Volume 29 Issue 17 - 17 November 2017

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

This week we hosted the Orientation Day for the 2018 Year 7 class. Once again fresh faced, very excited girls met in the Mary Sheil Centre to begin their St Patrick's journey. The world they will enter after six years at St Patrick's College and several years in after-school training will be a very different world to the one their parents entered after they finished their school education.

According to the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), and their New Work Order Research, the automation, globalisation and flexibility of the future of work will ensure that a 12 year old today will experience a ‘portfolio career’, potentially having 17 different jobs over five careers in their lifetime. This is not the future, but the present. It becomes incumbent on the College then to ensure the students are able to adapt to these changes and the ongoing changes that will define their work experience. No longer are students required to recall copious amounts of information when they have access to small devices that can provide the facts in the time it takes to enter the question. Students are called on to work in teams, collaborate with team members, manage their time, develop goals and identify their markers of success. They must scope and manage projects, as well as their colleagues, so the deadline is met. These are the 21st century skills we often read and hear about. These are the transferable skills that enable workers to experience diverse careers and jobs in their working life. Added to this, the ongoing need for further education and development sees a career pathway that is dynamic, evolving and constantly energised. It is an exciting time to be in education and to work with the leaders of the future. We look forward to their start in 2018.

Last week, we hosted Madonna King at the College. The feedback from the many parents who attended was overwhelmingly positive. Madonna has an engaging style in her presentation and was able to provide some very real examples that all could relate to. It isn’t always easy raising girls as they grow through adolescence, however Madonna was able to offer some sage advice. If you would like to suggest any other presenters that you would like to hear speak at the College, please inform us and we will see if we can engage them for 2018.

Recently you would have received a sponsorship package from the College for the Emerald Gala Dinner Dance. This is our only fundraising event at the College. It raises funds for scholarships that families and girls can apply for, which will enable them to attend the College. We would appreciate it if you could consider sponsorship, or if you are able to, pass this on to someone else, who could potentially sponsor the event at some level. Alternately, you or someone you know, may be able to offer a service or product that we could use for raffle or auction prizes. Every little thing helps, so anything you are able to offer will be very much appreciated. Needless to say, keep the date free as it is always a very enjoyable evening.

I will leave you with a reflection on kindness.


Sue Lennox - Principal 


Kindness is caring that springs from compassion.
We have genuine concern for the welfare of others.
We are warm, friendly and ready to help.
We listen for the needs beneath the words.
We give tender attention in simple ways that bring others happiness.
Kindness is the daily bread of love.
When we feel angry, we resist the temptation to be cruel.
We balance honesty with tact.
We are good stewards of the earth and all living things.
We remember to be kind to ourselves.
When we fill our own cup, our kindness naturally overflows to others.



HSC Moderation Explained

Congratulations to our 2017 students who have finished their exams. NESA has sent through some information about the HSC Moderation Process which we are passing on to you. 

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) sets and monitors quality teaching, learning, assessment and school standards across public, Catholic and independent schools. NESA Student News was sent out to HSC students following the final exam on Tuesday 7 November. The e-newsletter contains information about accessing their assessment ranks and the moderation process. Moderation is the process used by NESA to adjust assessment marks so they are fair. Watch their new video HSC moderation explained. We have embedded the extended version for your information.

Other important NESA dates include:

15 Nov – Year 11 (Preliminary) grades released to students and schools.

14 Dec – HSC results released and HSC Results Inquiry Centre opens.

20 Dec - HSC credentials available.


Source: NESA News; 13 November 2017.

BYOD 2018 and JB Hi-Fi portal

St Patrick's College continues to support a student-centred model of mobile-technologies that are managed and personalised by the students themselves.



The 2018 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program continues in 2018. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are asked to bring an Apple iPad as standard school equipment. Students in the Senior School (Years 10 – 12) are able to bring a suitable device of their choice. This can be a tablet or a laptop computer. Students can bring either Mac or Windows-compatible devices. Chromebooks are not recommended (contact the College if you are considering a Chromebook).

To further assist students, the College has worked with JB Hi-Fi implementing a JB Education BYOD Portal.  Access the JB Hi-Fi portal here - https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod and use the school code: spcbyod2018.

Please note that families are to make their own decisions regarding the purchase of a device. The JB Hi-Fi portal can be used to purchase a device online, or as a guide for types of devices and suitable specifications. Other options for iPad purchase include the Apple online store, Harvey Norman and Big W. Another alternative is Alpha IT Solutions – a local business in Smeaton Grange. Alpha IT is an Apple Authorised Reseller with a focus on education. Devices can be ordered online. Garth and his team are happy to help any families with questions regarding devices or with technical support.

Families who need support in meeting the BYOD requirements are encouraged to contact the College and speak to the Business Manager, Mrs Tessa Gooch (tgooch@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au).

Further information about the BYOD program is on the College website http://www.saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au/academic-care/learning-technologies. Feel free to contact Mrs Bourne if further information is required (elearning@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au)

Debra Bourne - Leader of Elearning and Library Services

Mock Mediation Grand Final

For the second year running, our girls have made it to the Grand Final of the Law Society of NSW’s Mock Mediation Competition. After winning last year, the pressure was on for this year’s team to retain the trophy. The girls were fairly anxious as we boarded the train to Sydney University. We were to compete against Trinity College, who had flown down the night before from Lismore to compete.

Our Mediation went well with lots of emotion and the girls role played their parts to perfection. Rhiannon and Celine acted as competent mediators, taking the parties through the process of coming to a resolution to the scenario. Khianna and Kayla were valiant in their efforts to negotiate a convincing argument against Niamh and Jasmin, who were equally brilliant.

After an exciting conclusion, we faced a nervous wait outside while Trinity College took part in their Mediation. We went down to their preparation room when they had finished to meet them all and wish them luck. At the presentation both schools gathered together and after a close decision, it was decided that Trinity College was victorious. We received $300 prize money as Runners Up on the day.

I would like to congratulate the girls on a terrific year. Out of a total of 500 possible points in the first five rounds, the team scored 485! An outstanding effort. A big thank you to our other team members, Lacey, Mya, Olivia, Isabella and Gabby for their participation this year.

Jason Muller – Mock Mediation Coordinator

Year 9 Elective Music Performance

On Thursday 2 November, the Year 9 Elective Music Class went to St Clare’s Catholic Primary School, Narellan Vale, to perform as part of the Music Count Us In celebration day, an initiative to support music education in Australian schools. 

We first performed to the Year 1 students and their teachers and accompanied them with our band while they danced along to this year’s Music Count Us In theme song: ’Shine Together’. We then performed two covers of ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber, as the Year 1 students clapped and sang along. 
During lunchtime, we held another mini concert with the St Clare’s school choir for whoever wanted to attend from the whole school where we played 'Shine Together' and 'Just the Way You Are' once again. We were serenaded by the St Clare's Choir, who performed three songs for us. It was good to see that some of the Year 1 students returned to watch us again!
We enjoyed watching the other students perform for us and it made us so happy to make them smile. It was also fun remembering our own primary school days.
We all can’t wait to be involved in the Count Us In celebration next year.
Caroline A - Year 9 Student

Year 8 Camp – Tallong

Year 8 Camp was an adventure for us all. Three long and busy days were spent building new friendships, conquering fears, and having the time of our lives. We met some extraordinary staff at Tallong and had endless amounts of fun through high ropes, low ropes, flying fox, team building exercises, movie night, campfire, and of course our epic sing off.

Year 8 Camp brought us all out of our comfort zones and brought us closer as a year group. Although we were all so tired by the end, the smiles never left our faces. We all showed never ending support, encouragement, and positivity to each other as well an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all the St Pat's and Tallong staff members who made this experience possible and came on this adventure with us. Overall, the three days were full of laughter and fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls and teachers to spend Year 8 Camp with.

Ashley C - Year 8 Student

Congratulations Chloe

Last week, Chloe C of Year 9, represented St Patrick's at two important functions.

On Wednesday, she was invited to present a ten-minute speech about the two World Wars on behalf of the Campbelltown RSL and the Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW for the Commemoration of the 99th Anniversary of Armistice Day. She also provided the musical interlude on her trumpet, performing two pieces. With thanks to College Captain Natalie, for assisting Chloe with preparing the speech.

On Saturday, Chloe performed the Last Post in the State Library of NSW for the Australian Silent Film Festival's Remembrance Day commemorations.

Well done, to Chloe! She is a credit to herself and to the College.

Save the Date

Emerald Gala Dinner 2018

Important Dates

What's On ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

17 November - Year 10 Social, Annual CDF Sports Awards, Year 7 - 12 AIME Excursion
20 November - Student Leaders Excursion
21 November - Sports Assembly
23 November - Spring Instrumental Concert 
24 November - Year 10 Community Service Incursion, Middle School Dance
27 November - Year 10 Readiness Program "All My Own Work"
28 November - Year 9 Middle School Ceremony (Year 7 - 9), Year 9 Design and Technology Excursion
29 November - Creative Arts Night
30 November - Year 10 PDHPE Excursion, Year 8 Mathematics Incursion
1 December - Year 10 Commerce Excursion
4 December - Parent "Thank you" evening
5 December - Awards and Assembly, End of Year Mass, STUDENTS FINISH FOR 2017
31 January - Year 7, 11 & 12 Return for Term 1
1 February - Year 8, 9 & 10 Return for Term 1