Volume 29 Issue 14 - 15 September 2017

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

Next week we celebrate the graduation of our Year 12 students. These girls have come to the end of their 13 years of school and are ready to move out into various paths that will create the rest of their lives. It is always a time of excitement, tinged with sadness and relief. They still have the HSC to finish, of course, but it marks the end of their time as a full time student at St Patrick's College. It also marks the end of a partnership with many families as well. The week ahead will have a number of ceremonies and rituals that mark their transition. This year group have been a delightful group of young women. We will miss them very much and we wish them the best. We hope their results in the upcoming exams will reflect their level of work and effort over the years and that they will demonstrate the values of this community in all of their future contributions.

Last weekend we celebrated Polynite. What an uplifting and truly joyous snapshot of what is St Patrick's College.  The audience could see the excitement in the girls as they performed and the pride they held in their culture and their school. It was wonderful to see the inclusive nature of the dances so that girls from several cultures were participating with their friends in their cultural dances. The parents were very proud, as were all the staff who could be there. Thank you to Mr Stevens, Mrs Samyia and all the staff who supported the girls. We host this event once every two years and it never fails to entertain. We raised $3,000 for the ministries of the sisters, which will be very much appreciated.

We were recently delighted to hear that Mrs Caffrey gave birth to a little boy this term and Mr David’s wife recently gave birth to a little girl. We extend our best wishes to both families as they welcome these new additions.

This will be the last edition of the Inside Out for this term. I wish you a very restful term break. I know the girls tend to tire at this time of the term and I am sure they will appreciate the change in routine for the two weeks. When we return, Term 4 is a shorter term than the others, so the pace is much faster. The girls need to be present for all their lessons and I urge you to minimise the time away from school, as it does impact on their learning.

Please ensure you have in your diary the evening with Madonna King and the End of Year Mass and awards ceremonies.

I leave you with a quote I recently came across credited to Eleanor Roosevelt.

“great minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”. Let's keep this in mind in our future discussions.


Sue Lennox - Principal 


Library News

My name is Michelle Feely and I am the new librarian.  I cannot believe that when you read this newsletter, I will have been at St Patrick’s College Library for six weeks.   I have found the young ladies to be friendly, polite and studious, and I am always greeted with a smile.  



Playing dominoes

This term, library staff have been extremely busy supporting the Year 11 and 12 girls in their preparation for exams and Years 7-10 with their research, printing and submission of assessments.  I am extremely happy that many girls use the library for studying, collaborating and discussing their school work.  This is ultimately a reflection of the quality of students that attend this school.

The library has an even newer ‘staff member’; our resident Betta fish, Bubble O'7.   The library asked the girls to help name the fish and we had many suggestions.  The shortlisted names were Sakana, Bubble O’7, Sherlock, Qwerty, and Sushi.  Bubble O'7 has increased the number of students into the library and created conversation, laughter and questions.  This has enabled the staff in the library an opportunity to engage and relate to the girls in a non scholastic way, with the hope that the girls’ impression of the library is that it is a place of learning, discussion, assistance and fun, where all ideas and thoughts can be expressed.  

On Wednesdays at lunchtime the library runs a makerspace session.  All girls and teachers are welcome.  This is a time to engage your creative, inspirational and imaginative ideas.  Recently, we used old books and paper and upcycled these into artwork.  

On Thursdays, the chessboards and large dominoes are free to be used by the girls to challenge each other in a game, or they can join the ladies (many ex-staff of St Patrick’s College) in knitting.

Starting in Term 4, Friday lunchtime will be about Anime. A group of Year 10 young ladies have started planning what anime they will watch, suggesting which graphic novels and manga they would like the library to acquire, and what other activities they could do.

I am working with teachers to ensure that the library has the best materials and resources to assist your children in their studies. 

The library is not a static, quiet place but is a place that all, including parents, are welcome and can access information and assistance. It is a place where lifelong learning is encouraged.

WordFlyers Introduced to Year 7

The College and English Faculty are excited to provide our Year 7 girls access to WordFlyers. 

WordFlyers Logo

It is an excellent online program dedicated to improving students' literacy skills in grammar, reading, comprehension, punctuation, vocabulary and writing. It has been specifically designed for students in Year 7 with differentiated activities, allowing students to work at their own pace and build on their skills across key literacy areas. WordFlyers allows students to engage with and analyse short, high interest, real-world texts, with activities and rewards that reinforce learning. It provides teachers with detailed diagnostic reports on areas of strength and areas for improvement. Students are able to access this program from home and will be using WordFlyers at key points in their English lessons. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Treanor at the College.

Polynite 2017

Last weekend we celebrated Polynite. What an uplifting and truly joyous snapshot of what is St Patrick’s College. 

Photos courtesy of Lauren D - Year 10 Student

The audience could see the excitement in the girls as they performed and the pride they held in their culture s and their school. It was wonderful to see the inclusive nature of the dances so that girls from several cultures were participating with their friends in their cultural dances. The parents were very proud, as were all the staff who could be there. Thank you to Mr Stevens, Mrs Samyia and all the staff who supported the girls. We host this event once every two years and it never fails to entertain. We raised $3,000 for the ministries of the sisters which will be very much appreciated.

Sue Lennox - Principal

Public Speaking Initiatives

Over the last few weeks several girls have had the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and participate in some worthwhile public speaking events.

Angelina D & Mackenzie P - UN Youth Voice, Ellie F & Natalie C - MISA Youth of the Year

Year 9 MISA Youth of the Year

Natalie C and Ellie F were our worthy representatives for the Year 9 MISA Youth of the Year, hosted by Mount Carmel on 1 September. Natalie spoke with confidence and flair about the forces and influences that shape us as individuals, and Ellie spoke with passion and conviction about  Angela Barker, domestic violence survivor and hero. Among 21 students from the Macarthur region, St Pat’s girls shone.

Year 10 MISA Public Speaking

Rhiannon K and Kayla I recently represented the College at the MISA Year 10 Public Speaking event, delivering both prepared and impromptu speeches. The impromptus are always interesting, with Rhiannon tackling the topic of global resource distribution on her given topic “Switch on the Light” and Kayla investigating animal rights with her given topic “It’s raining cats and dogs”. Well done, girls!

United Nations Youth Voice Competition

Over the past few weeks, seven very switched on girls have participated in the first round of the United Nations Youth Voice Competition. In the prepared section, the girls investigate a pressing global issue and offer a proposed solution. In the impromptu section, they are asked questions about their specific topic in order to showcase their more extensive research and preparation. As the outcomes of this initial round is notified I will keep you updated. Well done to Molly Q, Mackenzie P, Angelina D, Amber M, Rhiannon K, and Kayla I.

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking

Save the Date

Emerald Gala Dinner 2018

Invitation to An Evening With Madonna King


Madonna King
Madonna King is one of Australia’s most accomplished journalists, having worked at senior
levels of News Limited and the ABC. She has written six books and is a parent of two girls who
are fast approaching the magic age of 14.
• How much independence do they need?
• What is the power of a friendship group?
• How do you help build self-confidence?
• Why the obsession with selfies, social media and FOMO?
• How are parents unknowingly making life so much harder for them?
DATE Wednesday 8 November 2017
TIME 6.30pm
LOCATION Mary Sheil Centre (College Hall), St Patrick’s College for Girls | 4 St John’s Road,
TICKETS: Donation at entry, however bookings essential via https://www.trybooking.com/RICP
**Bring some extra coins for a lucky door prize and raffles!**
Light refreshments available at the event.

Mater Dei 2017 Country Fair

Mater Dei 2017 Country Fair - Proudly supporting children 0 -18 years with developmental delay and intellectual disabilities and their families. Sunday 15 October 2017.

College Holiday Opening Times

The College Reception will be closed during the first week of the holidays and will re-open on Tuesday 3 October 2017. Office hours are from 8am to 4pm.

The College Uniform Shop open during the holidays on Thursday 5 October and Friday 6 October, from 9am to 1pm.

Students will return for Term 4 on Monday 9 October 2017, in full summer uniform.

Heart Women's Conference Invitation

Coming up this October is Heart Women's Conference 2017. This would be a perfect opportunity for female parents to grow in their Catholic faith and take some time to refresh.

Heart Women’s Conference

Date: 19-21 October 2017

Venue: Fairfield RSL, 14 Anzac Ave, Fairfield NSW 2165


A time to come together as women to be refreshed and renewed in our busy

lives. Spoil yourself. Dream again. Feel loved, honoured and cared for. Invite

your daughters, mothers, sisters and friends!


Men – What women in your life can you spoil by sending them to Heart 2017?


Register:  heart.thecatholicguy.com

Email:  heart@TheCatholicGuy.com

Phone: 1300 734 880

CatholicCare Workshops

CatholicCare Workshops for Term 4 

Antioch Reunion

Antioch was introduced to the Wollongong Diocese in the early 1980s by Engadine Parish. A reunion is planned for Saturday 3 March 2018, including a celebratory mass and dinner.

To register your interest and receive an invitation please email your name (include maiden name if applicable) to antioch.wollongongdiocese@gmail.com 
General enquiries to Dianne Hukins 0412840772 or Ann Packham 0423869803.
Musicians wishing to be involved in celebrations please contact Elise (Nicholls) Burns 0407781359.

Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards

The Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards are presented by the Commonwealth Bank and national charity Schools Plus to recognise and celebrate excellence in teaching and school leadership.

Nominate a great teacher today

If you know a truly great teacher or principal who deserves recognition, simply visit teachingawards.com.au, click the nominate button and they will be invited to enter. Entries close 12 October 2017.

Important Dates

What's On ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

15 September - NSW CCC Athletics
19 September - Year 12 Assembly, Year 12 Graduation Dinner
20 September - Year 12 Graduation Mass and Awards, Years 7 & 8 AIME Excursion
21 September - Year 12 Formal
22 September - Year 11 SLR Excursion, Year 9 Geography Incursion
23 September to 2 October - Year 11 Philippines Immersion, Japan Language and Culture Study Tour
10 October - Performing Arts Assembly
11 October - International Day of the Girl, Years 7-10 Parent,Teacher,Student Night
13 October - DIO AFL (Years 7-9)
17 October - Year 12 2018 Parent Information Evening
18 October - Year 11 SLR Excursion
21 October - 24 Hour Walk for Cancer