Volume 30 Issue 10 - 22 June 2018

Year 12 Retreat

The Year 12 Retreat is the final in a trilogy of retreats for the senior students. Based on a passage from John’s Gospel (John 21:15-19), the focus of this retreat is an exploration of the question Jesus asks of Peter (his number one Apostle): “Do you love me?”

Through a series of activities and discussions, the girls were invited to re-treat their lives from a new perspective. This enabled them to see things in new and fresh ways and to identify the presence of love in their daily lives. Many of the activities highlighted the giftedness that each of the girls possesses. They were then encouraged to become aware of the ways they may apply their giftedness in the service of the community.

With this final retreat now completed, the challenge for the girls is to keep making time to regularly re-treat their life so as to reflect on where they have come from, where they are in the present moment, and where they wish to be in the years ahead.

I extend a vote of gratitude to the Year 12 Pastoral Team who helped to facilitate the retreat: Mr Ashcroft, Ms Randell, Mrs Ibbett, Mrs Durrington, Mr Muller, and, with special thanks, Ms Dunn, the Year 12 Coordinator whose care for the year group is phenomenal.

Angelo Gattone - Mission Coordinator