Volume 28 Issue 13 - 26 August 2016

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College



In 2009 Four Corners aired a story ‘Code of Silence’. It was about two girls who were sexually exploited in a hotel room by a team of NRL players. After spending some time with a few players in the bar, the girls agreed to continue their party with the two players in a room. What they didn’t agree to was the subsequent introduction of the rest of the team turning up through windows and unlocked doors to either engage themselves in activities or film the activities that transpired. What horrified the community about this event was the breakdown of trust between the girls and the two original players and the perception of the rest of the team that the girls would be ‘up for it’. Whilst it would be considered risky behaviour of the girls to continue the party, at no point did this include consent for the whole team to join in. 

The recent media story about the internet ring of boys and young men sharing and seeking nude images of young women is essentially the same story but in a technological context. In this story, young women took the risk to send images of themselves to their partner or boyfriend. Again they are exploited as their image is then traded with many others through the internet. At no point did these girls consent to having their image shared with others. Whilst their decision to send their photo was unwise and foolhardy, whom amongst us has never made a silly or regrettable decision? After seven years, why do we continue to find women exploited in this way? When will we, as a society, stop persecuting our young women and challenge this depraved and predatory behaviour? Melinda Tankard Reist has been arguing for some time that the easy access to pornography is changing our societal norms. I recently heard a report about the changes in brain development as young people become desensitised to human relationship with over exposure to the pornography that is easily accessible on the internet now.  Pornography is now a public health crisis.

It has never been harder to be a young person or a parent these days. We need young people to be respectful, to make healthy decisions, to feel safe and show empathy and compassion. We need parents to really know their children, to provide support and have the difficult conversation around pornography, sex and how to relate respectfully.

I will leave you with a shortwriting by Naomi Shihab Nys :

A man crosses the street in rain,
Stepping gently, looking two times north and south,
Because his son is asleep on his shoulder.

No car must splash him.
No car drive too near his shadow.
This man carries the world’s most sensitive cargo
But he’s not marked
Nowhere does his jacket say FRAGILE,

His ear fills up with breathing.
He hears the hum of a boy’s dream
deep inside him.

We’re not going to be able 
to live in this world
if we’re not willing to do what he’s doing
with one another.
The road will only be wide.
The rain will never stop falling.


Sue Lennox

From the Principal

Last week we said farewell to Mr Charles Lincoln. Mr Lincoln has taught at the College for 30 years and after this long and committed act of service has decided to resign to provide support to his family. Many of our parents have been taught by Mr Lincoln and will reflect fondly of his desire to provide an engaging and interesting lesson in the Science lab. Over the years Mr Lincoln has taught Science, Maths, Religion, Italian and Outdoor Education. He will be sorely missed but we wish him the very best as he moves into some other exciting fields.



Recently the Campbelltown Catholic Club held their communion mass and luncheon. Once again all the local Catholic schools received a donation from the club for individual projects. We are very fortunate to have this wonderful support from the Catholic Club and I extend my sincere appreciation. The glass doors in Westview were funded by the Catholic Club and P&F money donated last year.

Last week we held the P&F AGM. I would like to thank Jodie Stuart for her role as President over the years. Jodie has stepped down after almost 13 years on the P&F. The following positions have been filled and I am very grateful to these parents for their generous support. They will hold their positions until Term 1 2017 and then we will hold another meeting to fill the positions.
President:         Denise Egan
Vice President: Monique Keogh
Secretary:          Liz Henson
Treasurer:         George Gatt

We will have an Alumni AGM on Wednesday 7 September 2016. The outgoing committee have made a tremendous contribution to the Alumni and now it is time to pass on the baton. I encourage you to attend the meeting at 7.00pm in the Benedict Centre. 

We will also host a Senior School Parent Forum on Tuesday 30 August at 9.00am and again at 7.00pm in the evening. All events will be hosted in the Benedict Centre. I encourage you to attend. The forums normally only take an hour and there will be some refreshments for all attendees.

Finally, congratulations also to Ms Dunn who was successful in securing a prestigious Premier’s Teacher Scholarship for 2017. Ms Dunn will conduct her research next year over a few weeks overseas. We are delighted that Ms Dunn has been acknowledged in this way.

Sue Lennox




Year 7 Connect – People’s Choice Awards

The end of Semester 1 brought Year 7 together to select a book cover design for our group publication and the winning exhibit for our display of Ancient Chinese Inventions: Then and Now.

Feature from Olivia and Abigail's Winning Book Cover Design

Olivia and Abigail created the winning design for our 2016 edition of ‘Our Place,’ a visual story of our school’s heritage composed as part of our ‘Voices of the Past’ unit in Term 1.

Congratulations to Amadee and Anna for winning the 7 Connect People’s Choice Award for their exhibit in our ‘Ancient Legacies’ unit for Term 2. Their creative and colourful exhibit, which showed how the Ancient Chinese Zodiac has evolved into its current form, was most popular with our voters across Year 7. Other wonderful inventions featured in the exhibition were silk, tea, pottery, kites, paper and gunpowder.

We thank all Year 7 students for their enthusiastic participation in the Connect program so far this year and hope they enjoy the new challenges their Semester 2 studies will bring. 

Claire McGillicuddy - English Teacher



Vietnam Veterans Day at Mawson Park

On Thursday 18 August, Gemma, Rachel, Jorja and Emma and I attended the 50 year commemoration of the Battle of Long Tan at Mawson Park, Campbelltown accompanied by Mrs Fetterplace. Many different schools attended to honour the veterans that fought in Vietnam and to place either a book or wreath at the front of the memorial.

Rachel, Jorja, Gemma, Natalie and Emma at the Vietnam Veterans Day commemoration at Mawson Park on August 18

We honoured the Australians, South Vietnamese, Americans and New Zealanders who fought in the war by raising their flags and singing their national anthems. The service was dedicated to those who had fought and lost their lives in the Battle of Long Tan.

After the service we attended a small luncheon at Campbelltown RSL where all the veterans had come to have lunch together. The RSL had many different artefacts such as weapons, photographs, uniforms and badges from the Vietnam and second world war on display. All of us took our time to marvel at these artefacts and to take time to appreciate what the experience of the soldiers must have been like. Inside there were many veterans who came up to thank us for attending and even some who shared some stories with us about their experiences. Without a doubt hearing the stories and experiences from people who had been through the Vietnam war was the highlight of the day for all of us.

The commemoration was an amazing experience that I was lucky enough to attend and be involved with. I would like to thank Mrs Fetterplace for organising this experience for us and accompanying us to the service. Having an interest and studying this topic prior to attending gave us a deeper insight to the soldiers' experiences and gave us a view to what the emotional side of the Vietnam War was like.

Natalie M - Year 10 Student

Honouring Australian Vietnam Veterans Competition

Earlier this year, the Year 10 Elective History Class completed an assessment task which related to Australian groups that participated in the Vietnam War and the importance of the participation. The best assessment in this class was then submitted into the Honouring Australian Vietnam Veterans Competition held by the Department of Veterans Affairs. My essay was fortunate enough to have been submitted into this and was the successful entry for the Macarthur Electorate.

Mia with the Hon Bill Shorten MP

On 16 August, I departed for Canberra as a part of the group of winning entries. During the three days I was there, I was privileged enough to experience the 50th Commemoration of the Battle of Long Tan, meet politicians such as Bill Shorten, visit the War Memorial and see the Last Post Ceremony. I also got to visit the new and old Parliament House and watch the only Australian movie about the Australian experience in Vietnam.

Through this trip, I was able to get a new understanding of what the veterans experienced during the war, receive a better idea of the response which the veterans received when they came back including the lack of commemorative services and recognition for them. I also made a lot of new friends whom I have a similar interest with and made memories which I will cherish and keep forever.

Mia K -  Year 10 Student 



Language Lifeboat

English help is available every Wednesday at lunch time in Room LH1.

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

Bring your assessment tasks, homework, class notes or questions. Dedicated English teachers are available to help. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome.

Literature Club

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

Come along to Room LH1 on Wednesdays at lunch time. If you love reading and are ready for a challenge, launch into the world of the classics and join the Literature Club. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome to join. Drop in next Wednesday and ask our mentors for a starter pack.

From the Maths Faculty

Maths Help runs each Monday at lunch time in Room 33. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome to come along with any Maths problems and to bring their lunch.

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator

All are welcome to join us for "The Pi Club" every Friday at lunch time in Room 33.

Breakfast with the Bishop

Last Tuesday 16 August, the Wollongong CEO initiated a 'Breakfast with the Bishop' between the Bishop and student representatives of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese.

Bishop Peter offered words of wisdom to the students and emphasized the need for effort as well as balance in their lives. Mixed with a range of light-hearted jokes, Bishop Peter's words were taken on board by all the students. St Patrick's College was represented by Brontee, Joanna , Iesha, Portia and Karen.

Year 10 Retreat

On 8 and 9 March, the Year 10 girls went on their very first retreat experience at Mulgoa. It was a very different experience for all of us girls, but I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

As it is our first year in the Senior School, we were all expecting our first retreat to be a lot like camps in previous years, but we were all surprised by how different the whole experience was. At first, we all thought that it was just going to be two days of talking about God and what we believe in, but we soon learned that it wasn't just a chance to talk about our relationship with God, it also gave us all a chance to look deeper into the journey of our lives so far, and the journeys of our peers.
We arrived at Mulgoa, and the first thing we did was come together and talk about our expectations of ourselves, each other, the teachers and in general over the two days. We participated in multiple activities over the course of the two days, and each activity was engaging and different in its own way. I learned a lot about the other girls in my group, and I honestly think that just after one small activity, we all felt closer to each other. We all learnt things about each other that we didn't know before. On Thursday night, we participated in a year group liturgy. It gave me the chance to stop and just think quietly. A lot of girls were talking about assignments and other things, and this liturgy gave them a chance to relax and take their minds off those things and focus on just taking a break. 
Overall, this first retreat experience was difficult, in the sense that we had to push ourselves to think in ways we don't normally think, and to take a break from everyday life and just focus on ourselves. But it was also one of the, most amazing experiences I have had at school, because I truely feel that I have grown closer with pretty much every girl in our grade, and I know I can say that all the other Year 10 girls feel the same way. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Gattone for organising the 2 days and the teachers who took time away from their families to share this experience with us. ​
Ashleigh K - Year 10 SRC Representative 

Congratulations Margot

A big congratulations must go to Year 12 student Margot V for her outstanding achievements in sport so far this year.

Margot V - Australian Oz Tag Representative

A naturally talented all round athlete (as well as a very accomplished dancer), Margot began her high level of representation when she was selected in the Australian Womens U20 Oztag side to compete in New Zealand. After five test series, both teams finished with two wins and a draw which meant an extra 10 minutes of play was added to the final match. Unfortunately for Australia, New Zealand scored first and took the trophy. Margot was then selected in the Supertag team to play a full field exhibition match at the end of the tournament at Trusts Arena in Auckland. Added to this already outstanding achievement, Margot was also selected in the NSW/ACT U18 AFL team to compete at the Youth Girls National Championships in Melbourne. Congratulations Margot on a fantastic year.

Scott Ashcroft - Sports and Activities Coordinator

Wollongong Diocesan Athletics Championships 2016

On Wednesday 17 August St Patrick’s sent a strong team of athletes to compete at the Wollongong Diocesan Athletics Championships. The girls performed exceptionally well throughout the day and placed third in the female division overall.

Mercedes S - New Diocesan Long Jump record holder and 2nd Place in the 16 Years Age Championship

While the overall team performance was extremely pleasing, there were a number of individual performances of note on the day and these students have now earned the right to compete for the Diocese of Wollongong at the NSWCCC Athletics Championships:

Elizabeth D – 1st place in Shot Put

Ruby D – 1st place in the 400m and 1500m

Charlotte H – 2nd place in the 200m

Angelique H – 1st place in High Jump

Kayla M – 1st place in Discus

Sarah P – 1st place in Javelin

Joanne S – 1st place in 800m

Mercedes S – 1st place in the 100m, 200m, Long Jump and High Jump

Amadee T – 1st place in Shot Put

Alexandra W – 1st place in Discus

Also of note, in relation to individual performances, Mercedes S broke a long standing record in the 16 Years Long Jump to record a result of 5.38m, a 3cm improvement on the old record. Added to this, we also had Ruby D win the Overall Age Champion in the 14 Years age group and Mercedes S and Joanne S place second in their respective age groups.

A massive thank you must go to our team manager Mrs Tacca-Baudana and her assistance for ensuring all events were filled and that students were organised and prepared to compete. A big thank you must also go to Mr Sovilj for once again volunteering to act as a College official. He does a fantastic job and is highly regarded by those in the Diocese athletics community as a result.

The 2016 St Patrick’s College Athletics team consisted of:
Piper A, Tara B, Paris B, Ana C, Ruby D, Elizabeth D, Jermaine D, Zoe D, Bindi-Miai F, Kayla G, Charlotte H, Angelique H, Taylor J, Samantha J, Kira J, Rhiannon K, Darcey M, Dryandra M, Kayla M, Emma O, Sarah P, Monique P, Jessica R, Teresa S, Joanne S, Amy S, Mercedes S, Rachael T, Loretta T, Amadee T, Nureka T, Margot V, Emily W, Alexandra W and Kayla W.

Scott Ashcroft - Sport and Activities Coordinator



You're invited to the Father Daughter Dinner Dance

Father Daughter Dinner Dance
Friday 9 September 2016
6:30pm for 7:00pm start
Mary Sheil Centre
$35.00 per person


Bookings: www.trybooking/220700

Progress of Building Works

As many in our community are very much aware, we are well into the building works in the administration building. Most of the demolition is now complete and work is underway to create our new teaching and learning spaces on the ground floor and new staff areas on the first floor. These photos show some of the changes to the building and progress being made.

Building work going well... Progress so far



Camden Library News



CatholicCare Workshops - Term 4

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Important Dates

What's On.......

Image courtesy of Joshua Combes - Creative Arts Coordinator


29 August - Start of Literacy Numeracy Week, Year 9 MISA Public Speaking
30 August - Senior School Parent Forum (9am and 7pm)
31 August - HSC Projects Showcase 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Year 11 Hospitality Incursion
1 September - MISA Debating Round 7, Elevate Young Leaders Forum
2 September - Year 12 Business Studies Excursion
3 September - Year 12 Music Performance Rehearsals
8 September - Year 12 Chemistry Excursion
9 September - Father Daughter Dinner Dance
12 - 16 September - Year 11 Preliminary Exams
13 September - Year 9 and 10 Drama Excursion
16 September - Aboriginal Education Excursion
20 September - Year 12 Assembly, Year 12 Graduation Dinner
21 September - Year 12 Graduation Mass
22 September - Year 12 Formal