Volume 29 Issue 8 - 2 June 2017

7 Connect - Promoting Ancient Rome

This term in Connect, Year 7 students have been learning about Ancient Rome. Our collaborative project was to create a multimodal advertising campaign to entice visitors to explore the wonders of the city. We were able to choose a topic to research, such as the Colosseum, the Forum, Roman Celebrities, Culture and Beliefs. Each member of our team had to create either an audio or a visual item to contribute to our promotional campaign.

On the day of presenting in Week 6, we were allocated a space to set up our display for a Roman Travel Expo. Students from different teams came to look at our promotional items as we also tried to persuade our teachers to visit Ancient Rome. Once our group’s work had been assessed, we were able to explore some of the other group displays. After presenting, I was given a survey to complete about my favourite displays and promotional items. This day was interesting to me as I could see everyone's campaigns and all the ideas that were put into the topic we had learnt about.  

Candice H - Year 7 Student