Volume 28 Issue 17 - 4 November 2016

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s Community


As you read this edition of the Inside Out, another group of students across New South Wales will have completed their HSC. In just over a month they will receive their results and begin to put in place the plans for future study, work or a gap year. The girls have been excellent in their attention to their exams and conducted themselves admirably throughout. They have been pleased with the various examinations and hold a modest sense of confidence in their performance. I would like to congratulate them on their efforts and thank our presiding officer, Mrs Thomson, for her professionalism and efficient administration throughout the period. From this time on, Year 10 and Middle School will enter their final assessment and exam periods. I wish the girls well and impress on them the need to prepare and invest the time to revise their work and studies.

There is a flurry of activity at the College at the moment with the 6 a side soccer competition each lunch time and preparations and rehearsals for the Performing Arts Challenge. Many girls are actively involved in a number of activities which give opportunity for the development of leadership and organisational skills.

Sadly, we will be farewelling Mrs Donna Jarvie at the end of the year. Mrs Jarvie is currently on long service leave but has decided to relocate up north and will leave St Patrick's at the end of the year. We wish her and the family the very best in their new community and thank her for all she has done for the girls at the College.

In the coming fortnight, we will be hosting a dinner for some local people who are here as refugees or asylum seekers. The dinner is to extend to them hospitality and inclusion as they try to build a new life in Australia after fleeing persecution and trauma in their home country. This event is very well placed as we learn of the new bill proposed by the federal government that any person arriving in Australia by boat, irrespective of whether they are legitimate refugees, will never be able to set foot on Australian soil. I am not convinced such a draconian measure will punish the people smugglers but more likely put further trauma on those already traumatised by the experience of escaping untenable living situations in their home country. 

As I was travelling into school this morning, the radio talk was about the privilege of having a driving licence. Privilege is an interesting concept. It is not uncommon for outgoing leaders to speak at their final address about the privilege of holding the position. In such circumstances, it can sometimes be perceived as a cliché and the sentiment of the speaker can subsequently be lost. I have had this sense of privilege this afternoon as I drove back to the College after watching Years 7 and 8, along with many children from our local primary schools perform in the “ Music Count Us In” event. Thanks to the vibrancy of Mrs Samyia this event, happening across the country, was a wonderful success. More is written about the event in this edition. I have had this experience multiple times in my position. During the STEM Challenge, Musical, Debating, Sporting achievements, Academic success and the list goes on. The privilege is that we share the joy because others have worked hard for the community. I didn’t personally execute any of these wonderful experiences. It was our staff who saw the opportunity and ran with it for the girls and the College. So I am always very grateful for the many extras our staff do for the girls and I feel it is a privilege to be part of our College community.

I will finish with a short reflection on light as we wish all of our Hindu families Happy Diwali, the festival of light.

O supreme lord
Lead me from the unreal to the real
Lead me from the darkness to the Light
Lead me from the temporary to the Eternal


Sue Lennox

End Of School Year and Advent Mass

Sunday 27 November marks the start of Advent and the new Liturgical Year.
Advent: A time of anticipation and preparation

Advent is fast approaching. It is the time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Many of the Gospel readings of the day at this time of the year make reference to fulfillment and to things winding up. It is a time of year to be contemplating things ending, while at the same time looking to the future to new beginnings. 

With this in mind, our End of School Year and Advent Mass, on Tuesday 6 December, commencing at 9.30am, will focus our attention on the end of this school year and looking forward to Christmas. The end of the school year is an opportunity for us to give thanks to our God for having guided us along the journey we have taken together in 2016. Our communal Eucharist, to be led for us by Fr Michael Healy, will be our highest form of praise and thanksgiving to God.




Angelo Gattone - Mission Coordinator

Mission Report

It has been a busy year in terms of Liturgy and Mission at St Patrick’s. The following is an update on the many initiatives and events that have been undertaken by our girls in their living out the Mission of our Catholic school community.

Santa Teresa Immersion Experience

The Santa Teresa immersion experience was undertaken this year by three Year 10 girls: Rachel N, Maddison S and Lilian F. The following is Lilian’s reflections on that experience:

When I was accepted to join the team and head to Santa Teresa, I knew it would be a unique experience. I knew I would see things that would change me but what I didn't know was that I was going to be touched in the way I was. Santa Teresa is truly a sacred place filled with men, women, children and families who told us stories that helped us to understand their way of life.

We learnt about the Aboriginal communities and what they have been through but to hear them speak about their life was an experience that I will never forget. Sometimes a person touches your heart and you never forget it. I met Claire from the Spirituality Centre, (a place that I loved the most). She spoke to me of her pain and hardship while she painted her stories on the crosses. I bought one of her crosses from her, (actually I brought eight) and her tears of thanks were real. I was blessed to have a photo with her and it makes me smile. I have changed and while I always had empathy for our Aboriginal people, I never really gave it too much thought until I experienced it firsthand. I want to do more and make people better informed about these remarkable people.

I learnt not only their beliefs, spirituality, culture and ways. I learnt something that no one else can give me and that was with all the pain and heartache, these Aboriginal people get up every day and move forward. They continue on with their lives and are grateful for what has come their way. We should be the same as we have not suffered like they have. 

Tuesday Morning Prayer: An opportunity to ‘shout to the Lord’
Each Tuesday morning there is the opportunity for communal prayer in the College Chapel. A variety of prayer experiences is offered such as Communion service, meditation, lexio divina, and sing-along. The sing-along has proved to be the most popular, which testifies to the unifying power of song. All members of the College community are encouraged to attend this opportunity for prayer as a calming and up-lifting way to start each Tuesday.

Ministry Outreach Immersion Experience
The Ministry Outreach immersion experience involves five Year 11 students, together with students from other Good Samaritan schools, taking up residence at St Scholastica’s College, Glebe for a week. During that week, the students visit social service sites to offer help and minister to those in our society who are most in need. The following is a report by Georgia C:

I was one of five Year 11 students selected to experience Ministry Outreach accompanied by Mrs Lennox. Ministry Outreach is an immersion experience which aims to provide an insight into the lives of those in our community who face a range of challenges on a daily basis. The aim of the experience was to challenge us in ways of thinking about how we as a community and individuals may help to make a difference. We had the chance to interact and make friendships with people we wouldn’t necessarily meet in our daily lives while raising our own awareness about contemporary issues that are affecting Sydney. The areas of Sydney that we visited had organisations in place that the community may not even know about and need to help support.

The experience was truly fulfilling in the aspect that once it was over, we were all overwhelmed with the feelings of achievement in knowing we had made a small but significant difference in the lives we left behind.

Angelo Gattone - Mission Coordinator


Diocesan Representative Basketball

On Monday 31 October, a Junior (Years 7 to 9) and a Senior (Years 10 to 12) Basketball team participated in the Wollongong Diocesan Basketball Tournament held in Wollongong. Both teams played exceptionally well and our results were the best we have had in this tournament.
Senior Representative Basketball Team

Our Junior Team consisted of:

Emily A, Olivia F, Angelique H, Jessica L, Darcey M, Piper A, Evana S,  Amy S, Natalie S and Rahniesha W.

Our Senior Team consisted of:
Chloe B, Ana C, Brooke D, Emily K, Samantha J, Georgie N, Monique P, Analysa R, Kimberly S and Joanne S.

Our Junior Team played very well throughout the pool stage coming second and then advanced to the Semi-Finals. In these games the girls played exceptionally well but were beaten to take 4th place in overall standings.

Our Senior Team also played exceptionally well, in the pool stage coming first and advanced to the Semis and Grand Final. The Grand Final was a very exciting game with teams going point for point for most of the game. It was only in the last four seconds that the opposition took a two point lead. With only seconds remaining, we had an opportunity to win or draw the game, but were unfortunate not to be able to take a clear shot. The girls played exceptionally well and deserve praise for achieving the best results we have ever had in a Diocesan Basketball Tournament.

We look forward to next year and the possibilities of doing even better. Congratulations girls on your great effort.

Paula Nash and Julian Nash - Junior and Senior Basketball Coaches


Term 4 MISA Teams

Congratulations to the following girls who were selected for Term 4 MISA Teams.
Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

Open Tennis

Melissa B, Rhiannon E, Samantha S, Natasha T, Rahniesha W and Kayla W. Coach Mrs Lawrence / Mrs Samyia.

 Year 10 / 11 Volleyball

Astes A, Paris B, Lindsay C, Samantha J, Emma O, Monique P, Esta R, Joanne S and Alexandra T. Coach Ms Cornett.

 Year 7 / 8 / 9 Oz Tag

Emily A, Tara B, Olivia F, Angelique H, Darcey M, Dryandra M, Lily M, Andrea M, Julia P, Sarah P, Amy S, Natalie S, Loretta T and Emily W. Coach Mr Ashkar.

 Year 7 Basketball

Piper A, Maya B, Chantelle D, Arden D, Maggie M, Georgia R, Chantel S, Evana S, Hannah S and Amadee T. Coach Mrs Nash.


Ana C, Tia B, Kayla G, Madeline K, Charlotte M and Georgia M. Coach Mr Ashcroft

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Year 7-9 Diocesan AFL Champions

Overall the Diocesan girls AFL carnival was a fantastic day. The level of skill demonstrated by the girls was excellent and the way in which they played as a team was quite impressive and a reflection of the quality coaching from Ms Cornett. While it was a day of competition, it was as much a day of being introduced to the skills and rules of the game in a fun and non-threatening environment. For a number of schools it was their first exposure to the sport while others, including St Patrick's have been playing AFL regularly and this was clearly evident on the day.

The St Patrick's girls went through the round games undefeated to finish first in the pool. This meant the girls then played off against the team that finished second in the other pool which happened to be St John’s from Nowra. While the first half of this semi-final game was relatively close, the superior fitness and skill level of the St Patrick's team saw them run away with the win in the second half. This semi-final win then meant the girls would now play a strong Holy Spirit team who accounted for St Mary’s in the other semi-final match. The grand-final match started at a frantic pace and was a close affair until a late goal just before half time gave St Patrick's a buffer and the advantage heading into the break. Holy Spirit were then convincingly outplayed in the second half with St Patrick's going on to a convincing win and the honour of being crowned the inaugural girls AFL champions for 2016.

A special thanks must go to Ms Cornett for coaching the team on the day, to Ana C who acted as an assistant to the carnival convener and did a fantastic job, as well as the Giants AFL organisation who were sensational in their support of the event. On that note, the AFL development officers were so impressed with the quality of players on show at the event, they have proposed an elite athlete testing day to be held at the College to identify girls that have the potential to transition into the professional female AFL league. A very exciting opportunity for females to make inroads into the professional sport arena.

The 2016 AFL team consisted of Olivia F, Angelique H, Dryandra M, Esther M, Lily M, Phillipa M, Andrea M, Julia P, Sarah P, Amy S, Natalie S, Emily U, Lyliann V, Uini V and Lily W. Coach Ms Cornett.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Lions Youth of the Year

On Wednesday 2 November, the youth of our region were showcased in the prestigious Lions Youth of the Year Award. This Award recognises and affirms the ideas, dreams and aspirations of our youth.

The speech night saw our wonderful Gabrielle M of Year 11, complete the prepared and impromptu sections of this competition. First in line for impromptu, Gabbie handled with ease the questions “Are we relying too much on technology” and “If you were in Parliament, what would you do to improve our local area?” Speaking in front of a room full of people, Gabbie did not miss a beat. It was the same for her prepared speech on marriage equality. She had them in the palm of her hand. Gabbie’s superior speaking skills earned her the outstanding achievement of Winner in the Public Speaking section. Congratulations Gabbie. We are all very proud of you.

Marguerite Pulham - Debating/Public Speaking

Music Count Us In

The Cube was alive with the sound of music on Thursday, 3 November as St Patrick's joined with a variety of local primary schools for "Music Count Us In".

Each school prepared the same song and performed it at the end of a wonderful concert full of individual items from the participating students. All of our Year 7 and Year 8 students along with the Choir and St Patrick's Ensemble represented the College beautifully and should be congratulated on their amazing efforts.

Elizabeth Samyia - CAPA Teacher



School Photography Guidelines

We recognise that parents and carers enjoy photographing and recording the progress of their child at school and on school activities. We recognise that many of you like to share these personal memories online and on social media.

We ask for your cooperation and care concerning the use and distribution of photographs of other children at our school. Some families have very real legal and safety issues which could put a child at risk if an image is made public online. More generally, it is respectful of the privacy of other members of the school community to ask permission before posting an image online. Even if your social media settings are private, it is easy for images to become public, particularly if they are tagged or shared by others.

Best practice guidelines
The following best practice guidelines have been adopted by our school to keep our students and school community safe, and to ensure respectful practices concerning the use of social media. When taking photographs or recordings at school or at school events and your images include other identifiable persons, please follow these guidelines: 

  • Crop out other students or seek the permission of the student or (for students under 16) their parent/carer before posting online. 

  • Do not tag or name the person without permission. 

  • If a parent or carer requests that you do not circulate an image of their child to others, please comply with the request. 

  • Please seek the permission of our staff to photograph or record their activities at school. Photography of staff presenting or receiving awards is permitted.

The school will periodically review these best practice guidelines.

Mandatory policies:
The school may from time to time determine that photography or recording at school events or on school grounds is restricted. Where restriction is notified, failure to comply may result in your exclusion from school premises or activities. There may also be consequences as set out in the enrolment agreement. 

Under no circumstances may you photograph or record in private areas such as change-rooms, or in school offices or staffrooms, or at meetings, without express permission. 

Queries and further resources
The following resources provide further information about safety online, privacy and avenues for complaints about privacy online.  If you wish to discuss an issue further with the school, please contact your daughter’s Year Coordinator.

Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner http://esafety.gov.au/

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, FAQs about social media https://www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/faqs-for-individuals/social-media-ict-identity-security/social-media

Important Dates

What's On ...
Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

7 November - Public Speaking Excursion
7 - 10 November - Year 10 Examinations
7 - 9 November - Year 8 Camp Group 1 
9 - 11 November - Year 8 Camp Group 2
9 November - Year 7 RE Excursion
11 November - Year 10 Social, Big Sister/Little Sister Night In, Remembrance Day Service 
13 November - Fishers Ghost Fun Run
15 November - Year 7 2017 Pre-Orientation Day, Year 11 RE Excursion
16 November - Film Presentation "Most likely to Succeed" Community Event, Year 10 Commerce Excursion
17 November - Year 7 2017 Orientation Day
18 November - Middle School Dance, International Games Day, CDF Sports Award Night
23 November - Year 10 Aquatics Day
25 November - Year 9 Forensics Incursion, Year 10 Community Service Incursion, Aboriginal Education Excursion, Creative and Performing Arts Night
28 November - Year 10 HSC Preliminary Readiness "All my own work"
30 November - "The Challenge" (CAPA), Instrumental Students End of Year Recital
1 December - Year 7 Vaccinations (HPV)
2 December - Year 10 Mathematics G/T Excursion, Year 11 Aboriginal Studies Excursion
6 December - End of Year Awards and Assembly, End of Year Mass, Students Finish for 2016
8 December - Staff finish for 2016
31 January 2017 - Students return for 2017