Volume 29 Issue 8 - 2 June 2017

CSDA Debating

For the past five weeks, since the beginning of Term 2, 12 teams of highly engaged and motivated girls have competed in the Catholic Schools’ Metropolitan Debating Competition. Each week the debaters lock horns with students from a wide range of Catholic Schools. The girls have performed outstandingly well and I am very proud of them. I am sure that their families agree with me that what their daughters are doing leads to a greater sense of confidence and I thank the girls for their can-do attitude. 

Middle School students receive their Public Speaking Badges

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the many girls who have offered their time and talents through chairing and timekeeping. In addition, I extend my sincere gratitude to the staff members who have supported debating as audience members and adjudicators: Mrs Lennox, Mrs Ibbett, Mr Quigley, Mr Williams, Mrs McGillicuddy and Mrs Fetterplace. We are also blessed to receive the wisdom of ex-students and parents Michelle Cooke, Olivia Scotting, Hannah Lennon-Mather, Mackenzie Scott, Jess Taylor, Georgia Colbran and Genevieve Neich as adjudicators. These wonderful women offer valuable feedback to the teams after listening intently to often very close debates. This week, round six sees us battle our intellect and powers of persuasion against St Patrick’s College, Strathfield. Good luck to all teams and thanks in advance to all those who support debating.

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking