, Siana and Angelina (Year 9). You made it to the top eight teams in your year divisions of 100 teams. Good job! Best wishes to the Year 8 and 9 debaters who will now be representing the College in the CSDA Semi Finals on 27 July at a venue to be announced. Congratulations and good luck girls. We are all very proud of you.

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking Coodinator

History Club - Do You Have a World War I Ancestor?

The History Club is already making preparations for this year's Remembrance Day service. This year marks 100 years since the end of World War I.

Photo From Abbey C Year 7

We would love to hear from anyone in our community who has an ancestor who served in World War I.  We would like to honour them, record their story and use their photographs in our service.

I can be contacted at the College on 4629 2999 or via email fmusicorullo@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au

Fran Musico Rullo – HSIE Teacher

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Important Dates

What's on ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

6 July - Benedict Day Mass, Staff and Students finish for Term 2
23 to 27 July - Staff return for Term 3 - Pupil Free Week
8 - 13 July - Year 11 Ministry Outreach, NAIDOC Week
27 July - CSDA Debating Semi Final 
30 July - Students return for Term 3
31 July - ICAS English Competition
1 August - DIO Netball, Year 8 MISA Debating (Home)
2 August - Year 10/11 Vaccinations
3 August - Year 11 Dinner Dance (St Gregory's), CSDA Debating Grand Final
6 - 20 August - Year 12 Trial Examinations
9 August - Year 11 SOR Excursion
9 - 10 August - Year 11 2019 Subject Interviews
13 - 17 August - Science Week
14 August - Senior School Parent Forum (9am and 7pm Library), ICAS Maths Competition
15 August - Year 8 MISA Debating (Home)
16 August - DIO Athletics Carnival
16 - 17 August - Year 11 Leaders Camp
20 August - Year 8 Reflection Day
21 August - CCC Netball Championships
22 August - Year 9 Information Evening, DIO Volleyball
23 August - Year 8 MISA Debating (Home)
24 August - College Assembly (Student Leadership Commissioning)