Volume 29 Issue 10 - 30 June 2017

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

Sue Lennox - Principal

When you next visit the College you will see the fencing up again as we prepare for the second stage of the building project. We will be refurbishing the old classrooms above the chapel and new integration rooms. Many parents who are ex-students in our community would recall these as rooms 1, 2, 3 and 3A. We will update these rooms and include operable doors so that they can be opened up to hold the HSC examinations in the future. Having this exam space will free up the Mary Sheil Centre for the rest of the College during the HSC period. 

The building begins in earnest during the holidays and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The finishes and details will be in line with the work downstairs, so that the old but solid building, which has served the College well over the years, will meet the changing needs of education in the 21st century. We are very appreciative of the College Board in supporting this project and the patience of the students and staff as we manage the building program during the term. 

On Monday 26 June we hosted the NAIDOC assembly, which celebrated the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture at the College. It was good to see the girls dance so respectfully and professionally on the stage. The choir from John Therry Catholic High School performed a song and the audience were led in singing the National Anthem in language. I would like to acknowledge the many Elders who were able to attend and the work of the girls under the direction of Mrs Tanginoa. The nation will celebrate NAIDOC Week in the first week of the holidays and I urge you to participate in some of the activities that each Council will have organised. 

Last week we had three teams participate in the quarter finals of the Catholic schools debating competition. All the teams did exceptionally well to get to this level. Fortunately two of our teams will progress to the semi-finals. We wish the Year 9 and Year 11 teams the very best on Friday 21 July. 

If you have not already received your daughter’s report, it should be with you in the next day or so. This is feedback on her first semester’s work. I encourage you to take the time to go through this with her. Look for the good aspects and give affirmation. Discuss the areas for future development and explore the necessary actions. Please contact the College via email if you would like to discuss the report with staff. We will be happy to get back to you after the break. 

As we come to the end of the semester, we say farewell to Mrs McMahon who has been with us whilst Mrs Thomas was on maternity leave. We wish her the very best and thank her for her work over the last 12 months. Through the term we also farewelled Mrs O’Brien and Mr Hudson. Mrs O’Brien had been with the College for 11 years as a Teacher’s Aide and we wish her the very best in retirement. Mr Hudson was our IT Network Manager for several years. We are very appreciative of the work Mr Hudson did in establishing the College’s IT network so that we are now in a much stronger place. We welcomed Mr Gargoura as the new IT Network Manager at the College. I am sure he will be a great addition to the IT team. 

We also wish Mrs Caffrey the very best as she begins her leave awaiting the birth of her second child. We hope she has a wonderful maternity leave. In Mrs Caffrey’s absence, Mrs Arena will be the acting PDHPE Coordinator until July 2018. Thank you to Mrs Arena for taking up this responsibility.

The girls now have three weeks break from the College. They will return on Monday 24 July. Staff will return for the professional development week on Monday 17 July. The College office will be open from 10 July. 

As we finish for the term, please keep in your prayers and thoughts Mrs Power who will be on the Good Samaritan Education immersion to the Kinder School in the Philippines, the three Year 10 girls who will go to an immersion in an Aboriginal community in Santa Teresa near Alice Springs, and the five Year 11 girls who will be on Ministry Outreach with Mr Gattone at St Scholastica’s College in Glebe. All these people from our community will be away from their homes experiencing some form of disadvantage and discomfort during this holiday period. We pray that the gift they give to these communities of their love, presence and compassion will fulfil them and build strong bonds of friendship and trust with the communities they enter. I am confident they will each return as changed people, having seen the face of God in the situations and people that they meet along the way. They take with them our kindest wishes and blessings.


Sue Lennox - Principal 


Year 10 Design and Technology

Year 10 Design and Technology have been letting their imagination take flight recently when they designed and constructed birdhouses for Australian native birds.

The challenging twist to this exercise was to be sustainable by sourcing their own building materials, relying on the re-use and upcycling of what would otherwise be classified as waste.
The resulting birdhouses looked fabulous, and few would ever guess that they had been made from such wide ranging materials as rabbit fencing, kitchen bench and Colorbond fencing off cuts, and even a bongo drum!
Jackie Irwin - TAS Teacher

Year 10 Food Technology & Commerce

This has been an exciting and very busy term for the Year 10 Food Technology & Commerce students. We have joined together to complete a cross curricular assessment task that allowed the students to use their course knowledge in a real life scenario. The students were required to produce a business plan for a food truck business, prepare and serve food samples and pitch their idea to a panel of investors.

The Commerce students contributed their knowledge of workplace employment, legislation and staffing requirements and the Food Technology students demonstrated their practical skills, menu planning abilities and knowledge of the food service industry. 

As part of this project, we invited Street Sliders, a Sydney food truck, to the College earlier in the term. The Street Sliders team gave the students an insight into the industry, why and how they started their business and the successes and challenges associated with running a food truck. The students were able to ask numerous questions that helped them to develop a concept for their own food truck before tasting the amazing burgers. Students were also fortunate enough to jump on board the truck to see how they prepare, cook and serve the food to their customers and explore the facilities on board. 

The final component of the task required the students to pitch their business to a panel of investors. This gave the students the opportunity to persuade Mr Muller, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Durrington, Mrs Lennox and myself to invest in their business. They showcased a range of public speaking skills and demonstrated the copious amounts of knowledge they have gained as a result of completing this task. 

It was a challenging task which pushed the students to work outside of their normal classroom environment. They needed to rely on each other’s expertise and shared their knowledge from the different content areas. I would like to commend the students on their outstanding efforts, their excellent team work skills and their determination throughout the term. 

Olivia Matti  - Food Technology Teacher

Project Rockit - Launches at St Patrick's

Last week all students in the Middle School were able to take part in a workshop presented by “Project Rockit” – a Melbourne based group who focus on providing a positive message to young people about their world today.

Lucy and Archie from Project Rockit gave an engaging and energetic interactive cyberbullying workshop.  This workshop addressed “cyberbullying and digital citizenship with a real understanding of current social networking sites and online youth culture”.

Unlike the majority of cyber safety and cyber bullying presentations that we have experienced where some much older person talks about how evil the internet and social media is, the team from Project Rockit acknowledged that young people today are digital natives that love social media (and so do they).

 So rather than the usual “stay off the internet” talk, the girls were actually presented with great practical strategies for remaining safe online and what to do if they or someone they know is experiencing difficulties online.

The “hot tips” Lucy and Archie shared with the girls were very helpful and they demonstrated what happens when you report concerning content, like bullying, so that students were aware of the consequences, for example accounts being deactivated without the reporter ever being identified to the person causing harm online. This would remove a lot of the fears associated with stopping trolls (online bullies). They also showed evidence of the power bystanders have in stopping cyber bullying with a simple “dislike” statement.

Some really powerful messages about online safety, delivered in a fun and practical presentation.  In the words of one of the students “Project Rockit showed us positive ways to include social media in our lives and covered all aspects, good and bad, leaving us feeling more confident, respectful and safe in the online world".

Karen Wright - Assistant Principal Students

Knitting Group

The St Patrick's College Knitting Group continues! The group knits squares which are turned into blankets for the disadvantaged in our local community. Every Thursday lunch, students from all years and at all knitting levels meet in the College Library and knit.

Can you help?

We are seeking donations of knitted squares. Each square is required in garter stitch using a 4 or 5mm needle with 50 stitches cast on. The group would also appreciate any donations of wool or needles.

Fran Musico Rullo - HSIE Department

Polly’s visit to thank our Stella

The recent Beauty and the Beast musical was a memorable occasion for cast and audience members alike, but perhaps for none more so than 4 year old, Polly.

Polly with "Belle" Stella B (Year 7 Student)

Dressed in yellow satin gown and matching slippers, Polly was invited backstage to meet the cast and was starstruck when she met Belle, played by Year 7 student, Stella B. So much so that the following week she arrived at the College with a hand painted thank you card and a bunch of yellow (of course!) and white roses. Polly’s mum said that after her visit to St Patrick’s where she saw ‘Belle’ in her College uniform (student by day/princess by night), she wants to go to the “Princess School” when she grows up!

ps: Polly declined an offer on the night of the musical to meet the Beast (played by Year 11 St Gregory's student, Joshua K) as apparently he was “too scary”.

Wendy McDonald - Teacher

Mini Careers Expo

On Tuesday 25 July, the College will be holding a mini-careers expo in the Mary Sheil Centre. The Expo will start at 12.30pm with a keynote address for Year 12 students, by Di Flemming from Ducere Global Business School. 

Di is hugely successful businesswoman having worked with Bill Gates and Microsoft to design the “classroom of the future”, and was previously named Telstra Woman of the Year. 


She is the Executive Director of the Ducere Foundation, delivering education programs across 23 African countries and is also a special advisor to the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister on Africa relations. Previously Di was the Principal of Kilvington Grammar, Associate Professor at RMIT and has given countless keynote presentations around the world. 

Di will be talking about the changing nature of the workforce, employability and innovation, with a particular reference to Australia’s most innovative degrees in entrepreneurship and creativity, the Global Game Changers degree. 

Following this, Year 12 students will have the opportunity to discuss with alumni the varying career pathways they have undertaken since graduating from St Patrick’s College. This will then be followed by an opportunity for Year 11 and Year 12 students to discuss further study options with representatives from various university and private providers.

Damien Williams - Careers Advisor

College Holiday Opening Times

The College Reception will be closed during the first week of the holidays and will re-open on 10 July 2017. Office hours are from 8am to 4pm.

The College Reception will also be closed on Friday 21 July 2017 for Staff Spirituality Day.

Students will return for Term 3 on Monday 24 July 2017.

The College Uniform Shop will be closed during the school holidays. The shop will re-open on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Term 3, from 2pm to 4pm.

CatholicCare Workshops

Important Dates

What's On ...

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - CAPA Coordinator

30 June - Benedict Day, Mass, STAFF AND STUDENTS FINISH FOR TERM 2
1 July to 8 July - GSE Year 10 Immersion Santa Teresa, GSE Staff Immersion Philippines
2 July to 7 July - GSE Year 11 Ministry Outreach
17 July - Staff Return for Term 3
21 July - CSDA Debating Semi Final
25 July - College Assembly, Careers Market
26 July - Year 8 Italian Excursion, Year 11 SOR Excursion
27 July - MISA Debating, Year 12 Chemistry Excursion
28 July - Mater Dei Feast Day, Year 11 Hospitality/Business Services Excursion
31 July to 14 August - Year 12 Trial Examinations 
1 August - Middle School Parent Forum, ANCQ Chemistry Quiz, ICAS English Competition
3 - 4 August - Year 11 2018 Subject Selection Interviews
4 August - Year 9,10,11 AIME Excursion, CSDA Debating Grand Final
8 August - Senior School Parent Forum
9 August - Year 9 English Incursion
10 to 11 August - Year 11 Leaders Camp
11 August - Year 11 Dinner Dance at St Gregory's College, Year 5 & 6 STEM Challenge
14 -18 August - Science Week
15 August - CCC Netball Championships
16 August - Year 9 2018 Information Evening, MISA Debating
18 August - Dio Athletics Carnival
21 August - DIO CCC Football
23 August - DIO Hockey & Volleyball (Opens)
24 August - College Group Photo Day
25 August - Year 9 Reflection Day, Senior School Dance
28 August to 1 September - Literacy and Numeracy Week
30 August - HSC Projects Showcase, Aboriginal Parent Forum
31 August - MISA Debating
1 September - Father & Daughter Dinner Dance, Years 9, 10, 12 AIME Excursion
8 September - College Assembly, Middle School Dance (St Gregory's College)
9 September - Polynite Performance
15 September - NSW CCC Athletics
19 September - Year 12 Assembly, Year 12 Graduation Dinner
20 September - Year 12 Graduation Mass and Awards, Years 7 & 8 AIME Excursion
21 September - Year 12 Formal
23 September to 2 October - Year 11 Philippines Immersion