Volume 30 Issue 10 - 22 June 2018

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

Winter has come with a vengeance! The cold winds and the rain have certainly made all of us realise that we are well into winter. This is also a time that people start to develop sniffles and colds. I hope you are all able to keep warm and dry indoors if you are feeling too unwell for work or school.

Over the past few weeks Year 10 have been participating in the subject preferences process. They have heard information from several staff on various subjects. They have had to complete a checklist that identifies what the specific requirements are for each of the courses. At the conclusion of this process they will be able to rule out the courses that they know they will struggle to perform in and highlight the courses that will enable them to shine. Next Monday we have the information evening for parents and girls. It will finish off the process with subject markets and stalls for girls and parents to have final questions answered. I wish the girls well as they decide on the courses they prefer and begin to think of the last years of school.

This week is a big week for students and staff. We have the musical performances at the College, which will be fabulous. We also have five teams in the first elimination round of the NSW Catholic Schools debating competition this Friday. Unfortunately the teams are split across two venues, however, we wish them every success and hope that they each have a good topic that they can debate well.

The first week of next term 23 to 27 July is a pupil free week. There will be no student supervision provided at the College during the week. The staff will participate in staff professional development, including curriculum development, student and staff wellbeing presentation by AIS and the staff spirituality day. It is always a very productive week as staff return from the break refreshed and ready for the term ahead. Thank you for your support over that week.

Finally we have the NAIDOC assembly on Monday 2 July at 2.00pm at the College. You are welcome to attend and join us for the afternoon. It will be a great assembly, which has been organised by the Year 11 Aboriginal Studies class. Sadly Sr Patricia, who was a strong supporter and colleague of Sr Kerry, passed away during the week. We will keep Sr Patricia and the sisters of the Order of Our Lady’s Nurses in our prayers as they mourn the loss of one of their own at this time. We will also keep Sr Kerry in our prayers as she continues her mission in Minto.

We pass on our best to our families who are celebrating Eid at the end of Ramadam. Let us all reflect, as a community, on the beautiful reflection by Jenny Childs, on the love of God.


Sue Lennox - Principal 

As the sun scatters the mist
at the dawning of a new day,
So you calm our fears and anxieties
if we trust you.
You give us strength and courage
to live our daily lives
knowing you are with us
and we do not walk alone.
As the midday sun warms us,
we feel your protecting arms around us
and sense your loving presence.
As the sun sinks in a kaleidoscope of colour
you give us hope and renewal.

Jenny Child – Celtic Prayers and Reflections